On Indigenous Peoples’ Day Remember the Indigenous Europeans That Were Conquered and Enslaved by Other Races

Every Columbus Day, we are treated to recycled howls from the left who insist the day be rebranded as Indigenous People’s Day, in honor of the millions of Native Americans displaced, enslaved, or killed during the centuries preceding the discovery of America.  We hear terms like “colonialism,” “systemic oppression,” “cultural genocide,” and “stolen land,” thrown around.

Here is a brief list of the European Indigenous Peoples who were victimized by invading armies and migrations, by colonialism, systemic oppression, and cultural genocide, but whose sufferings are rarely if ever acknowledged by the left:

The Greek city-states

From 492 to 449 BC, Persia launched a series of invasions against the Greek mainland.  This was after years of stealing their land across the Anatolian coast.  The Indigenous Peoples of the Greek city-states eventually expelled the invaders, but not before Persian armies ransacked much of central Greece and razed Athens to the ground.

The Roman Republic

From 264 to 146 BC, the Indigenous peoples of the Roman Republic attempted to resist aggression and expansion of the Carthaginian Empire from North Africa into Sicily in what became known as the Punic Wars.  The Carthaginian general Hannibal invaded the Republic by land, destroyed its armies, and occupied it for decades.  The Romans eventually expelled the occupiers and ended the 500-year Carthaginian hegemony of the Western Mediterranean.


During the 4th and 5th Centuries AD, the Huns of Central Asia (modern Kazakhstan) invaded Europe.  After ransacking their way through the Balkans, Hungary, and Thrace (modern Bulgaria), they forewent an attack on Rome in exchange for continuous tribute money.  A peace treaty was signed, with the unfortunate effect that the Indigenous Peoples’ signatories actually believed the Huns would honor it.  They didn’t and launched offensives razing entire Italian cities to the ground (Venice was actually founded during this time by Italians attempting to hide in the marshes from the marauding Huns).  After the death of Attila, the Hunnic occupation slowly degenerated due to internal divisions, and by 469 AD the reign of terror had largely wound down.  The Huns didn’t return east until the 11th Century.

Spain and France

In 711 AD, Muslim armies from North Africa invaded Spain and southern France, reaching as far as Poitiers in 732 AD before being halted.  Therein began a 700-year occupation that didn’t end until the year Columbus discovered America.  During these seven centuries, the Indigenous Peoples of Spain and France witnessed a systemic plundering of their wealth stolen land by Arab and Berber colonizers. 

With too few exceptions, one searches in vain for a historical accounting of this occupation that doesn’t shamelessly gush about how Muslim Spain experienced a “golden age” of tolerance and enlightenment whilst the rest of Christian Europe was mired in ignorance and fear.  But actual fact-based history exposes that Catholic and Jewish populations were violently conquered and controlled through brute force, including mass beheadings and crucifixions by the thousands.  The Indigenous Peoples who submitted to Muslim rule were treated as second-class subjects (dhimmi), their taxes higher, their dress encoded, and their books destroyed.


The Byzantine Empire (centered in Asia Minor) was besieged by Arab and Ottoman invaders starting in the 7th Century.  They kept chipping away at the empire for over 800 years until they were finally able to overthrow Constantinople in 1453 AD.  The city, which had stood for over 1000 years, was promptly looted, its Orthodox churches destroyed, its nuns raped, and its Indigenous Peoples massacred or enslaved.  Sultan Mehmet II entered Hagia Sophia, the largest church in Christendom, and converted it into a mosque.

Does anyone care to guess the reaction of the left if an American army were to sack Mecca and then have President Trump convert the Masjid al-Haram, the most sacred mosque in Islam, into a church or a synagogue?

In the early 20th Century, the Ottoman occupiers, their empire dwindling, tried to finish the job.  From 1915 to 1916, Ottoman authorities massacred roughly 1.2 million Armenian Christians in an attempt to solidify Muslim dominance in modern-day Turkey.  It is from these atrocities that the term genocide was first coined.  Tens of thousands of Armenian children were kidnapped from their families and forcibly converted to Islam.

Italy (again)

A partial conquest of the Italian peninsula by Islamic colonization (with the symbiotic fictions of “golden ages” and “flourishing” of tolerance and diversity) began in 827 AD in Sicily.  The city of Palermo was taken in 831 AD and, by the occupiers’ own estimates, roughly 67,000 Indigenous Peoples were carted off to slavery.  

From their foothold in Sicily, the Muslims were able to attack both the island and the mainland.  They sacked Brindisi in 839, Messina in 842, Bari in 847, Naples in 1850, and Syracuse in 878.  In 846, they sacked Rome and plundered the Basilica of St. Peter (the Leonine Wall which encircles Vatican City was built shortly thereafter to repel further Muslim attacks).  During all these occupations, the colonizing Muslims carried out the usual systemic burning of villages, destruction of churches, and enslavement, rape, and massacre of the Indigenous Peoples.

Eastern Europe

In 1241, two Mongol armies invaded Europe, one in Poland and the other in Hungary.  Russia had more or less been razed to the ground in the preceding decade.  Indigenous Peoples who surrendered peacefully were shipped off as slaves.  Every city that resisted was massacred to the last man, woman, and child.  In this year alone, half of Hungary’s population was murdered.  The occupying Mongols behaved similarly in Austria, Croatia, Wallachia, and Dalmatia before internal struggles forced them back to Mongolia.

The Mongols also introduced the Indigenous Peoples of Europe to the Black Plague.   Those who lament that up to 20 million Native Americans died from European-spread smallpox ignore the 20 million Europeans that died from Mongol-spread bubonic plague.  Furthermore, unlike the Europeans with smallpox, the spread of the plague was at least partially a strategic intention of the Mongols.  In 1346, during the Mongol siege of Caffa (in modern Ukraine), in what can only be described as the first known incident of biological warfare, the Mongols used catapults to hurl plague-ridden corpses over the city walls.  Fleeing survivors were alleged to have inadvertently carried the plague as they escaped through the Mediterranean Sea.

Eastern Europe (again)

After the fall of Constantinople, Eastern Europe was defenseless against Muslim aggression.  Albania fell to the Ottomans in 1385, Kosovo in 1389, Bulgaria in 1396, Wallachia in 1417, Bosnia in 1463, Serbia in 1459, Greece in 1460, Herzegovina in 1482, Rhodes in 1522, Hungary in 1526, Moldova in 1538, and Cyprus in 1573, Croatia in 1592.  The Ottomans tried repeatedly to conquer Austria, Poland, and Russia.  In 1480 they sacked Otranto, Italy, massacring 12,000, enslaving 5,000, and publicly executing the remaining 800 Indigenous Peoples who refused to convert to Islam.

In most of these regions, the Ottoman sultanate enforced systemic conscription.  The most intelligent, most promising male children were stolen from their families, forcibly converted to Islam, and made to serve in the Ottoman army or government administrations.  These conscripts were called Janissaries, and their systemic enslavement endured until the 19th Century.

In other regions, land stolen from the Indigenous Peoples was redistributed to Ottoman soldiers, on which the Indigenous People were “allowed” to stay and work as serfs.  Those were the lucky ones.  Millions more disappeared into the putrid history of the slave trade.  Indeed, the ethnic descriptor Slav derives from the Latin word for “slave.”  Some of these nations didn’t wrest back full independence until the First World War.

This Indigenous People’s Day, how many nanoseconds will public school CRT “educators” divert from the Trail of Tears agitprop to enlighten their students about the aforementioned events?

Before Europeans tried their historically brief hand in colonialism, they themselves had been on its receiving end for over two millennia.  Those bemoaning European colonialism should know that Europeans had over twenty centuries to learn from the best.  And the worst European colonial atrocity during their darkest hours would be considered by their predecessors as a slow Tuesday.

So Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day to everyone whose ancestors have, at some point or another, been conquered, abused, and expelled by an adversarial tribe.  In other words, Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day to every single living human being on the planet.  Or better yet…Happy Columbus Day. 

Photo credit: Robbt CC BY 2.0 license

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