Male Pregnancy: The Greatest Miracle of All

By now you may have heard of the left’s latest insistence that we drop the expression “pregnant women” in favor of “pregnant people.” By using this phrase, they wish to emphasize that it is not only women who can conceive and carry children. According to the woke, men can now also partake in the joys of pregnancy.

This is surely a remarkable position to take by those who routinely mock the virgin birth of Jesus as narrated by the New Testament.

As you may know, most of our science-oriented woksters think the notion of a woman conceiving by divine intervention is a completely ridiculous idea that could only be believed by a backward ancient culture. And yet, these very same people have apparently no problem believing that a biological male can become pregnant.

If you ask this writer, the latter is a much greater miracle.

That a divine power could initiate a pregnancy in a young female is not inconceivable. That a biological man could become pregnant is.

Until these woke times such a thing has never happened in the history of mankind. And this for a good reason. Men simply do not have what it takes to become pregnant. To be more specific, they lack the physiological apparatus that would make a pregnancy possible. This would include organs such ovaries, womb, cervix, birth canal and so on.

By expanding the possibility of pregnancy to all people – biological females as well as males – the left has accomplished what must be the greatest marvel of all.

A beautiful thing: Men can also now become pregnant

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The left’s miracle is, in fact, so stupendous that not even God could do it. You see, there are certain things that are even outside of God’s power to bring about. For one thing, God cannot do the inconceivable. For example, God cannot not make a round cube. He also cannot make one plus one equal forty-seven.

Due to its sheer impossibility, God could also not make males – who lack the proper physiological equipment – become pregnant.

By making it possible for men to become pregnant the left has truly outdone God in its miracle-making ability.

You may think that this kind of miracle-making is only confined to the loony fringes of the wokeland. This, however, is not the case. If you visit the website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – the famous CDC – and look under the Covid-19 tab, you will find a section titled “Pregnant and Recently Pregnant People.” We are not making this up. You can go and see for yourself.

The incredible implication that men can also become pregnant is thus now being pushed from the highest levels of the United States government through its agencies and departments. This matter is clearly no joke for the leftists in charge there. The crazies have now become the Democrat mainstream, and they are using your taxpayer money to advance their insane agendas.

It is true the left has managed to do a lot of amazing things throughout its history. For example, it has proved itself to be the greatest killing machine in the annals of the human race. In the twentieth century alone, they have managed to kill some hundred million people. That is surely no small feat.

And yet even this immense, albeit gruesome achievement, pales in comparison with the left’s latest feat of male pregnancy. This surely trumps it all including any miracle God has ever performed on this earth and beyond.

Pregnancy by males is truly the greatest wonder on record and makes virgin birth look like a beginner’s game in comparison.

We also note that this miracle is somewhat out of character for those who have brought it about. The left has always been known for its nihilist, life-destroying tendencies so extending the birthing ability to the less gentle half of humanity seems like a step in the right direction.

It, however, remains to be seen how eager they will be to terminate male pregnancies by abortion. If their behavior vis-à-vis female pregnancies is any indication, the outlook of those fetuses growing in men’s bellies is not too bright.

How paradoxical that those who are so eager to terminate female pregnancies are at the same time keen to initiate male ones. Why would that be? May it not have something to do with a dark desire to subvert what is good, right, and normal?

But why to dwell on such disturbing thoughts in these progressive, hope-filled times? Let us celebrate instead. And if you are a male, what a better way of doing it than by tapping fully into your potential and getting yourself pregnant. Then you will be able to proudly say that you, too, are one of the “pregnant people.”

May your pregnancy go well and happy birthing. See you, fellows, on the delivery ward… we will figure out breastfeeding later.

Vasko Kohlmayer was born and grew up in former communist Czechoslovakia. He is the author of The West in Crisis: Civilizations and Their Death Drives. You can keep up to date with his writings by subscribing to his newsletter Notes from the ‘Twilight Zone’ on Substack.

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