Examining The Democrats' Determination to Vaccinate Us All

Biden insists that 97%-98% of the population must be vaccinated to end the COVID risk. However, as it seems possible that mass vaccination is a trigger for aggressive new variants, one can’t help thinking that he wishes to propagate the virus going forward to the midterm 2022 elections and beyond. That would explain why Biden and his CDC director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, have overruled the CDC’s own advisory panel of experts’ recommendation against booster shots, further politicizing an already fraught issue: Forcing a gene therapy agent onto Americans.

The CDC advisory panel was very clear about what it thought was the safest recommendation: By a 16-2 vote, it overruled recommending booster vaccines to the general population. Instead, it voted unanimously “to recommend the shots to adults 65 and older and those at high risk for severe Covid-19.”

Despite the advisory panel’s strong concerns about boosters, Walensky had different ideas:

Earlier Thursday, the CDC advisory panel struggled over the controversial proposal to give boosters to wide swath of the U.S. population. In breaking from the panel, Walensky has paved the way to distribute the shots to nursing home staff, people who live or work in prisons and homeless shelters, front-line health employees, unpaid caregivers, teachers and other essential workers. (Emphasis added).

Walensky didn’t explain precisely why she rejected the advisory panel’s strong recommendation. Instead, she just waffled about hard decisions and “imperfect data”:

“As CDC Director, it is my job to recognize where our actions can have the greatest impact,” Walensky said in a statement. “At CDC, we are tasked with analyzing complex, often imperfect data to make concrete recommendations that optimize health. In a pandemic, even with uncertainty, we must take actions that we anticipate will do the greatest good.

Regarding that “imperfect data,” the statement seems arbitrary since data does not seem to be in question. What is in question is which demographics should receive a booster shot. Her words are just obfuscation to keep the whole virus drama moving forward into the upcoming election.

Perhaps, though, things will change soon because a courageous doctor with an impeccable reputation who is a leader in his field has once again stepped forward with clear information. That would be Dr. Peter McCullough, editor-in-chief of two medical journals, practicing internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist, and a former Professor of Medicine at Baylor University, in Dallas, Texas.

He already had some intelligent recommendations last May:

...he said in a new interview this week that with increasing reports of adverse effects, it’s too risky for people who have a more than 99% survival rate to receive one of the experimental vaccines.

“Based on the safety data now, I can no longer recommend it,” he said in an interview with journalist and author John Leake. “There are over 4,000 dead Americans, there are over 10,000 in Europe that die on days one, two and three after the vaccine,” said McCullough.”

No one appears to have listened. The administration is doubling, tripling, and quadrupling down on vaccines, even though the push for boosters shows that vaccines have limited efficacy that wears off quickly requiring boosters...which gets us back to Walensky’s order....

None of the problems the booster order is intended to address are the fault of the unvaccinated. Nevertheless, the Biden administration and its allies in academia and business are aggressively dividing society into competing camps. One has to wonder what they know, given that the CDC and FDA have been holding the COVID data close to their vest and not disseminating it, which is the usual practice.

And then there’s the treatment issue. In the same article quoted above, for example, we learn that Dr. McCullough addressed this issue in 2020:

He testified to the U.S. Senate last November against what he described as the federal government’s politicization of health care during the pandemic, curbing or blocking the availability of cheap, effective treatments for COVID-19 such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

The possibility of cheap, effective treatments, combined with the virus’s low morbidity rate (survival for those under 70 is greater than 99%), means that COVID should pretty much be just a bad flu, although it’s in a population that hasn’t yet had this particular bad flu before. Again, mass vaccinations make no sense, as the vaccine will prolong the outbreak as variants are sure to be created.

In light of the above facts, more and more, it looks as if the DNC embraced the virus and is doing its best to keep it circulating through society for purely political reasons. It was able to get Trump out of the White House, along with election fraud that was made easier because of panicked lockdowns. Now, the vaccine is the newest weapon in the DNC arsenal.

Lending credence to this suspicion is the fact that, beginning early in the epidemic, Democrats consistently denigrated therapeutic agents that were effective, leaving many citizens to die needlessly and alone. Last year they quashed hydroxychloroquine; this year they’re quashing ivermectin. The playbook, though, is the same.

Meanwhile, having been prescient in 2020 and early 2021, Dr. McCullough now recommends we take these genetic vaccine failures off the market entirely:

He argued the “COVID-19 genetic vaccines have an unfavorable safety profile and are not clinically effective, thus they cannot be generally supported in clinical practice at this time.” (Emphasis added.)

On a personal note, the FDA has failed in its mandate to protect the public. As a retired medical device design and project engineer, I can tell you that the sheer number of deaths and adverse reactions (which may run to the thousands domestically, with this just the latest example) should be unacceptable. Apparently, the FDA has become a tool of the DNC and its silence is deafening about vaccine safety. The only bright spot was the CDC advisory panel’s sober recommendation about boosters, which its Director promptly ignored.

The FDA has an obligation to safeguard the public and it’s failing in that duty considering that the fully vaccinated are contracting COVID as a breakthrough illness in too many cases. We have cheap and effective therapeutic drug therapies that have been proven to defeat this virus, though we are denied their use. Decisions about therapeutic drugs should be between ourselves and our physicians, free from government interference and the creeping tyranny of the DNC.

Why, are we only given an ineffective so-called genetic vaccine; in a vaccinate or nothing proposition, instead of proven treatment? And why does Biden seem determined to make 98% of the country guinea pigs for a leaky vaccine and endless boosters?

Remember Afghanistan. God help us.

UPDATE: This article has been updated to reflect the fact that Dr. McCullough is no longer a teacher at Baylor.

Image: “I got vaccinated” poster by Linnaea Mallette.

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