Buttigieg's Babies

The national news media gushed with worshipful joy over the fact that Peter Buttigieg has acquired twin babies. Other babies may have been born to members of this administration, but the national media carried no stories about them. Babies have been born to other wealthy celebrities and, of course. thousands of American babies have been recently born to American mothers and fathers, but there have been no slavish media celebrations of their arrivals.

There’s a good chance that American youngsters and their parents are at risk in Afghanistan, but the national media is not investigating their identity in order to rescue them.  On the contrary, the media are suppressing the fact of their existence. So why are the babies to be called Buttigieg so much more important than all other babies?

It’s a moment of celebration of the Magical Homosexual Archetype, the redeemers of society.  The desires of homo- and transsexual people, including the phenomenon of wealthy men purchasing blue-chip ova and renting wombs, having women artificially inseminated and acquiring the baby at birth, have been elevated to the highest level of cultural privileging and ethical-political adoration.  The birth of a child who will be called Buttigieg is more important to CNN/ABC/MSNBC/etc. than the death of an American child trapped overseas.

The Buttigiegs’ overflowing joy cannot be based in faith in the unalienable sacredness of all human life. During the campaign, he fervently supported perinatal infanticide with the slogan, “I trust women.” According to his own moral capacity, if the woman (or women) who gave birth to these babies had submitted to their being killed two weeks before the births, she might have broken a contract, but she was exercising her right and not otherwise committing an offense.

Buttigieg is “not releasing details” of the process of acquiring these babies, but there are hints that this is not a classical adoption, which happens when a mother, father, and their families decide to give a child away. Buttigieg is quoted by the adoring press that in the process of trying to “grow” his family “[w]e started trying to figure out what will work for us.” That is not the mindset of classical adoption.  

Buttigieg attempts to control the new-parent narrative by releasing an already infamous, staged photo of the two “fathers.” But this black and white photo does the opposite. It captures the narcissism and self-centeredness of all sexuality-based consciousness -- hetero, homo, pano, transo.  Sexuality-based consciousness is the opposite of the unique chance of selfless love granted to a mother. The two men appear absorbed in each other and relate to the supposed babies as props, which is what they may well be in this photo. This is a very different psychological dynamic from that of a new mother and child. These two healthy men stagecraft themselves as hospital patients, pretending to be birth parents and canceling the existence of the birth mother. They are already claiming total control over the identities of these babies.  The babies are widely reported to be fraternal twins, which is more common in artificial procreation.

Let’s think about the definition of slavery, or involuntary servitude as it is called in the 13th Amendment. When thinking of involuntary servitude, we tend to think of forced labor, as it was practiced in American history, before the most righteous war in history demolished legal slavery in America and in advanced countries for all time. In truth, the particular purposes for which an enslaved person is acquired by an owner are irrelevant to the essence of involuntary servitude. Throughout history, some enslaved people have been the cherished companions of their owners and lived lives of luxury. Involuntary servitude is essentially the right of an owner to entirely control the identity of another human being and thereby to use them for their own purposes. The owned person is denied the opportunity to experience their full natural identity and choose their own purposes. It is the right of an owner to suppress and obliterate the bio-natural or social identities the enslaved person may have had prior to being owned and to wholly define and control the identity of the owned person.

Applied to the practices of wealthy homosexual men who acquire babies, if there is total discontinuation of the full scope of bio-natural and social identities, including the right to an immutable and pre-existing identity as the offspring of a fertile mother and as a member of her family, it casts a shadow of falsehood over the life of the acquired person. If the acquired person is limited by the belief that they arose from nothing more than a commodified ova and womb, without recognition of the full scope of their natural and social identities (which, in truth, lie beyond the power of any human being to control), they are living in a state that parallels affectional involuntary servitude.

Image: Instagram Via CNN (cropped)

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