On 9/11, Vote No Confidence in Joe Biden

On Thursday, August 26, Joe Biden made a contribution to the terror war… against us.  On that infamous day, a suicide bomber attacked the Kabul airport, killing 13 U.S. soldiers and at least 170 Afghanis.  How many of the dead Afghanis were American citizens is unreported.  The deaths didn’t have to happen.  Joe Biden made them happen.

Subsequent to the terror attack, in a televised address, Biden brazenly declared what an “extraordinary success” his cut-and-run was from Afghanistan.  Only in the morally upside-down world of progressives and jaded D.C. players can ignominy, disaster, and deaths of innocents be the stuff of a victory lap.        

The Kabul airport was where our blundering, daft president chose as America’s final retreat and exit point from a 20-year engagement in Afghanistan.  To call Biden’s Afghanistan endgame a total failure, strategically and tactically, is an understatement.   

Reports are that Biden insisted on a hasty exit from Afghanistan prior to 9/11.  Biden, always the popinjay -- the chronic hack politician hunting headlines -- lusted to crow about an end to America’s “endless war” on 9/11. 

Other reports claim that Biden was warned by U.S. intelligence services and the military about the calamity that would ensue if he bolted for the doors.  That advice -- if advice was actually dispensed and not just spun post-debacle to cover rear-ends -- went unheeded by the president and his principal White House handlers, D.C. fixer Ron Klain and Obama lackey Susan Rice.           

Biden’s milquetoast secretary of state Anthony Blinken, woke secretary of defense Lloyd Austin, and sycophantic Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Mark Milley -- along with other acquiescent top brass -- fell in line publicly with their commander-in-chief. 

We suppose that these men raised private objections against such foolish executive decision-making.  Or maybe they were all-in.  Maybe they’re just waiting for the right moment to cover their tails.    

Honorable men -- leading the departments of state and defense, intelligence services, and every branch of the military -- knowing that an Afghanistan disaster was in the offing… knowing how harmful Biden’s Big Afghanistan Bust would be to U.S. national security, would have resigned their positions in protest.  Harm, it was, beyond inevitable new terrorist threats to the homeland.  Threats will surely arise in the months and years ahead from emboldened enemies, namely Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, Iran’s mullahs, and Kim Jong-un.     

Instead, post-disaster, from the most conspicuous players in Biden world -- Blinken, Austin, Milley, and Klain -- we’ve heard nothing but shameless spin.  As of August 26 -- the most recent deadly terrorist attacks on U.S. soldiers, Afghani allies and innocents, and likely U.S. citizens -- America has been rendered far less safe.  Mark that date.  Then, Biden’s surrender and pell-mell withdrawal from Afghanistan crossed a red line.  There’s no turning back. 

As a result of the president’s unforced surrender, the 2020s promise to be fraught with growing menaces to our country, here and abroad.  And have we mentioned Biden’s dissolving the U.S.-Mexican border as a compounding threat to Americans’ safety?

From the Washington Times, August 19:

In March, Axios reported that the Customs and Border Protection agency told members of Congress that since the start of the fiscal year on October 1, 2020, four individuals apprehended at the southern border matched names on the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Database. Three were from Yemen and one was from Serbia. 

Two million illegals are expected to cross the nation’s southern border this year.  That’s roughly equivalent to metro Milwaukee’s population.  The probability that terrorists are among the itinerants: high.      

Today, two great oceans are insufficient to safeguard the homeland.  The Wuhan virus -- a glimpse of the evolving biowar threat -- makes it so, as do hybrid and cyber warfare.  Advances in technology, applied to weaponry, equipment, transportation, and communications, make it so.  Biden’s nonexistent southern border makes it so. 

In modern times, our best defense has always been the might of our military, maintaining a steadfast commitment to allies, keeping our pledges, and our willingness to deal swift, punishing blows to enemies.  Biden’s drone strike on the purported planner of the attack on the U.S. Marines killed innocent Afghanis.  If the target was killed, he remains unnamed; there’s only the Pentagon’s say-so.  But mission accomplished.  Narrative trumps facts.  Biden demonstrated resolve.  Don’t dare gainsay the narrative.    

Concede this accomplishment to the president: America’s word and will are now rightly suspect around the globe. 

Biden has brought into question American resolve with allies and enemies alike.  The Taliban is no match for U.S. military prowess, yet Biden ceded Kabul to them.  He inexplicably abandoned Bagram Airfield to them.  He left a bonanza of weaponry, military equipment, and supplies to the Taliban -- estimated at a staggering $28 billion.  He granted Pashtun tribesmen the right to set terms, letting them establish perimeters and checkpoints around the Kabul airport, controlling ingress and egress.  A drop-dead August 31 withdrawal deadline stranded a still unknown number of U.S. citizens.      

Intrinsic to the American code of honor -- to the decency and loyalty we pledge as Americans to Americans -- we don’t abandon our fellows to dreadful fates at the hands of enemies.  U.S. soldiers don’t leave comrades behind.  Biden has cut loose U.S. citizens in Afghanistan.  May God help them.  More than an unconscionable act, Biden has committed an act of betrayal. 

For recklessness in duty, for misfeasance -- for pure dishonor -- Biden should be forced to resign.  He won’t be.  Democrats prioritize politics ahead of country.  They control Congress.  Biden, for the time being, is still useful to them.   

Nonetheless, our voices need to be heard this 9/11.  Our fellow citizens -- among them valiant first responders -- who were killed that fateful day in New York City, at the Pentagon, and at Shanksville didn’t die in vain.  Our fighting men and women who were wounded or sacrificed their lives combatting our terrorist enemies did so to make us safer.  They, too, didn’t sacrifice in vain.

On 9/11, call your U.S. representatives and senators and make your voice heard.  Tell them that Joe Biden’s failures, in Afghanistan and on the southern border, have made America vulnerable to future attacks that could be as horrific or worse than the nation experienced on 9/11.  Ask them if they’ll go on record publicly calling for Biden’s resignation, and if not, why not?  Tell them that you’ll make friends and neighbors aware of where they stand on this critical matter.  If you’re on social media, inform them that you’ll post their responses.  Tell them that you’ll defend our nation with your voice and vote.

Tell them that with the midterm elections coming next year, you’ll remember if they stood for or against keeping in office the president who’s done so much in so short a time to greatly compromise our national security, putting all Americans at far greater risk in the years ahead.   

J. Robert Smith can be found regularly at Gab @JRobertSmith and occasionally on Parler, again @JRobertSmith.  He also blogs at Flyover.

Image: Gage Skidmore

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