If Government Concern for Your Health was Real (and not Political)...

Many Americans wonder why there is such a shove to get everyone “vaccinated” against COVID with something that is not actually a vaccine at all.  The CDC just admitted as much. 

The COVID “vaccine” does not provide immunity; it will merely “produce protection” – and you can still get the virus, and you can still pass it on.  The CDC even changed their definition of “vaccine” to accommodate a nifty Stalinesque re-pack of the word and an Orwellian twist of “truth.” 

As to government’s “concern” for us, well, if it's real, why is there no mandate that men shave their beards?  Expecting a mask on top of a beard to guard against a microvirus is like putting a Band-Aid on a Brillo pad, pouring water on it, and expecting none to get through. 

Mandates are not for health; they’re for coercion and reinforcement to the idea that government knows best and you should obey.  Same concept for lack of formal mask standards.  The size, variety, and “seal” evidenced even in clinics beggars credibility.  But this is, again, about obeying … and to predispose the population to obey ever-more constrictive rules, regulations, laws, taxes, and penalties down the road for any manner of things government deems “necessary.”

If we brought government coercion to other matters in life that deliver routine harm (far more than Covid’s 99.997+% survivability), and with the (anti) science arguments being employed today, it would go much like this:

All vehicles without airbags and belts would be outlawed.  Forget helmet arguments; you’re roaring down the road without the surrounding safety of a passenger cabin?  You’re directly exposed to asphalt highways, guardrails, other vehicles, etc.?  Nope, can’t have motorcycles.  For that matter, bicycles are rolling injury and death.  Putting a kid on a bicycle, absent government training and an operator’s license no less, is nuts.  The only sensible thing is to get rid of ‘em.  Gone.

We’re going to once-and-for-all eliminate obesity, morbid and otherwise.  As a beginning, no more fast-food emporiums.  Forget posting calories; we know these places are death-in-a-bag.  We need to protect people.  Gone.

Forget the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition.  For one thing, do you know how many people get injured in the course of sports participation each year… even paralyzed for life?  Gone.

Besides, it’s long past time to institute the U.S. Department of Homeland's Regularized Weekly Mandated Exercise Regimes, Mandatory Physical Fitness Testing, and Mandatory Menu of Healthy Diet and Longevity.  (The catchy USDHRWMERMPFTMMHDL).  You’ll appreciate regularized surprise home visits and surveys, too.  Privacy?  Gone.  Who needs that when government is saving your life?

Guns?  (I’m glad this isn’t a live television interview.  I just got done with an extended bout of hysteria).  We can’t have those.  Do you actually want to own a mechanical device that propels little slugs of metal for purpose of entering flesh?  Even target practice has dangers… and what are you practicing to accomplish, anyway?  You either want to kill people or animals; living creatures going about their business.  What, you suffered a home break-in?  That’s society’s fault, thus your fault, and we’ll all learn to do better… but in the meantime, your selfish attitude has to go along with your gun(s).  Guns Gone.  (The alliteration is too perfect).  

We could go on; there are innumerable things that government can over-regulate, eliminate, and/or make too painful to do or say.  Stake your ground against “mandatory ‘vaccinations’” and the already encroaching canceling that is going along with refusals.  Totalitarian societies are grim and America is supposed to be antithetical to that.  Let’s keep her that way.

I’m awfully glad the government is not sincerely concerned about our health; we can (hopefully) forestall the overall creep of Big Government into our very homes and most personal of bodily decisions (they’re already deep into too many people’s very veins).  If government gave a rip about your health they wouldn’t be threatening your livelihood by threatening to fire you absent vaccination, to close down your company absent compliance with mandates, by judging and sentencing you in diametric opposition to simple constitutional and HIPPA standards.  Plus, whatever happened to the dictums, First, Do No Harm and My Body, My Choice?

The COVID Canard is not in service to anyone’s health; it is lining the pockets of people, organizations, and companies vested in the “pandemic,” and granting much raw power (the end of which we can’t even yet determine) to politicians via the Alinsky model, and the Democrats’ dictum Never let a crisis go to waste.  (Stolen from Sir Winston Churchill from his original context by Rahm Emanuel).  What, no specific crisis that suits your needs and taste, Mr./Ms. Politician?  Not a problem!  Create one. 

In creating one, don’t forget to employ the Goebbels model:  “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”  Hitler embraced this model, saying, as paraphrased in many sources:  ‘Make the lie big, tell it over, and over, and over again, and the people will believe anything.’

COVID could kill you!  You’re selfish for being unvaxxed!  You’re spreading it!  Variants are here!  More are coming!  Get vaccinated, and follow on with innumerable boosters as necessary every eight months.  Make that five.  This is so important that we’ve dispatched all testing protocols.  Don’t worry!  The FDA has, or shortly will, approve everything.  (Whatever you do, don’t reference this list of FDA-approved drugs from once-upon-a-time, now banned).  And whatever you do, do not forget this - regardless of vaxes, boosters, and whether you have prior natural immunity – wear a mask

Let’s think about this:  If you’re otherwise healthy, you have less than a 0.003% chance of dying from COVID if you catch it.

In truly understanding the government’s false concern and motivations regarding our health, it helps to appreciate truth from this perspective:

All truth passes through three stages.  First, it is ridiculed.  Second, it is violently opposed.  Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.  - Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher (1788 – 1860)

If this was about your health, your family’s health, our health, there would be no way our government would be machinating things such that your job can be threatened and lost, your livelihood destroyed, your business destroyed, your mental well-being destroyed, your very constitutional republic destroyed.  And let’s face it:  Lockdowns and masking are antithetical to good health.  They are, for a mere virus, sheer lunacy – and it’s incredible that up to now we’ve accepted any measure of these.

Our constitutional republic - for which many of us incurred injury, many families having suffered loss, and the pain, bravery, and sheer force of will to protect this republic – is being destroyed right before our eyes.  Witness:  Government’s push to mandate spurious vaccines is becoming ever-more bullying, petulant,  childish, and harmful – which is not surprising, given the increasingly demented occupant of the White House. 

The Government doesn’t care about you.  This government (today’s Biden administration) will abandon you in Afghanistan, put themselves in league with the Taliban, and create the largest, greatest terror-state for the latter in history by handing them a country and arming them with $85 billion in advanced U.S. weaponry and munitions.

And we’re to trust this government on COVID?


David Scott Strain is a U.S. Army veteran and a retired Fortune500 I.T. executive.  He is also the author of the novel The Grim Grind of Life:  A PI’s strange bounces through a surfeit of eateries, juke joints, and dark doorways.  The book and an expanded bio are available on Amazon.com. 

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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