From Afghanistan with Love

From Russia with Love was the second in the James Bond series featuring Sean Connery as 007. Bond was sent to assist in the defection of a Soviet consulate clerk after Bond killed Dr. No in the first of the series. Today we have a remake, more in keeping with modern times.

Now we have Dr. Dementia, also known as President Biden, assisting in the defection, actually resettlement, not of Soviets, but of Afghans, hundreds of thousands of them. Instead of James Bond, we have Donald MAGA as the good guy, with Dr. Dementia punishing America for the audacity to elect Donald as president once, and likely twice.

After the Biden administration’s ill-conceived and poorly executed Afghanistan surrender and evacuation, over 100,000 Afghans have been evacuated to numerous countries, including the U.S. How many Americans are still in Afghanistan?

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The administration doesn’t seem to know, or if they do know, they are not sharing the actual number, but that is another story. The New York Times shared that at least 250,000 Afghans who worked with the U.S. are still there. How many of those evacuated thus far worked with the U.S.? How many are Taliban soldiers? How many are those who tried to get in earlier and couldn't pass vetting? Good questions but all the White House Press Secretary can answer is a promise to circle back on that question.

My state of Colorado is set to receive 1,500 Afghan refugees. Where they will go within Colorado is unclear, but Colorado taxpayers will be paying for their upkeep and expenses. This is likely the case in other states, too.

Colorado Senate Bill 199, passed last June, leaves Colorado taxpayers picking up the tab for our new guests. This bill mandates, “that lawful presence is not a requirement of eligibility for state or local public benefits.”

In other words, illegal immigrants and refugees, without legal status through citizenship, a green card, or a visa, and instead here under “humanitarian parole status,” will be eligible for food, housing, education, and health care generously provided by Colorado taxpayers. Anyone from anywhere can cross the border or have the government fly them here and enjoy a permanent vacation at the all-inclusive resort called America.

Will these refugees be appreciative? Many will. Others will take advantage of the largess and freedoms of their new home country. As recently reported by the Department of Justice, two Afghan men, recent arrivals in the U.S. courtesy of President Biden, have been indicted for sex crimes against minors and domestic abuse while living at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin. Last week, a female U.S. military member was attacked by several male Afghan refugees housed at Fort Bliss, in New Mexico.

Well, those might be one-off incidents involving a few bad actors. Or perhaps not. In 2018, an Afghan migrant received a life sentence in Germany for raping and murdering a German student. Two years later, again in Germany, an Afghan migrant raped an 11 year-old girl, was arrested and released after 12 days, then raped a 13 year-old girl. This year, three Afghan men gang-raped and murdered a 13 year-old girl in Austria.

WelcomeUS, a nonprofit refugee organization, notes how, “refugees have made incredible contributions to our country.” I wonder if sex crimes against minors and domestic abuse are among these contributions? Who are the honorary co-chairs of this welcoming organization? No surprise here, Mr. and Mrs. Obama, Bush, and Clinton. Will any of them or their families have to worry about gang rape or murder? Hardly. That’s for the deplorables to deal with, reminiscent of most of their policies and initiatives during their time in the White House.

Aside from violent crime, what else may some refugees be bringing? How about measles, a highly contagious viral illness largely eradicated in the U.S. The Associated Press reported six Afghan refugees, settled in Virginia and Wisconsin, carrying measles. Several weeks ago, the U.S. halted refugee-filled U.S.-bound flights from Afghanistan due to some refugees having measles. Pretty soon we may need a measles vaccine mandate for Americans.

The CDC released an alert last week, not about the potential benefits of inexpensive therapeutics for early COVID treatment but instead a warning for physicians to be on the alert for refugees infected with measles, mumps, leishmaniasis, and malaria. The CDC is aware of 16 confirmed cases of measles and four of mumps. How many more cases are they unaware of?

Other unusual diseases of concern are, “gastrointestinal infections, including shigellosis, giardiasis, cryptosporidiosis, hepatitis A, rotavirus, and viral diarrheal diseases.” Further down in the alert do they get around to mentioning COVID, observing “COVID incidence in this population has been notably low.”

How can that be? Afghanistan is only 4 percent vaccinated, and if COVID is now a “disease of the unvaccinated” as we are being told, wouldn’t that be a concern for the CDC with virtually all of the refugees, on a statistical basis, being unvaccinated? Dr. Anthony Fauci wants mandatory vaccinations for American schoolchildren but he has been mum on refugees from Afghanistan or elsewhere.

Beyond Afghanistan, refugees are coming to America from all over the world, mostly via our open southern border. CNN reports that the U.S. is on track to encounter 2 million migrants on the southern border before the end of the year. How many more are not “encountered,” sneaking across undetected? Twice as many? Five times as many?

Where are they all going or being resettled? What is their health status? How many are bringing COVID or other nasty infectious diseases to America? The CDC issues guidance for immigrants and refugees, that they be checked for COVID, gonorrhea, TB, syphilis, leprosy, and mental health. What about those entering America undetected or caught and released? Who is checking then? Or does that not concern the CDC? At least not as concerning as a heathy two-year-old American kid who won’t keep his or her mask on while on an airplane.

Is the Biden administration bothered? They are, but not about the refugees pouring into America, instead outraged over the audacity of border control agents on horseback doing their job, with the media unable to tell the difference between horse reins and whips. The CNN and Washington Post news crews need to get out more as they probably don’t see many horses on the Upper East Side or in Georgetown.

As Milton Friedman once said, “It’s obvious you can't have free immigration and a welfare state." Yet here we are with the Biden administration intentionally or inadvertently attempting to prove Friedman correct by gifting America with millions of new refugees and illegal immigrants. Maybe some to a neighborhood near you, along with diseases and criminal intent, all from Afghanistan with love.


Brian C. Joondeph, M.D., is a physician and writer. He is on sabbatical from social media.

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