Socialists Don’t Sleep and Christians Need to Wake Up

Cheryl K. Chumley is no stranger to controversy. The Washington Times online opinion editor’s two prior books, Police State USA: How Orwell's Nightmare is Becoming our Reality (2014), and The Devil in DCWinning Back the Country from the Beast in Washington (2016), minced no words in indicting the church for its impotence.

In Police State USA, Chumley argued that free speech, the right to bear arms, private property, and freedom of religion all are under attack, and the Constitution has been tossed on the same trash pile as the Bible. In Devil, Chumley reminded us that, while prayer has been banned from public schools for nearly 60 years, today even restaurants are harassed for encouraging pray-ers.

Her new book, Socialists Don’t Sleep. Christians Must Rise or America Will Fall continues the theme that the sleeping church has allowed the takeover of the nation by the radical Left, whom Mark Levin calls “American Marxists” and others recognize as “the Woke.”

The subtitle -- “Christians must rise, or America will fall” -- warns that without repentance, unceasing prayer, and calling on Jesus, America’s darkest days are not the riots of 2020, or even the surrender to terrorists in 2021, but lie ahead.

Just weeks ago, new media entrepreneur Scott McKay called on Americans to move “Toward an American Revivalism.” McKay’s thesis was that so-called “conservatives” have not conserved our founding principles: “They’ve lost on the culture, the economy, civil liberties, limited government, ethics, the rule of law.”

But McKay believes Americans can reclaim their society “for the Judeo-Christian faith which created it.” To stop this “nouveau pagan heresy which is destroying it is simply a matter of will. We need revivalists who will fight tooth and nail for the country, who will talk big and act bigger.” Revivalists know that America isn’t dead, and “revivalists will never, ever give up” the fight for the principles that made us a nation.

Chumley’s Socialists Don’t Sleep identifies ways that the church and those who revere America’s founding principles have allowed society wreckers to pervert those ideals, impose mandates that deny our common humanity, and even plot our demise. This book should be read at least figuratively on our knees with a deep repentance for opening the doors to national shame.

In twelve chapters, Chumley shows how Christians have allowed nearly every American institution to be corrupted by and slowly taken over by a godless socialism. As the Lord told Samuel (I Samuel 8), obeisance to human power means the people “have rejected ME as their king.” 

Christians still practice godly charity; in 2018 individuals (mostly Christians) gave $292 billion to various charities. Yet Christians also allowed the federal government to allocate well over $1 trillion just through the Department of Health and Human Services. Government mandates fly in the face of Christian teaching and further empower what has already become an anti-Christian government. Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, whose policies are widely championed, argues that private charity should not exist, because it usurps governmental authority.

Many Christians have also ceded parental authority to a secular, socialist state and heavily socialist teacher unions. Long before “born-again” Baptist President Jimmy Carter signed off on a federal department of education in 1979, Christians had been warned (via Supreme Court cases in the early 1960s) that God was no longer welcome in government schools.

Why Christians would sacrifice their own children to Moloch (schools that pressure children to “change” genders, promote abortion, and a Pandora’s boxful of evils) is beyond Chumley’s comprehension. It is as if the entire church was Snow White, awaiting the kiss of the returning Jesus to “save” their families. Even Lot finally agreed to leave Sodom.

Some churches today teach that Jesus himself was a socialist, ignoring Jesus’ response to Pontius Pilate’s mocking challenge: “My kingdom is not of this world.” The Bible teaches individual responsibility, a personal relationship with God, and daily guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Socialism, the antithesis of Christianity, demands an end to individual discretion, obedience to the government even against conscience, and the abolition of personal and intellectual property. Compare that with the parable of the talents, in which the Lord rewards those who manage their affairs well and govern fairly by giving them additional authority. Merit matters.

“Charitable” institutions that do not follow Christian teaching, including quite a few that began as Christian institutions, instead rely on government funding and the strings and abominations it brings. This is the antithesis of charity, which is voluntary giving.

The Lord destroyed the tower of Babel, a temple celebrating man’s independence from God and the narcissism that accompanies apostasy. Yet too many Christians long for a world secular government that has the power and might to determine the course of human life apart from God.

The church, Chumley sadly admits, has fallen so far from living by faith. Today, those who dare stand up for Christian values are belittled, demonized, even threatened with loss of life and limb by radical socialists. Much subtler is the deceit in schemes to “organize society” around vague campaigns like “rescue of the environment,” “climate change,” or “trans rights” that encourage worship of the state -- not God.

Yet, like Scott McKay, Chumley does not despair. Instead, she issues a clarion call to combat the fearful scenario she has painted. “There’s a saving grace” -- the one that brought the amazing grace and greatness of America in the first place: Judeo-Christian teachings.

For America’s Christians to right this nation, they must return to the biblically-based ideals that founded this country. If Christians repent and call upon the Lord, God is powerful to stop the march toward antichrist and scatter those who defile His temple.

Chumley’s final words bring the dove and olive branch of hope: “Once we reestablish who’s really in charge, the seeds of socialism will naturally wither and die. It’s our only hope.”

Duggan Flanakin is Director of Policy Research at the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow. A Contributing Writer for the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation, he is a former editor of Progressive Vision, the newspaper of Judeo-Christian Restoration Ministries. He holds a Master’s in Public Policy from Regent University.

Image: Humanix Books

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