Does the AMA Really Care About Human Life?

As a doctor, I see the lies of abortion. 

Most doctors do, yet incredibly, the American Medical Association does not. For them, it's as if they don't care about human life.

Since I first comprehended that a baby in the womb could be legally and barbarically killed, I have asked many questions, most of which usually go unanswered.  How is it that in a country which guarantees the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in its founding document, that we have allowed so many children to be sacrificed?  What kinds of people allow abortion and what kinds of people perform these procedures? 

Although the Judeo-Christian heritage has always valued children, many other religions through the ages have demanded child sacrifice to please their gods.  It is therefore not surprising that leaders exist now, who, in devoting themselves to the gods of money and power, continue to glorify child sacrifice and work arduously to distance themselves from the country’s roots. What is surprising, however, is the level of concern these same abortion promoters, such as Joe Biden, Planned Parenthood, and the American Medical Association, have for my life over the COVID pandemic, as they infringe upon civil liberties and stifle alternative COVID views, all in the name of protection from COVID.  Or is it really surprising?

I have studied human embryology, anatomy, physiology, and the reproductive system as part of the process to obtain the title, "doctor."

No one knows better than a physician what occurs in the gravid uterus.  In the 1970s, in spite of this knowledge, self-infatuated physicians forced abortion on the population, lying to colleagues and patients, for whom they claimed so much emotional attachment. 

Abortion was advertised as a necessary medical solution to a societal dilemma phrased as “problem pregnancy,” implying that the human reproductive system working as designed could be a problem, and suggesting that a human pulmonary system working as designed, should be referred to as “problem breathing.” 

The solution to this problem is and has been to kill a million babies each year in the United States.  As physicians, the leaders of our profession have made us out to be like gods, with a self-declared ability to determine the value of any new life, often assuming the right to decide whether a child will live or die, and then butchering the child of a distraught mother for cold cash. That's the story of abortion.

After approximately 60,000,000 surgical abortions since 1973, we have become numb and very much habituated to the idea that something called reproductive health allows us a certain level of omnipotence.  It is impossible to overstate the evil involved in this conscious decision to betray our humanity and ignore our ethical duty as our profession willingly performs, promotes, and defends abortion.  It is the physician who makes abortion possible, and it is he alone, who has the immediate ability to stop this procedure, without the approval of any government body or religious group.

The American Medical Association, with its prestigious worldwide reputation, sets the standards for medicine in the United States.  It has become increasingly more pro-abortion since first approving of the idea in the 1970s, recently condemning the Texas anti-abortion ruling and denying the sacred doctor-patient relationship that exists between doctor, pregnant mother, and baby. 

Many anti-abortion physicians, unable to initially force the AMA to remain true to the Hippocratic Oath, have now compartmentalized and minimized the AMA stance on abortion so they can continue to benefit from its prestigious name and keep their articles and research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). 

Most Catholic bishops have dealt with pro-abortion politicians in a similar manner, preferring not to risk the ire of government officials and decreasing offertories.  To appreciate the power of denial in this approach, one should simply imagine a country in which the solution to “problem poverty” or “problem illegal immigration” matched that for “problem pregnancy” and involved physicians euthanizing 1,000,000 poor or illegally present humans each year.  What exactly makes the value of the born life more than that of the unborn?

It is in this context which we should interpret the action of the AMA and the medical establishment it leads, not just to abortion, but as it pertains to the pandemic.  

COVID has inexplicably made previous medical ethics and science regarding infectious disease and immunology obsolete. 

Limited studies are used to definitively declare that masks, which have not previously been found to limit the spread of respiratory diseases like influenza, are now able to effectively prevent the spread of COVID. 

Vaccine immunity is suddenly more valuable than natural immunity and mandatory experimental therapy is completely ethical. 

Healthy COVID-positive people are quarantined because asymptomatic transmission is, without solid data, declared to be a major source of infections. 

Off-label medications such as ivermectin, despite positive studies abroad, are suddenly dangerous because patients cannot determine whether to use the horse pill or the human pill. 

People with minimal risk from disease should get the vaccine simply because someone says so.  

Every day I receive hate emails from “authoritative” medical websites and organizations, designed to bully me into believing new facts,  never defended with sound scientific data. 

Recently the American Board of Family Medicine emailed a threatening and insulting form letter without any accompanying details, warning me that it is unethical to spread false information about COVID.  

Even the Catholic Medical Association publication, the Linacre, which is extremely orthodox, has recently printed an article implying that Catholic physicians like me, who are unconvinced by existing data on masks, don’t care about the state of health of patients and are Christians who embrace pseudoscience and seem to dismiss what science shows.

Being a Christ-centered physician requires attempting to unite all of medicine in the search to defeat COVID. 

With much still unknown about this virus, our discussions should be inspired by curiosity and the strongest desire possible to help our patients, while being governed with humility.  If medical science has been suddenly transformed by COVID, we should tirelessly explain how and why? 

All studies should be properly analyzed in an open and inviting fashion to determine their true value.  We should not condescendingly alienate those with differing data and opinions but rather learn what is possible from alternate views.  Novel approaches to treatment and prevention should be encouraged and debated openly and charitably.  Those interested in learning should have full access to available information and the ability to ask questions.  It does not take a doctor to see tragically, that this is not happening. Why are we not working together to overcome this enemy of human life?  Is COVID not really the enemy?

By not working collaboratively with those maintaining alternate views, and failing to deal transparently with all available data, the American medical and pharmaceutical establishment has strengthened the division which exists within the country as we struggle with COVID.  This approach is in direct opposition to one which values human life, as it ensures long-lasting pain for many of our patients and costs lives, as patients struggle to determine whom and what information they can trust.  How many patients might not have died if they were immunized or maybe not immunized, or had been treated early with ivermectin? 

Today’s divide and sow fear approach serves only the elite of the medical and pharmaceutical establishments, allowing them to amass tremendous wealth and power.  None of this is surprising.  Just as medicine has been able to formally enshrine child sacrifice in this country, so now they work to establish formal worship of COVID. 

Will COVID fear ever end?  Yes, if we as physicians provide medical care motivated by real love for our patients and if, as a country, we worship the one true God, Whom our founders declared in 1776, gives us the right to life.  That is an answer I know.     

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