Decoding the Democrat Fantasy of Open Borders

Back in 2015, when candidate Bernie Sanders was running for the nomination of the Democrat party, he was asked about the concept of open borders.

"No, that's a Koch brothers proposal,” replied Sanders curtly during an interview.

He further added “The idea is a right-wing scheme meant to flood the US with cheap labor and depress wages for native-born workers. I think from a moral responsibility, we've got to work with the rest of the industrialized world to address the problems of international poverty," he conceded, "but you don't do that by making people in this country even poorer."

This was always the Marxist position.

Sanders is singing a very different tune lately. He wants a total moratorium on all deportations. Sander’s website states  “Other than the native peoples of the Americas, every one of our families came here from somewhere else. Some came by choice, some by necessity, and others in chains” He then commits to “building a movement to create an America where everyone shares in the prosperity that they and their ancestors helped create.”

This summarises the position of the Harris Biden administration and the modern left. To put it plainly they want open borders.

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The implicit message being conveyed is that they are brimming boundless compassion and ceaseless empathy who only want happiness and prosperity for all. Compassion undeniably is a virtue and charity is always noble. But philanthropy by its very definition is an effort of charity by paying from your own pocket.

It would have been highly commendable if the advocates of open borders had open the doors of their spacious homes and personally paid for the welfare of these individuals. This is not what the modern left is doing. They encourage and facilitate illegal immigration but it is at the expense of taxpayers.

Yet they have the audacity to brand a section of these taxpayers as bigoted, racist, and close-minded xenophobes who can’t even tolerate neighbors accidentally setting foot on their lawn.

A state is analogous to a house. The house has a finite amount of space and resources. The family that lives within it has a finite amount of money. The house was built keeping in mind the space and resources that these individuals require.  If the family head forces ten strangers into the house free of charge, the result would be the house crowded, the family’s resources rapidly depleted, and the possibility that the strangers may bring diseases, may be violent, or may have tendencies to pilfer.

Soon the family finds themselves dominated and outvoted on every key decision that is taken regarding the house. Their character, culture, and moral values are altered forever.  In this case, this family head would not be regarded as benevolent, but rather regarded as someone who abandoned the needs of those for whom he is directly responsible.

The left knows that they have been emphatically rejected in the arena of ideas. There is no place on the earth that can boast of sustained prosperity under a left-wing regime.

Since they cannot win red states, they have devised a plan to dilute the impact of Republican voters by flooding the country with impoverished and unskilled migrants. These individuals may end up partially or totally dependent upon taxpayers’ funds all their life. The left gives them welfare money enough to keep their heads above the water. The grateful migrants become lifelong Democrat voters.

The older residents are branded as ‘deplorables’ and they need not be won over; they are just replaced with new Democrat voters. This is the only way the Democrats can permanently remain in power.

Excellent examples of the successful implementation of this strategy can be seen in both New York and California. The Democrats currently have a total monopoly over these states irrespective of what they do. The results are leaders such as AOC and Gavin Newsom, high taxes, high crime, homeless people, and shanties in poor parts of the state.  Residents are fleeing to other states.  But it hardly matters to the Democrats because they have altered the demographics permanently such that they have no fear of ever losing power.

This would explain why migrants are clandestinely bussed to red states.

The illegal immigrant may well agree to work for lower than minimum wage, which is a blessing for big businesses, who are Democrat donors.  All too often, the migrants are underpaid, overworked, and kept in squalid conditions.

Despite the left’s claims to care for the working class, it is the minimum wage workers who usually suffer owing to this influx. They are left unemployed or are compelled to settle for lesser pay because of the competition from migrants. The working class also suffer due to overwhelmed hospital, school, and welfare systems, overcrowded spaces, depleted resources, and crimes.

The psychological impact of this can hardly be exaggerated; the citizen feels despondent and helpless as he witnesses affairs spiral out of control rapidly. His pockets are empty and his prospects have dried up. His near and dear ones can be victims of violent crimes. He sees the culture and values of the locality he grew up in rapidly erode. If he happens to be a heterosexual white male, there is relentless demonization to add to his misery.

When you look beyond the facade, this is another way the left is inflicting an assault on democracy. The old citizen can still vote but the impact of the vote is minimal.

Let’s revisit the concept of a nation. The nation is a closed entity, defined by its geographic boundaries, its heritage, its people, its language(s), its ethnicities, its religions, its culture, and above all its values.  Once geographic boundaries cease to exist, the dilution of the nation begins and someday you step out of your house to find you are in a foreign land.

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