California Recall Election Today: Larry Elder Proves Democrats Are Still Racist

So Larry Elder is a white supremacist (at least in the eyes of the left). So argued a Los Angeles Times columnist, Jean Guerrero, on CNN as Brian "journalists are the real heroes" Stelter's smug visage nodded along. 

These denizens of the left all but celebrated when a white woman in a gorilla mask attacked Elder in a transparently racist attack.

The same Los Angeles Times, when forced to cover the incident, ran a deceptive headline that attempted to pin the blame on Elder that read, "LAPD is investigating altercation involving Larry Elder at Venice homeless encampment."  If only Elder would stop causing altercations, all would be well in the world.

Perhaps their protestations and attempt to ignore this incident would be slightly more believable if they hadn't breathlessly subjected America to an endless string of fake hate crimes.

The stories follow a similar pattern.  The incident turns out to be a hoax followed by the breathless media and political perpetrators demanding we move on while still trying to use the incident to push their evil narrative. 

They say something like, "Well, it could have been true, which shows that we have a serious racism problem and need to support our noxious policies."  What goes unsaid is that these policies are aimed at dividing America into racial camps that serve their interests of exploiting races for political power and gain.

One of the more revolting incidents happened at my alma mater, the United States Air Force Academy, a few years back.  Someone wrote racist graffiti outside the dorm room of black cadets at an institution that once focused on integrity, shared values, and a common and uniting mission that transcended race.

In talking to a fellow classmate and good friend, we were both immediately convinced it was a hoax since that is what made the most logical sense.

And yet the top general at the academy, Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria, took it at face value and rushed to yell at the whole cadet wing in a very public spectacle, all but accusing them of being unrepentant racists.

"If you can't treat someone with dignity and respect, then get out," he thundered, apparently unaware of the irony in the fact that he had just treated the entire cadet wing as something beneath him and not worthy of dignity or respect.  He screamed at the cadets to take out their phones and videotape his wonderful speech, no doubt hoping to have it go viral, which indeed it did.

The left loved and celebrated the virtue-signaling speech and saw it as a stirring example of leadership.  Some called for him to become president in a clear attempt to contrast him with the current president they despised.

It was interesting in the sense that it was an earlier example of what we continue to see out of top military leaders, which is blatant pandering to the cultural left in seeking their praise and favor.  They are happy to sell their soul for little more than pats on the head by corrupt and wicked cultural powers.  They don't even need the proverbial pot of porridge.

The graffiti was written by a black student who was trying to distract from the deep trouble he was in.  Liberals were deeply disappointed since they would have far preferred that a U.S. military academy be loaded with racists.

Silveria never apologized for accusing the cadets under his charge of harboring racists, and the only person who "got out" as a result of the incident was the hoaxer, who was never subjected to a humiliating scream-down.

The Bubba Wallace NASCAR noose incident was only slightly less ridiculous than the "Justice for Jussie" incident that left us expected to believe that noose-carrying MAGA hat–wearing goons jumped poor Jussie Smollet in the middle of Chicago.  I'm hard pressed to remember an actual incident initially celebrated by the media as a hate crime actually not being a hoax.

Yet when there is an actual hate crime against a black conservative (which happens rather frequently), liberals blame the victim.  Poor pale gorilla woman had to chuck a perfectly good egg at a rather darkly colored white supremacist.  Such a noble sacrifice.

It is instructive when there are obvious examples of racist acts like this one emanating from the left while the media's herculean efforts to uncover actual hate crimes from the people they hate turn up nothing. 

The truth is that Democrats are racist to the core.  After all, is there anything more racist than believing that an entire race belongs to your political party of choice?

Los Angeles County sheriff Alex Villanueva was absolutely right when he noted that gorilla woman had "woke privilege," which protected her from charges of racism.  Imagine if a white woman in a gorilla mask chucked an egg at Maxine Waters.  That would be a story that blanketed the news for weeks on end.  The media would make it their life song to uncover the woman's identity and utterly destroy her while pinning the act on all conservatives.  We aren't supposed to notice the gross double standard.

When the entire cultural Death Star is in the hands of the left, woke privilege is a powerful force, which motivates businesses and institutions to get with the program or become Alderaan.  So they bend over backward to demonstrate their fealty even when it turns off their customer base, à la Subway's Meghan Rapinoe commercials.

This whole recall election has once again put on display that racism is very much alive in America.  It is embedded where it has always existed, within the same Democrat party and their cultural appendages.

Charges of white supremacy by the left are nothing more than a weapon.  The evil old charge that a person was a racist routinely tossed at every Republican under the sun was growing tired and trite, so Democrats upped their game and started calling anyone who disagrees with them white supremacists.  Suddenly, white supremacists seemed to be falling from the sky and landing everywhere.

It didn't matter, the color of a person's skin.  If anyone sees the left for what it is, a demonic blend of incompetency, hatred, and immorality, that person is declared a white supremacist.  Hence, Larry Elder is a white supremacist.  It is a relatively simple catechism. 

It takes a tremendous amount of courage to be a black conservative in America today.  It is hard to even imagine the kind of noxious racism that people like Clarence Thomas and Thomas Sowell (and Larry Elder and soon-to-be Herschel Walker) experience on a relatively routine basis.

The left's racism takes a couple of forms.  One of those forms is the soft bigotry of low expectations, a term that former president George W. Bush used back in 2000.  It is the belief that black students cannot do the work and so should not need to perform as well in school.  It is a form of looking down on black Americans as somehow less, and dependent on their liberal white betters.

We've descended rather far since 2000.  I've watched as the counties around where I live in Northern Virginia have declared war on math in the name of racial justice.  Who knew that math was a form of white supremacy?

Another form of Democrat racism is the belief that any black American who is not wedded to the Democrat party is deserving of contempt.  That's the type of overt racism that Elder is experiencing, one known all too well by any black conservative in a prominent position.

How sad that a party must descend to such evil and obvious racism to control a minority for the sole purpose of maintaining their corrupt grip on power.  Toss in a healthy dose of election fraud, and the nation's worst governor will likely survive to wreak more chaos and despair on the nation's largest state and perpetuate the same systemic racism that is core to his party.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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