Are You a Beacon? Now is Your Time to Shine

A very smart friend said the way to change 100 million minds is by finding their “beacons” - the people they look to for guidance on different topics.  In speech communication theory, they are called “opinion leaders.”

We all have beacons – when I have a question about lawn mowers or household mechanical problems I have my father-in-law on speed dial.  Complex computer issue?  I have a beacon.  Same for gardening, automobiles, healthy recipes, or medical issues.  I am a beacon myself for people trying to determine if a news report is fake or real.

America freedoms are under a concerted psy-ops attack on a thousand fronts.  The way we can fight is through a thousand beacons.

Many of us are starting to realize we are being manipulated and deceived into giving up our freedoms forever.  No one has openly said “give up all your rights.”  Instead, they are being chipped away under cover of “fairness,” “tolerance,” “equal rights,” “public safety,” or “science.”

We are told that poor people don't have the means to pay bail if they are arrested for a crime, so in the interests of fairness, we need to abolish bail for “minor crimes” which are defined as anything under $1,000.  The result has been a crime spree so massive that retail stores across the country are closing due to rampant shoplifting, and people are fleeing inner cities as robberies and muggings have reached an all-time high.

In our schools, our children are taught to show “tolerance” for minorities by indoctrinating them with “critical race theory,” which is totally antithetical to the American values of equal treatment under the law, and Dr.  Martin Luther King, Jr.'s plea for people to judge others not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.  Our military leaders are now more focused on “wokeness” than military readiness.  Those who don't agree are drummed out of leadership positions or forced to retire.

In an effort to ensure “equal rights” for transsexuals, girls' and women's sports have been devastated by allowing men who claim they are women to compete at all levels.  While there are multiple restrictions against “performance-enhancing” drugs to make competitions fair, this doesn't apply to hormones that make men look like women.

By far the greatest attack on our American freedoms has come from the fear generated by the “pandemic.”  We are told everyone is at risk of a horrible death from a virus that can't be seen under a microscope, we don't know if we have the disease until we take a test that is proven to be wildly inaccurate, and we are forced to take a “vaccine” that isn't a vaccine, but a worldwide medical experiment.  In the interests of “public safety” and “science” we are forced to take an injection that may have killed many people with horrific side effects.  We must wear face masks in public and on airplanes despite the fact that multiple studies have shown – prior to the current panic – that masks do absolutely nothing to protect people from virus particles (think chain link fence to stop mosquitoes), and are actually harmful, causing respiratory and oral diseases when used over long periods.

The good news is that some of those who have had their minds taken over by this concerted brainwashing process are starting to wake up and see the truth, and boy are they getting angry. They see their daughters in sports forced to compete against men, their children forced to wear masks in school, and are threatened with losing their jobs if they don't get an injection (what happened to medical rights?) They know people who have had side effects from the injections and want to make their own medical decisions.  Now they are being told that schools should inject their children without their permission when the standing rule has been to punish children for taking a single aspirin without approval.

The bastion of liberal, “tolerant” thinking has been the college campus.  But recently we have been hearing students at football games loudly chanting “F--- Biden!” This coincides with the “president's” approval dropping from 60% to 43% as the country realizes that he (and his true handlers) are systematically ruining this country.  And in ultra-liberal California, their inept/corrupt governor is in the process of being recalled and replaced by conservative Larry Elder.  (Vote Sept. 14th!)

Despite this good news, the forces arrayed against freedom in America remain extremely powerful.  They have been able to thwart all attempts to expose the rampant election fraud that put Biden in office in the first place.  They have opened the borders to illegals, criminals and terrorists and are flying them to unknown locations across the country.  They continue the conservative purge in the military and their woke corporations are forcing their employees to take the shot or risk losing their jobs.

The best way to sway the tide of public opinion is through thousands of beacons shining the light of truth and common sense.  This is how people's minds can be woken up from their psy-ops-induced slumber. 

Are you a beacon on one of the many freedoms that are under attack?  If not, do you know who is?

Are you a beacon for issues of crime and safety?  Are you a former police officer?  When people come to you asking if it is safe to travel to New York or San Francisco, do you point out that the rules for bail have been changed and crime is now rampant?  Do you suggest they contact their local district attorney and make their opinions clear that law and order are essential for your town?  Do you know who they should call?

Who is your beacon when you have a question about public schools?  Are they aware of the damage masks do to children's health and are they clear on which elements of critical race theory are being taught in your area?  Do they know of upcoming  public meetings being held on these issues? 

Who is your medical beacon?  Your personal physician?  A friend who is an experienced nurse?  How does he or she think about the vaccines?  Are they speaking out to their friends with the truth, or are they remaining silent?  If the latter, encourage them to speak up – lives are at stake!

Do you have friends who are liberal beacons?  Have you asked them if they think “good old Uncle Joe” is doing a good job?  Is he the common-sense centrist he promised he would be?  Did he do the right thing in Afghanistan to pull the troops and abandon our bases and sophisticated equipment before getting all the Americans and Afghan supporters out of the country?  Is our country heading in the right direction in important areas of crime, safety, education, the economy and health?  Don't try to convince them of your point of view, just ask sincere questions and see what responses you get.  Have them ask the same questions to their liberal friends.

Finally, do you have children in college?  Often students are at the forefront of political and social change.  They were the first to support Bernie Sanders and were instrumental in getting Biden elected.  Are they now having second thoughts?  Is it now publicly acceptable to be dissatisfied?  Have they seen their friends shouting “F--- Biden!” at football games?  Ask them to talk with their friends.

The cure for freedom’s “death by a thousand cuts” is beacons in multiple areas asking a thousand questions.  Best of all, run for school board or public office! Get to work and start turning this country back to freedom, common sense and American values.

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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