Anatomy of a Hoax

The Haitian migrant crisis is another catastrophe in a seri-s of disasters that plagues the beleaguered Harris-Biden administration.

There were harrowing images and videos of Haitian migrants wading across the top of a dam over the Rio Grande River to get to Texas. There was also footage of over fifteen thousand migrants crowding in what appeared to be a makeshift migrant camp under the International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas.

Whenever a crisis arises, the first instinct of the Democrats is not to resolve the problem. They instead focus on punishing the messenger, blocking the story, and spinning the narrative to distract. They know they can rely on their myriad lackeys in the mainstream media to spin any story to their advantage.

A day after the videos were made public, The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) brought in a two-week flight restriction over Del Rio, Texas. This enabled them to block the Fox News drone from taking videos of immigrants under the bridge after mass border crossing by thousands of Haitians.  Embarrassed by the resulting controversy, the outrageous order later was rescinded.

But that was just not enough, they desperately needed another angle to distract from this obvious catastrophe.

That distraction came in the form of an image on social media that appeared to show a border agent on horseback whipping a fleeing Haitian immigrant of color.

Twitter screengrab

This photo was like a gift from heaven for the spin masters and it launched a thousand ships of outrage.

AOC, fresh from her MET Gala catastrophe, used Twitter to virtue signal and to denounce the Border Patrol’s actions.

“It doesn’t matter if a Democrat or Republican is President, our immigration system is designed for cruelty towards and dehumanization of immigrants. Immigration should not be a crime, and its criminalization is a relatively recent invention. This is a stain on our country.”

Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., echoed AOC’s sentiment in her Twitter post

“These are human rights abuses, plain and simple. Cruel, inhumane, and a violation of domestic and international law,” Omar said in the post. “This needs a course correction and the issuance of a clear directive on how to humanely process asylums seekers at our border.”

White House press secretary Jen Psaki was outraged, too;  she said President Joe Biden found footage of Border Patrol agents on horseback whipping at Haitian migrants at the border "horrific" and "horrible." "I don't know anyone who could watch that video and not have that emotion," Psaki told CBS.

Kamala Harris on Friday was also outraged; she said the situation brought to mind how such tactics have been “used against the Indigenous people of our country, [have] been used against African Americans during times of slavery. Human beings should not be treated that way”

Joe Biden carried the baton in the outrage fest by condemning the U.S. Border Patrol, calling the behavior of agents on horseback “outrageous” and vowing they will face consequences for their actions. 

“It’s horrible what you saw. To see people like they did, with horses, running them over, people being strapped, it’s outrageous. I promise you, those people will pay. There is an investigation underway right now and there will be consequences,” said Biden. 

The toadies in mainstream media were relieved that they no longer had to focus on another of Biden’s failures. They gleefully dedicated hours outraging about ‘systemic’ racism and ‘institutionalized’ xenophobia.

There was also a promise by officials to launch a ‘full-scale’ investigation into what has taken place at the border.

Finally, White House press secretary Jen Psaki announced that Border Patrol agents will no longer be permitted to use horses to guard the border in Del Rio, Texas after “horrific” photos emerged.

As the cacophony of outrage was getting louder Paul Ratje, the photographer who took the image of Border Patrol, set the record straight.

He said that some of the Haitian men upon seeing the border agents began to run, and tried to go around the horses. But said that he and his colleagues did not witness Border Patrol agents using whips on any of the migrants.

The border agents, too, denied that they used whips while dealing with migrants.

It appears that the reins used to give subtle directions or cues to horses were confused with whipping. Since the photo was capturing the horse in motion, the rein was in the air and that appeared like a whip being directed at the fleeing Haitian migrant.

Alas, the lie had already travelled around the world and back again while the truth was lacing up its boots. The lie was shouted from the top of the mountain through a megaphone while the facts were merely whispered.

Do not be surprised if the media lackeys now compliment the Harris-Biden administration for their compassion and bringing a stop to the inhumane practice of whipping, despite knowing the facts.

Do not be shocked if the folks in the mainstream media begin their next news cycle with ‘even if this story has proved to be inaccurate, we need to continue with our conversation about systemic racism’

Do not be astonished if the Border patrol agents are termed as supporters of President Trump.

Do not be astounded if politicians and media personnel knowingly repeat this lie.

The question remains why does this happen over and over again?

The story could have been debunked by calling any of the border officials or the photographer, but facts are no longer their goal.

The root cause of these repeated failures is the news organizations no longer consider reporting facts to be their function. They work for the Democrat party and will do everything in their power to help the Democrats and push their narrative. There is no difference between the Democrats in active politics and Democrats in the media pretending to be objective agents.

When they discover a photo of what looks like border patrol agents whipping fleering Haitian immigrants, they are so overcome by a desire for it to be true that they abandon all journalistic due diligence and gleefully carry the story.  In their minds, the story is about right-wing racist white supremacist Texan border patrols officers brimming with such bigotry that they yearn to relive and re-enact the era of slavery.

The situation is so bad that the people working for the mainstream media know that they will be handsomely protected, awarded, rewarded and promoted for a lie that promotes the Democrat agenda while they could be punished for carrying facts that present President Trump or the Republicans favorably.

This isn’t a mistake, this was purposeful. The idea of pushing this narrative may have even been the result of active collaboration between the Biden people and personnel in the mainstream media.

This story is merely a symptom of the grave illness of collusion between the mainstream media and the Democrat establishment that has afflicted Washington for decades.

There is no cure for this illness simply because Washington doesn’t see it as an ailment. They feel they are on the right side of history; spinning or falsifying is perfectly fine since they are working for ‘the cause.’  They are proud to be propagandists, hence any course correction is quite out of the question.

The citizen looking for fact based information hence has no option but to presume every story to be false until proven true.

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