The Lessons of Afghanistan

What is occurring in Afghanistan is not surprising to most conservatives, as this crisis only confirms the corruption and ineffectiveness that dominates our foreign policy establishment and military leadership. While this crisis is far from over, there are already a number of sobering lessons that Americans have learned:  

1) The “America Last” agenda of the Democrat Party remains in place.  It is simply unprecedented to have American military troops extracted from a crisis before every American citizen has been evacuated so once again, American citizens are treated as if they were lepers. Even in Vietnam in 1975, the military did not leave until all citizens were evacuated.  

Moreover, what’s worse is the Biden Administration is spending far more time, money, and effort evacuating Afghanis than they are Americans.  They even announced that Americans are on their own to get to the airport while 5,000 troops on the ground are ordered to do nothing but seal off the airport.  And at least one report says that the State Department was intending to charge all Americans $2,000 to fly them home but apparently, they changed their mind.    

2) Dismantling Trump’s policies is more important than national security.  We now know the Biden Administration disbanded a State Department unit called the “Contingency and Crisis Response Bureau” which was created especially to draw up plans regarding the evacuation of Americans from situations like the one we have now.   

3) “Social Justice” issues are now such a high priority in the military that it has affected its effectiveness. We now know that our military spends an inordinate amount of time, money, and energy championing phony “social justice” causes, both at home and abroad.  Even the gay agenda in Afghanistan apparently received more attention than developing evacuation plans:  

Indeed, military personnel are being promoted based on skin color, gender, and “sexual orientation,” merit be damned.   This is destroying unit cohesion, troop morale and individual performance as incompetents are being promoted for reasons having nothing to do with merit.  Moreover, physical fitness standards have been lowered for females so that we are now putting soldiers in the field not able to carry a wounded colleague to safety.  Diversity goals are now more important than merit and performance.  Transgenders are also readily admitted to the military no matter how disruptive they are to unit cohesion and the millions of dollars they cost taxpayers for sex-change surgeries.  

It is clear that the woke agenda is a higher priority than military effectiveness as evidenced by the Biden Administration’s announcement that it is a “top priority” for the entire military to “stand down” while they  weed out nonexistent “White Supremacists.”  While the military wasted millions of dollars -- and continues to do so today -- on a phony witch-hunt targeting conservatives, the Taliban advanced toward Kabul, but that was apparently a lower priority. 

4) The left still doesn’t care about wasting our tax dollars. No surprise here.  Billions were wasted by leaving the Taliban over 2000 armored vehicles, not to mention planes and helicopters.  Overnight, the Taliban became a well-armed military thanks to a complete lack of any planning by the Biden team to reclaim vehicles and planes ahead of the Taliban advance.    

5) Our allies no longer trust the USA.  We have lost the trust of our Allies and it is doubtful they will readily join the USA in any foreign intervention again, no matter how honorable it may be.  The Alliance is gone and everyone knows this except for the White House.  Some of our allies have already spoken out while others are using proxies, but regardless, the relationship with our allies, especially the Germans, French, Brits, and Aussies, has been severely damaged if not permanently altered.  

6) The idea ofnation building” is over. The Neocons and Democrats who dominate the foreign policy establishment under both Republicans and Democrats have lost all credibility. The idea that the USA can graft a Western-style culture and democratic institutions on top of a backward Islamic society was never realistic.  In twenty years, we were unable to even create some semblance of national loyalty among the Afghan people as evidence by the fleeing of its entire military as soon as they saw the Taliban advancing on Kabul.  America will never again engage in nation-building and that’s a good thing.   

7) Joe Biden places political advantage ahead of America’s national security.  Bidens’s effort to withdraw from Afghanistan was all about having a photo op to coincide with the 9/11 anniversary so he could boast to the American people about how he got us out of an endless war.  Shockingly, he didn’t care how the withdrawal was carried out, the impact on our security, the damage to our relationships with our allies, etc.  What’s worse is that he then repeatedly lied about the withdrawal even while events on the ground and his own CIA and military leaders countered almost every statement he made.  Biden has misled Americans about the readiness and size of the Afghan military, the lack of an evacuation plan, what his intelligence and defense advisors told him, the danger Americans face trying to get to the airport, how this crisis has affected our relations with our allies, and on and on.  He should be impeached for this alone. 

8) The feminists confirm they are a phony movement.  While they have conniption fits over men opening doors for women and terms like “manhole covers,” they went silent while the most anti-female government on the planet came to power.  Radical feminist leaders are so concerned about hurting the reputation of Biden and the Democrat Party that they were willing to sell out millions of women in order to protect the Hair-Sniffer in Chief. It is now quite clear that the feminist movement is fake and its real purpose is to elect and keep leftists in power, women be damned.   

9) The left detests America and always takes actions that strengthen our enemies.  The crisis in Afghanistan reinforces the idea that the Democrats so detest America due to its “racist” roots, that they always end up favoring policies that weaken America and strengthen our enemies.  This explains almost every Democrat policy in the last decade, from the Iran Nuclear Treaty to the push for open borders to the efforts by Obama to undermine numerous moderate governments and replace them with radical Islamic extremists.  If you believe America is essentially evil, Biden’s ill-planned exit from Afghanistan makes perfect sense, since, after all, it weakens America and strengthens the Taliban.  

10) The State Department is grossly incompetent. Despite the billions allocated to the State Department, they have no idea how many Americans are in Afghanistan. It’s somewhere between 10,000 and 40,000. How can that be when all Americans over there are assigned some form of a visa which can be easily tracked by State Department’s computers?    

11) Pakistan sold us out as we knew they would.  Pakistan is the recipient of three billion dollars in U.S. foreign aid each year, even though they have been covertly supporting the Taliban for years. We knew this but continued to fund them.  Stupid is as stupid does.     

There’s no lack of lessons to be learned from the Afghan debacle.  It’s too much to expect the ruling elite to learn any of it. That’s one more thing the American people will have to handle.

Image: National Archives

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