The Closing of the Progressive Mind

Most people stick with their initial position regardless of any new information or evidence that subsequently comes to light, evidence that factually undermines their first publicly stated opinion. This is a pretty reliable constant in human emotional behavior. Rare is the individual who is so secure and confident of their own self-image that they can freely and easily say, “Thanks, that’s great information! I guess my initial impressions were wrong. I appreciate you setting me straight with these new facts.”

Most people are loath to admit that they are wrong about anything. It could be about the record of a sports team or athlete. It could be about when a specific incident took place (“No, I distinctly remember we were in Mr. Kelleher’s 6th-grade classroom and Scott was there!”), or it might be the timing or significance of a historical event. 

However, no error is more difficult for people to admit than an error about a politically related matter. Whether it’s questions that come to light concerning the governing effectiveness or personal character of a particular politician that someone has supported, a decision that a politician made, a highly-charged episode that has far-reaching political ramifications, there is no question that an individual’s personal ego and self-esteem are wrapped up with their avowed political positions and party/positional loyalties like virtually nothing else in life. 

There are two situations when people are totally alone with their thoughts and they truly level with themselves, dropping all pretense: When driving alone in the car in light traffic and when showering. In these instances, the truth comes out, and they think to themselves in explicit language what they would never say out loud to anyone else. 

Let’s look at the big issue where this really comes into play:

Biden is a fumbling, senile disaster who “won” by virtue of total election fraud, and virtually every Progressive’s individual life and the country as a whole was incomparably better off under President Trump.

For many committed progressives, this was the scenario: “It’s tough to admit, but all I wanted was anyone but Trump. I think of myself as ‘smart’ and analytical, but all I could taste was anyone but Trump. The specific person didn’t matter. I’d have voted for King Kong.”

Actual policy meant nothing to them. Not the record low unemployment numbers for blacks, Hispanics, women, and Asians. Not the low gasoline prices, not NATO members paying their fair share, not finally levying tariffs on China and refusing to be their economic punching bag, not the American-worker-friendly USMCA trade agreement replacing the fatally-flawed NAFTA, not finally ending unchecked, out-of-control illegal immigration, not the rebirth of the U.S. military after being shamefully ignored by Obama for eight years, nothing. In their deepest thoughts -- never to be uttered in public -- this is what many progressives are thinking now: “I was totally sold on style and appearance. I was totally “Orange Man bad:” "I still hate President Trump personally, but I see now that Biden is an unmitigated catastrophe, both domestically and internationally. His utter incompetence is costing American lives. I see that he’s not coherent and I know he’s not in charge. I don’t know who is and that scares me, but I’ll never admit it. To save face, I’ve got to figure out a way to blame Biden’s failures on Trump.”

Although many progressives consider themselves to be intelligent and sophisticated, there is a world of difference between academic intelligence and emotional intelligence. They voted for Biden based on immature emotion and shallow surface appearances. They didn’t have the emotional or intellectual strength or courage to evaluate things based on policy and results. Their personal ego and President Trump’s rough, direct style carried the day for them. That, and voter fraud, which they heartily endorsed because, for emotionally driven progressives, the ends justified the means. They are fine with inventing nonexistent fraud accusations regarding Hillary’s shocking loss in 2016, but excusing real, provable, undeniable fraud in 2020 is okay because that fraudulent vote took President Trump out of office.

Are there little secret enclaves of progressives who get together and admit their voting and public support mistakes to each other? Is there an anonymous 12-step progressive addiction program? Or are they so horrified and ashamed of their intellectual/emotional shortsightedness and what their mass voting (and their support of fraud) has brought about that they stay to themselves, silent, lest anyone be able to level the “You, of all people, should have known better” criticism at them? 

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing,” is a widely quoted paraphrase of Edmund Burke. But maybe there are no good progressives. Maybe their governing philosophy is, by its very objective and definition, illegitimate, intentionally ill-suited to achieving the goals of an open-market, merit-based society like the America our Founders envisioned.

The progressives’ ignoble, duplicitous actions led to Biden’s “win.” They stood by and voted against the most beneficial, productive president this country has seen since World War II and they willingly perpetrated the fraud that put Biden in office. One thing is pretty obvious to everyone: they’re not getting together behind closed doors and discussing Biden’s failure amongst themselves. On the contrary, any honest, self-reflective progressive thought instantly evaporates and disappears like the steam that vanishes the moment the shower door is opened.

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