Righting the Ship of State through Extraordinary Measures

There’s a cancer growing on the presidency. The president displays symptoms of delusion and even dementia, but it is unlikely that he will resign from office. The president is so addled that even if his family were to stage an intervention, he would still cling to power. You see, the president knows things that the rest of us don’t. The president knows that handing over an entire nation to terrorists and arming them with sophisticated weaponry was unavoidable; it had to happen. So, how do we irradiate, medicate, surgically excise, or otherwise treat our little cancer problem licking obscene quantities of ice cream?

If the president won’t resign, then Congress should impeach and remove him from office. Impeachment, however, starts in the House of Representatives, and that body is led by Nancy Pelosi, who just oversaw two failed impeachments of the dread Orange Man, Donald Trump, the ultimate outsider. Given that, how likely is it that Pelosi would go after the ultimate insider and a member of her own party? Besides, Nancy is more fixated on enacting more trillion-dollar spending bills than on rescuing thousands of Americans stranded in Afghanistan.

If Speaker Pelosi won’t initiate impeachment, then House members could replace her with someone who would. But how likely is such a coup? Such a revolt would require not only Republicans but Democrats as well. How many House Democrats have the backbone to go after the Wicked Witch of the West?

If impeachment is unlikely, then Biden could be removed by officials of the executive branch who invoke Section 4 of the 25th Amendment. But there’s no precedent for that; Section 4 has never been invoked. Also, such a move would implicate the very officials resorting to the 25th, as they bear some of the responsibility for the chaos that is the Biden administration.

If it’s unlikely that the 25th Amendment will be used to remove our senile president, then it’s a “dead letter.” If not now, when? But why bother repealing an amendment when we’re living in post-constitutional, post-legal America?

Since Congress and the careerists of the administrative state are too feckless and corrupt to remove a dangerous and destructive president, it then falls to the military to do so. Another avenue for excising our cancerous president was put forth by Colonel Richard Kemp on Mark Levin’s August 22 show on Fox News, and that’s the court-martial. But as commander in chief, the president is the overlord of the military; could he even be court-martialed?

Col. Kemp is a British officer and was probably opining about what should be done about the Afghanistan debacle that has so dishonored America and her military. According to a brief piece up at Cornell Law, we read in reference to the president: “Nor, is he subject to court-martial or other military discipline.”

The reason the military can’t court-martial the commander in chief seems to be nothing more than his being a civilian. However, chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mark Milley is not a civilian but an active member of the military.

In 2019, the Supreme Court affirmed that military retirees can be court-martialed. Indeed, in 2020 a naval appeals court found “that a Navy retiree was properly court-martialed and convicted for a crime committed after he had left active duty.” So, although retired, it would seem that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is also subject to court-martial, despite having achieved the rank of four-star general.

(It should be noted that Austin had to be granted a waiver by both houses of Congress for his nomination to be considered by the Senate. One wonders why Austin even took the job of Secretary of Defense since he sits on the boards of defense contractor Raytheon and other concerns. Perhaps such lucrative cushy positions clouded Austin’s judgment.)

So Milley and Austin can be court-martialed. With the pullout from Afghanistan, Milley and Austin are responsible, in part, for the most colossal debacle in living memory, and it was all preventable, despite what Biden says. These two men have stained the honor of the military, brought embarrassment to the nation, and set back international relations for years. If America is in a state of decline, it is because of men like Milley and Austin.

It didn’t need to come to this. When Biden gave the idiotic order to withdraw from Afghanistan, Milley and Austin could have resigned, and then gone public with their misgivings about the order. Or, they could have undermined Biden, as some did with Trump. But now, the only way that Gens. Milley and Austin can salvage anything of their reputations, and how history treats them, is to initiate the removal of the president with the 25th Amendment.

If Milley and Austin did initiate or take part in a removal of the president, they could be spared the ignominy of court-martial and be allowed to resign. If not, then they should rot in a military prison. If the military can’t or won’t court-martial these men, then there’s something rotten at the core of the corps.

Given the colossal “goat rodeo” of the Afghanistan withdrawal, if neither Milley and Austin take part in the removal of the president nor receive court-martials, it’s difficult to see how any self-respecting young American would want to enlist in the U.S. military. They’ll need to reinstate the draft.

Jon N. Hall of ULTRACON OPINION is a programmer from Kansas City.

Image: Marc Nozell

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