Putting Communism in the Dock

I might have a slight advantage over most of the brilliant people who write for American Thinker. I am significantly older and from the ex-USSR, so I have lived through and experienced first-hand all the charms of the regime that is now -- slowly, but steadily – being installed in America (and, subsequently, in the whole civilized world).

What I am referring to comes under different names and in different clothes, whether it’s today’s American Democratic Party, neo-Marxists, Soviet and international communists, Hitler’s Nazis, Islamists, the Black Lives Matter gang, white supremacists, woke adherents, etc. But the name does not matter; what unites all the people marching under those banners are convinced of three things:

  • A minority has the right to impose its will on any majority by force and in violation of natural and social laws.
  • Contrary and/or dissenting opinions must be quashed and crushed (together, of course, with their holders).
  • To achieve the above state of affairs, power in the respective country must be seized and retained at any price.

A savvy reader will easily recognize here Lenin’s well-known theses. Nothing has changed since 1918.

The people standing for such views – let me call them for short “the Left,” no matter whether they identify themselves as Left or Right -- want to destroy our world. And they have raised their ugly heads and are winning one battle after the other.

We must remember that, while one of the strongest and most successful leftist entities-- Hitler’s National-Socialist Party -- was officially liquidated and buried, all the other branches of this poisonous tree flourish. Why? In my opinion, one of the reasons, if not the main reason, is the 1945-1946 Nuremberg Trial.

The famous First Nuremberg Trial of 1945-1946, and the subsequent trials of the top-level Nazi war criminals -- that is, “Nuremberg-1” -- firmly established for all time that the Nazi ideology is an absolute evil and taboo for the civilized world. Today, in all probability, most people on the planet do not clearly understand what exactly the Nazi ideology was, but they abhor it anyway and are trying -- very legitimately -- to eradicate even the smallest manifestations of it.

But one of the four world powers that had organized the Nuremberg trials was the communist Soviet Union. The fact that the communists sat there as judges rather than as accused criminals gave the communist’s ideas and methods international legitimacy.

Joachim Ribbentrop, hanged in October 1946, may have had somewhat of a point when he exclaimed indignantly at the trial: “Why me and not Molotov? After all, he was the first to sign the Molotov–Ribbentrop pact!” That is why I believe that a renewed intellectual attack on communism and the left in general, both in the scholarly literature and the popular culture is badly needed to unravel the confusion created by Nuremberg-1.

People must be brought to understand that Soviet and international Communism is -- ideologically, economically, politically, culturally -- absolutely the same in its essence as Nazi ideology. The obvious and visible differences are superficial. What matters is how they operated (and, with communist and leftist governments, still operate).

The marching songs in both countries, Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Union, were almost the same. Even the methods of mass killing -- the notorious Genickschuss (the shot in the nape), let alone the concentration camps -- were, in general, the same. But Nuremberg-1 managed to engrave in the human common psyche the false beliefs that the Nazis were “right wing,” while the Communists and other people of their ilk are “left wing.” “Right wing” is an absolute evil; “left wing” is a perennial good. This is a gigantic lie that must be destroyed now.

Given the longer existence of Soviet communism and the much larger scale of the Soviet communist terror, the communists beat by far all Nazi records for antihuman monstrosities. Yes, the Nazis were pure evil, but they did not kill tens of millions of Germans, while the Soviet Communists did exactly that to the Russians and other Soviet peoples -- killing the best, one million after another, destroying the gene pool of the nation, for centuries to come. Chinese, North Korean, and Cambodian Communists turned out to be quite worthy competitors.

Today, we see an incredible surge of the Leftist-Nazi-Communist-Islamist-Globalist-Transgender-Antisemite-Woke... ideas all over the world. For the time being, only statues get decapitated, dissidents are still fired rather than shot, and books are shelved rather than being publicly burnt.

But the furies of terror are easily unleashed, and they are next to impossible to be put back into the storerooms. If the Left continues its course, we will have Cambodia’s killing fields on our Main streets. It may be time to shout, as Romans are said to have shouted at the end of the 3rd century BC (when the Carthaginian army was approaching the Eternal City): Sinistra ante portas! “The Left is at [our] gates!” (The “Left” in Latin is sinister, and this is not accidental: the left side was (and still is) considered by many as something dangerous, evil, malevolent, and toxic.)

I am neither a politician nor a social philosopher, and I am not in a position to discuss the actions to recommend for stopping the modern Nazis, but I have a deep-rooted idea that I am ready to share:

The world needs a Nuremberg-2, not one in which people are tried for their ideas (God forbid, for a show trial itself would be the worst of leftism), but one in which the ideas themselves are exposed. The whole salad of Leftist-Nazi-Marxist-Communist-Islamist-Globalist-Woke ideas, slogans, and the problems resulting from the ideas’ implementations would be in the dock.

In this exposé, the “prosecutors” would:

  • Demonstrate the perfect unity of so-called Leftists/Rightists/Marxist/Black-Lives-Matter-ists/Democrats/Progressists/Woke, you name it.
  • Convincingly show the danger of the anti-human Woke (Marxist) ideology for the existence and the evolution of humanity.
  • Internationally condemn and delegitimize these ideas and policies.

Let me reiterate: Nuremberg-2 would try ideology, rhetoric, and the acts of the collective left, not people. It must be 100% transparent, i.e. open to a large public, and meticulously logical. At the end, the Left and the Right would finally be accurately defined!

I am not sure how to prepare for such an event and make it happen. However, the more people that share these considerations, the higher the probability that somebody will come up with an idea.

There are no chances that governments could support or organize Nuremberg-2. No, this must be a general-public action guided by non-governmental bodies and financed by some reasonable millionaires—or by public subscription. And, of course, it is crucial that it take place in Nuremberg.

It will have no “physical” force -- nobody will be arrested or sent to jail -- but it could morally destroy and bury the so-called Left, along with its lethal ideology.

Igor Mel’čuk is a scientist, ex-Soviet ex-dissident, Professor Emeritus at the University of Montreal, and Member of the Royal Society of Canada.

IMAGE: Political prisoners in a Soviet gulag. Picture from the Kaunas 9th Fort Museum. CC BY 4.0.

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