Perfidy in Kabul

Biden is the perfect leader for his valueless, inhuman party in an unprincipled, morally bankrupt country. Anyone with even a shred of humanity who takes a moment to understand the abject depravity of what we have just unleashed on millions of people in Afghanistan and who isn’t physically sickened and morally enraged doesn’t deserve to live in civil society.

The rapes, murders, torture, and stunning Rape-of-Nanking style horrors being unleashed—entirely unnecessarily—are stunning and shocking. Our complicity is unforgivable. Watching human beings so terrified of the evil we’ve just visited upon them desperately clinging to the outside of our transport planes and falling to certain death is a breathtaking testament to the Taliban monster and our morally debased country.

Biden’s self-serving dishonest reasoning—as if he is capable of any other—that his only choice was to “withdraw our forces or escalating the conflict and sending thousands more American troops back into combat“ is as deceitful as it is obtuse. We had just 2,500 soldiers in Afghanistan providing vital intelligence and air cover and they hadn’t suffered a casualty in over a year. Compare that to 25,000 troops in Korea for the last 70 years, 50,000 in Japan, and 35,000 in Germany.

More than what it did on the ground for the Afghan military, that small troop presence in Afghanistan was a significant and crucial display of American resolve. It was all that was needed to keep Afghanistan from returning to a pre 9-11 style terrorist haven, as well as keeping the worst forces of wretched inhumanity from descending on women and children.

But to this treasonous scoundrel who is our President, none of this matters. What matters to Biden is that he could stand before the American people on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and announce that it is he alone who ended the war, all hail his wisdom and courage—hence the immovable August 31st deadline, even if it means leaving tens of thousands of Americans behind.

What makes this possible is not simply a loathsome, ignorant, demented President; it is that this President embodies the collective values of this nation if you can even call them values. From America’s inception, Americans have been good, decent, moral people who valued freedom, achievement, knowledge, and family. Our number one export to the world has been liberty and we’ve paid dearly for this export with the blood of courageous young men and the treasure of a willing nation.

That America is unrecognizable today. Americans haven’t the vaguest clue as to what is right or wrong anymore, and neither do their leaders. Women in the men’s room and vice versa, sure; men competing in women’s sports, why not; riot and burn our cities, tear down our statues, job well done; police getting in the way of your violent protests, defund them; if you can’t convict someone with the evidence, no problem, change the evidence; someone tweeting against the party line, damn the First Amendment, censor them, fire them, harass them, make sure they never work again; but if you dare to protect yourself from violent masked thugs with a gun, well, you’re going to prison for a long, long time.

We live in a dishonest, hate-filled country where our laws and Constitution are all but ignored; the stench of corruption seeps from every corner of the giant state bureaucracies; and its moral foundation has been eviscerated by the self-loathing pseudo-intellectuals who’ve taken control.

Behind it all are the philosophical abominations of multiculturalism and diversity that have been so effective at brainwashing American society that we have been beaten into not caring or actually believing it—and I am not sure which is worse.

Multiculturalism undermines our moral judgment. We must accept that other cultures choose to do things differently: female genital mutilation, honor killings, forced marriage, who are we to judge? Its evil twin, diversity, is a direct assault on a society built on meritocracy. Test scores and accomplishments—in fact, the very “content of our character”—are meaningless when measured against race, gender, and sexual orientation. No philosophical combination could better ensure the rise of an immoral kakistocracy that is now the United States of America.

So when our Plagiarist-in-Chief—who never had an original thought in his life—explains that the mass genocide of the Uyghurs is merely because “each country has its own norms,” he speaks with what has now become the embodiment of American values. A morally rudderless President of a morally rudderless country who told reporters, “the Taliban, per se, is not our enemy,“ so who cares?

Elie Wiesel wrote “Night“ to remind people of their obligation to care and warn of tribalism’s abject cruelty that runs just beneath the surface of man when unmoored from morality. Generations have passed since then, and we have forgotten. So let the Taliban survivors remind us:

“They killed everybody, in the streets, in the shops. They got into our house and got my father and brother, and took them out. My mother and sister went to see their bodies: they came back with broken hearts.”

“A Taliban soldier came to the house to marry my 16-year-old sister, but my father refused. Three days later we found my father’s mutilated body in front of the house and they took my sister anyway. I’ve never seen her again.”

“I saw a man who was over 40 take a 10-year-old girl. The girl was screaming. I’ll never forget those screams, screaming ‘mama, mama.’ But we could do nothing.”

“The main attraction at the sports arenas are executions, complete with refreshments for the spectators. A couple was buried alive up to their necks, then they ordered people to throw stones until they were stoned to death. Their crime, a secret love affair.”

“Forced under the burqa, women are forbidden to leave the house without a male relative. They can’t attend work or school, they can’t laugh out loud. If they are wearing nail polish, they’ll have their nails pulled out.”

The American dégringolade that has been underway for decades is now complete. Brazen in his cowardice, Biden’s withdrawal from our founding principles and responsibilities will be remembered as the watershed in the collapse of the American ideal.

Image: In 2012, when two tribal leaders were fighting over the same woman, they executed her for “adultery” to save face. CNN video screen grab.

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