It's Republicans Who Are a Threat to Democracy

When Donald Trump won the Presidency in 2016, it was a rude awakening for Democrats.  It was time for the Democrats to humbly look inward regarding the reasons they lost the working class and middle America.  The Democrats urgently needed to embark on a course of rectification, lest they became politically irrelevant.

How did the Democrats react in reality?

Like the jilted lover who cannot accept rejection, they refused to concede that the public had voted against them.  They were unequivocal that the fault was not theirs or that of their policies.  The voter was called a bigot.

Finally, they launched their most audacious disinformation campaign of Trump-Russia Collusion.  There was not an iota of evidence, but it was endorsed by almost every Democrat and rogue intelligence personnel, and it passed through the cacophonous echo chambers of the news media.

Democrat bomb-throwers such as Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell tried to outdo each other as they made preposterous claims such as calling  Trump a Russian agent who reported to Putin.

Republicans, members of Trump's Cabinet, and pro-Trump voices in the media were shamed into repeating this blatant falsehood of Russian interference.

It caused the appointment of a special counsel, Robert Mueller.  The media gleefully carried spurious news from "sources" that the Mueller team had discovered ironclad evidence of collusion.  The process cost the taxpayers $32 million and over two years of grave uncertainty.

It has to be remembered that the Republicans controlled the House, the Senate, and the White House at that time.

The Democrats continued with their myriad blatant malicious falsehoods about President Trump all through his tenure and did so without much challenge.  

COVID was weaponized to destroy the Trump economy through lockdowns and alter voting behavior that made fraud easier during the presidential elections in 2020.

Say what you will about the Democrats, but it is undeniable that they are fanatics which causes them to possess the killer instinct.  They hunt down their opponent in a coordinated manner and are devoid of compassion or shame as they spout blatant falsehoods about their target.

It has been almost six months since Biden started occupying the White House.  It is an understatement to say the Harris-Biden administration has been an unmitigated disaster.

The Harris-Biden administration has been marred by scandals and several instances of misgovernance, such as these:

  • Hunter Biden profited in the order of millions from foreign adversaries when Joe Biden was vice president and continues to do so now that he is president.  He has been accused of consuming drugs and racist language.
  • The investigation of the Capitol Hill "insurrection" and confronting "White Supremacy" is being used as an excuse to silence, demean, and destroy all political opposition.
  • There are indications that citizens may be mandated to get the COVID vaccine despite being skeptical and mask up despite being fully vaccinated.
  • There are also indications that COVID restrictions may be reimposed without much scientific basis.
  • The border chaos has caused a mass exodus of illegal aliens, many of whom are COVID-positive.  These individuals are being surreptitiously transported to the interiors of America.
  • Big Tech continues to silence opposing voices — a serious threat to the First Amendment.

How did Republicans react to all this?

Some of them merely do not react at all.  Some appeared on Fox News to viciously condemn Biden and the Democrats with every epithet available in their lexicon.  Some played to the galleries during Senate and congressional hearings to have "testy" exchanges as they question the adversary.  Some gleefully crossed the aisle and concurred with the Democrats.

But beyond the amateur theatrics, precious little was actually done to prevent or correct the many missteps of the Biden administration.

Hunter Biden's illicit involvements in Ukraine and China, and his art scandal, easily merited the appointment of a special counsel.  It is essential to investigate Biden's blatant conflict of interest and to know Biden is compromised or is susceptible to blackmail.

But Republicans were silent, despite facts being on their side.  If challenged, they will claim that Democrats control Congress, the Senate, and the White House.  It has to be remembered that in 2016, the Democrats were in an identical position but managed to wreak havoc.

The consequence of this inaction from the Republicans is that the Democrats and the Biden-Harris administration function like dictators.  Their allies in the media function as their P.R. agencies.

During the G7 meeting conducted recently, French premier Emmanuel Macron inadvertently called Joe Biden a part of the club before the cameras.

The "club" is the root cause of inaction from the Republicans.

The "club" is a glib term for the political establishment,  headquartered in Washington, with branches all over the world.

Members of this "club" include government officials, diplomats, personnel from the leadership in the armed forces and intelligence services, members of the media, showbiz, and academics.

Members of this "club" subscribe to groupthink.  This groupthink is the source of all the talking points mouthed by Democrats and their confederates in the media.

The "club" controls the narrative of politics through America.  Anybody such as Donald Trump who dares to challenge the status quo of the "club" is treated with extreme ferocity.

The "club" ensures that its members live in luxury.  The "club" funds the political campaigns of its members.  If any member were to lose elections, the "club" ensures that the members get lucrative jobs as lobbyists and media pundits.

The "club" helps family members secure positions in prestigious universities and places of employment.  The club specializes in legalized corruption.

The leadership of the "club" comprises mostly über-liberal Democrats, who are master practitioners in the art of hypocrisy.

The "club" has ceaseless contempt for the working class, middle America, conservatives, and Republicans and is particularly incensed by Trump supporters.

Owing to the myriad benefits of the "club," everybody in Washington, including Republicans, often finds himself desperate to be accepted.

Most Republicans fear vicious attacks from the "club," so they subscribe to Democrat talking points such as global warming, identity politics, and Russian interference in the U.S. elections.  They even support BLM.

The Republicans have devised a smart strategy to placate both the "club" and their voter base.  They put on a performance on TV or during hearings that makes them appear to be passionate advocates for their voters.  For the voting public, watching a clip of their representative or senator excoriating a "club" member is conflated with action being taken.

Perhaps these Republicans have a tacit understanding with the "club."  They will put on a show for their voters but do exactly what the "club" desires, for which they will be handsomely rewarded.  The trick is to offer the voter an illusion that they are different.

An ineffective ally is worse than a sworn enemy because the enemy is doing what is expected.  But by being a bystander, the putative ally allows nefarious acts to occur.

It is essential that conservative media hold the Republicans accountable for the inaction.

As voters, it is time for you to wake up and not fall for the charade.  Judge candidates by their actions and not by their words.  Primary out all the pretenders, and get brave, confident, and ideologically committed candidates in their place.

Voting the same people back in will cause no change.  The Republicans may win the House and the Senate, but the "club" will be running the show.

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