Impeach Joe Biden

The outcry has begun to impeach Joe Biden. He should be. Dan Bongino is noteworthy in making the call, following the lead of Mark Levin. And not for “light and transient causes,” to borrow from the Declaration of Independence. Not to stage show trials, like Pelosi, Schumer, and other Democrats did to Donald Trump.

If the United States had a recall referendum provision – as otherwise dysfunctional California does -- canvassers would secure signatures to hold a Biden recall vote in record time, no doubt.

In just about seven months in office, Biden is surpassing what it took James Buchanan and Jimmy Carter – two of the most wretched presidents in U.S. history – to achieve in four years. Fecklessness (Buchanan) and bumbling cluelessness (Carter) aren’t grounds for impeachment.

Alas, neither is ongoing deterioration due to dementia. That’s the 25th Amendment’s turf. Biden’s policies are grounds, though; they’re rife with calculated malice and, in one instance, as Biden inadvertently confessed, unconstitutional. His actions violate his oath of office.

From Bongino, per Yahoo! News, August 6:

Bongino argued Biden has invited an "invasion" at the U.S.-Mexico border, as the number of migrants attempting to cross the barrier illegally breaks records, and health concerns are raised as some illegal immigrants have tested positive for COVID-19 as they are dumped into communities by federal officials to await immigration proceedings.

Two million illegals are anticipated to cross into the U.S. this year alone. That’s like moving an entire state’s population (New Mexico – 2,059,179) into the country in 12 months.

The illegals onslaught this year is just a preview. What will the White House-backed invasion look like in out-years ’22, ’23, and ’24?

A couple of million new illegals in 2021 alone will impose enormous burdens and costs on states and localities -- on healthcare, schools, and law enforcement. Welfare and housing will take big hits, too.

If you’re unconvinced, go ask the good people of McAllen, Texas, which is a beachhead in the Biden-prompted invasion.

Biden is dissolving our southern border. Isn’t that grounds for impeachment? Isn’t it a president’s duty to “protect and defend” the nation by preventing hordes of illegals from entering the country? But dereliction is Biden’s lesser offense. His southern border policy flouts his duty as chief executive.

Biden’s defiance isn’t the result of misplaced compassion or incompetence.

Very naïve Americans persist in characterizing the border crisis as due to the Biden administration’s bungling mismanagement.

That’s simply not true. As Tucker Carlson repeatedly points out, the southern border breakdown is premeditated. The White House and congressional Democrats know what they’re doing and why.

The Heritage Foundation’s Tim Murtaugh wrote on July 30:

The fact is that Biden campaigned for president promising an array of enticements for people to break our laws to enter this country. He promised amnesty for those already here, taxpayer --provided health care, work permits, support for sanctuary cities, and a cessation of deportations.

Since becoming president, he also paused construction of the border wall and reversed the “Remain in Mexico” policy, which delayed entry for those seeking asylum.

The de facto dissolution of the nation’s southern border is being undertaken to achieve a longstanding Democrat aim: to flood the nation with illegals, thereby creating an ever-expanding government-dependent class whose votes can be “harvested.” Holding underclass blacks in generational poverty and welfare bondage is insufficient, politically.

As the fraudulently named “For the People Act” attests, Democrats seek to permanently undermine honest elections. Adding successive waves of illegals to the U.S. radically changes the nation’s dynamics, culturally and politically.

While Democrats see crass political advantages in overturning the culture and corrupting elections, their hard-left allies are delighted to see the country “deconstructed,” i.e., ruined by illegal throngs. Destruction of the existing order is foundational to Marxist doctrine; the Communist Manifesto is explicit on this account.

Meanwhile, bloodless big business titans have long pimped for open-ended migration to satisfy their cheap labor appetites. It’s a key reason why big business has fallen in with Democrats.

Biden’s undeclared, though very deliberate, open border policy is a win-win for his party’s chief factions.

While most talk centers on COVID-infected illegals crossing into the U.S., that’s just Step One in the White House’s scheme.

At the White House’s direction, illegals are being disperse across the nation, including the COVID sick. Biden’s White House is knowingly and willfully spreading disease.

Concurrently, in an act of unbridled hypocrisy, Biden and his allies -- in and out of government -- are beating the drums for a reimposition of mask mandates, compulsory COVID vaccinations, and lockdowns. “Stop the spread” is now a grim parody.

Among the illegals are an assortment of hardened criminals -- many are gang members involved in the illicit drug trade.

Fentanyl is big business for cartels -- and Xi’s China, too. Fentanyl is a less conspicuous drug to smuggle; it’s easier to conceal and transport than marijuana, heroin, or cocaine. A little of it packs a big, lethal punch. Hence, smuggling fentanyl is less risky while promising outsized profits to cartel cutthroats and China’s producers.

Are we to believe that Biden and his bright, sophisticated White House cadres are unaware of the “bad hombres” among the hordes trekking across the Mexican-American border? Are we gullible enough to believe that they’re insensible to the untold damage that will be inflicted throughout the country by opening the gates to drug thugs?

Biden, his cabinet, and White House staffers damn well know what’s happening. They’ve made a cold calculation that their party benefits outweigh the injuries done to citizens. Biden granting entry to criminals alone is impeachable.

Another article of impeachment suggested by Bongino: Biden’s eviction moratorium (or, alternatively, the “Let’s Keep Screwing Landlords Initiative”).

This may seem like small change compared to erasing the southern border, but the eviction moratorium amounts to an insidious attack on property rights.

Again, from Yahoo! News:

He [Bongino] also invoked the Biden administration's eviction moratorium, which came this week despite the Supreme Court signaling in June that an earlier moratorium expiring at the end of last month could only be extended by Congress. The Justice Department argued in federal court the new, more limited moratorium is meant to protect U.S. citizens from going homeless as the delta variant of COVID-19 rages across the country.

The hard left, which drives much of the Democrats’ agenda, is mobilizing in support of Biden’s decision to extend the moratorium.

From Rair Foundation USA, August 7:

The Party for Socialism & Liberation is using their front groups “Cancel the Rents” and the ANSWER Coalition to advertise the protest [conducted this past Saturday], which is being held along with the “Housing Justice League,” a socialist organization that sprang up from the Occupy Wall Street movement and works closely with the Atlanta chapter of America’s largest Marxist organization, the Democratic Socialists of America.

At a news conference last week, Biden practically admitted to the unconstitutionality of extending the moratorium but is doing so boldly anyway.

Impeach Biden? You bet. Of course, a Democrat-controlled House and Senate won’t act to impeach and remove Biden from office. Impeachment will be up to Republicans should they take the U.S. House in November 2022. That is, should elections chicanery not deny them a majority. With a majority, presumptive speaker Kevin McCarthy will have to keep the GOP’s surrender faction in line to achieve impeachment.

For Capitol Hill conservatives, the imperative is to build the case for Biden’s impeachment and educate voters as a run-up to next year’s midterms. The starting gun has been fired.

J. Robert Smith can be found on Parler @JRobertSmith and more so at Gab, again @JRobertSmith. He also blogs at Flyover.

Image: Gage Skidmore

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