Have You or a Loved One Been Hurt or Injured by the Democrat Party?

"Have you or a loved one been hurt or injured by the Democrat Party?"  That's the only question Republicans should run on radio and television ads from here on out.  It's the same question civil litigators regularly use in late-night commercials when they're looking to add new members to class action lawsuits, but compared to asbestos poisoning, the side-effects of prescription medicines, or injuries from medical devices, the Democrats are the Grand Pooh-bahs of causing physical and emotional harm to everyday Americans.  

Have you been living in a run-down American city plagued by crime, awful public schools, and economic deprivation?  You're most likely living in a city that has been run by Democrats for over a century.  Life does not have to be this way.  Most of the country does not live this way.  Vote out those who make life miserable.

Have you or a loved one experienced anti-Semitism or religious bigotry?  You may be represented by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, Cori Bush, or any of the many Democrats who choose Islamic terrorism over Israel's right to exist.  End the madness.  You deserve to be represented by people who don't sympathize with those who wish you dead.

Are you tired of endless medical lockdowns indistinguishable from house arrest; mask Nazis policing what you wear; and vaccination passports mandated by Democrats in return for the "privilege" of being allowed to walk around in public, shop, and eat in restaurants without being harassed?  Does your child find it difficult to breathe when running around the playground with a covered face?  Is your little one struggling emotionally and academically after missing over a year of school because Democrat-run public school unions refuse to teach?  Government coercion and threats do not have to be endured.  You do not have to elect those who work to muzzle you.

Have you or a loved one been injured by foreign nationals not legally in the country?  Have you experienced depreciated wages because local businesses can hire illegal aliens for far less?  Has your child been a victim of drugs or gang violence made possible by an open southern border and unenforced immigration laws?  If so, stop voting for the same people who hurt your family by using tax dollars to incentivize illegal immigration and crime.  

Have you been denied school admission or employment because you happen to be an "over-achieving" Asian?  Have you been told, "You ain't Black" because you questioned Democrat policies?  Has your church or synagogue been closed by government authorities because your faith is demonized as "harmful" to public health while those same government authorities encourage Antifa domestic terrorists to run roughshod over the streets to intimidate citizens into political compliance?  Have you been told you must support abortion even though it directly conflicts with your religion?  Have you been pressured to support illegal immigration just because you are a legal immigrant relatively new to the United States?  Are you tired of being told that the color of your skin is more important than what is going on in your brain or heart?  Are you exhausted at being told you must "learn someone's pronouns" or risk punishment?  If so, you do not have to elect people who divide Americans into small warring tribes based upon how they look.  You do not have to choose a political party that sees everything in terms of race.  You do not have to support officials who would be properly called bigots in another age.  You do not have to keep voting for hate.

Now, to me, those questions are so obvious and so damning that you'd have to have been running the Republican Party for the last thirty years not to see their worth.  That Republican officeholders and operatives have so spectacularly failed to highlight the social and economic destruction caused by Democrat policies stands as enduring proof of their own institutional mediocrity.  Considering how many former party chairs and leaders have either officially joined the Democrat party in recent years or actively support that party by pushing policies despised by the Republican base, the Republicans' inability to expand their appeal until Donald Trump emerged in politics is hardly surprising.  

Too many potential Republicans have never made the jump because too many people are rightly confused about whom Republicans actually represent.  (Hint: There is nothing wrong with "populism" if that means doing what actual voters prefer rather than what corporate lobbyists demand.)  Most of the corporate boards, Wall Street banks, and Silicon Valley tech behemoths stand solidly with Democrats, yet Republicans are still routinely demonized as the "party of the rich."  Is that because Republican officeholders are so pathetically bad at politics, or because they too frequently vote for corporate welfare and investment firm bailouts, enact policies that encourage the outsourcing of working-class jobs overseas, and protect multinational conglomerates at the expense of American industries?  Well, Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham, and sixteen other Senate Republicans answered this question once again by joining Democrats in a one-and-a-half-trillion-dollar drunken spending binge filled with pork, crony insider enrichment, and a massive expansion of government power under the guise of "infrastructure" improvement.  And while it sets the stage for the additional three-and-a-half-trillion-dollar Green New Deal takeover of the economy barreling our way, it does nothing to give Republicans even a patina of restraint or sensibility.  It is difficult to explain to fence-sitters how the Democrat-corporate alliance is threatening Americans' freedoms when half the Republicans in office use their powers to strengthen Wall Street and weaken Main Street at every turn.

So like all commercial advertisements worried about legal liability for causing unknown future harm from defective products, perhaps any ads against Democrats should include some variation of the following boilerplate language: 

Warning: Although Republican voters overwhelmingly believe in limited government; individual freedom; the Bill of Rights; constitutional separation of powers; and the God-given guarantee of every American to live, work, and own property without giving a fig what anybody in government thinks, RINO-ism may occur when too many Establishment Republicans directly or indirectly support Silicon Valley censorship of Americans; the growth and entrenched power of D.C.'s labyrinthine bureaucracy; the super-taxation of the working class by enacting policies that devalue the dollar; the destruction of American jobs in the name of "free trade"; the expansion of the nanny state in the name of "compassion"; the proliferation of the surveillance state in the name of "security"; and the routine demonization of the Republican base as "domestic terrorists," "extremists," "Neanderthals," "deplorables," and other vile slurs cooked up by Democrats and their media monopoly but which Republican elites fully embrace.  RINO-ism may or may not occur after Establishment Republicans accept huge campaign contributions from corporate interests or lobbyists.  Additionally, some Republicans have a tendency to stab voters in the back, allow elections to be stolen right from under them, and engage in forever-wars.  Should their tumescent narcissism last longer than it takes Lord Fauci to flip-flop, chuck those useless idiots out of office, too.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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