Harvard Determined to Race to the Bottom

So, Harvard University named Greg Epstein, an atheist, as their head chaplain because, apparently, nothing makes more sense to them than turning over the spiritual direction of their students to someone whose entire belief system is built around the belief that there is no God.   

At least Epstein is somewhat honest about his belief system, which is more than I can say about the more than 40 religious leaders of apparently 20 different faiths who gave unanimous consent to this grotesque travesty. 

Most of America’s universities have been post-Christian, if not openly hostile to Christianity, for many years, so Harvard is just putting their stamp of approval on what they see as the natural progression. 

I remember being a young lieutenant in Europe in the 1990s and noticing that it was largely a post-Christian continent, a fact that was hard to miss. I marveled at the many beautiful monuments that stood as silent witnesses of its Christian past. 

This was not without tremendous cost for Europe. The lack of a real belief system left Europe defenseless to deal with the rise of Islam that is now crashing through their society like a wave while they can muster little more than acquiescent apologies for not surrendering to it faster. After all, you can’t stop a primal force armed with nothing but a weird concoction of aimless guilt and dangerously incoherent slogans about diversity and inclusion. 

At the time I was wandering through largely empty cathedrals, I wondered if the same thing could happen here, even as some people assured me that it could not. 

Thirty years later, it is clear we’ve largely followed Europe’s disastrous example.

The problem is that once Christianity is driven into the corners of society, people will believe the most noxious things and what once would have been considered the very definition of insanity becomes the norm. As I watch our cultural heritage being shredded and thrown away like valueless shreds of paper, I often think on the admonition in the Bible in 1 Timothy 4:1 that “…in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons.” That “some” that Paul warned about has metastasized into quite a cancer.

The elevation of a chaplain at what is still considered America’s most prestigious university should make obvious the fact that atheism is a religion, one that places man at the center of the universe unbound from any moral limits.  It has long had its own tenets of faith that start to resemble the worst religions of ancient times. 

The ancient people who sacrificed their children to Chemosh and Molech have nothing on today’s death cultists who consider the unwavering belief in the goodness of the killing of unborn babies to be a tenet of their being, a clear sign that this “new” religion is brought to us courtesy of the same demons of old.

Most of today’s “isms” are all part of this same new religion that is really nothing more than age-old enmity towards God repackaged with a modern spin. Humanism, Marxism, Secularism, Racial Justice Theory, Leftism, Post-Colonialism, the latest crazy university “ism" of the day… it’s all essentially a competing religion that has at its roots opposition to God. 

It was only a matter of time before cultural elites started to declare their own high priests, and what better place to start than at universities, which have been the epicenter of America’s decline.  Harvard just wanted to ensure that they were the first to get credit for elevating godless chaplains into leadership roles. 

Harvard is the nation’s oldest college and was founded to educate the clergy back in 1639.  It educated some of the greatest thinkers in early American history, men with a profound respect for their creator who had a God-centered view of the universe, men who set this nation on its course.  How far it has fallen to where today Harvard’s idea of spiritual guidance is to tell students that they are alone in the universe but fear not, you can be the change you are waiting for. 

It is notable that not a single chaplain objected to the elevation of a man who doesn’t believe in God to be the spiritual honcho, indicating that Bible-believing chaplains have largely already been purged in favor of the new caste of “diversity is our strength” types that seem to now be dominant caste in so many institutions, to include the military.  Apparently, the chaplain core is so diverse in these schools that not a single dissenting viewpoint existed.   Diversity indeed.

I don’t even need to read about this new “atheist” head chaplain at what was once America’s top university to know what he likely believes.  His belief system is almost certainly in lockstep with nearly every professor at that university.

We recently returned from dropping off our last daughter who is starting as a freshman at Hillsdale College.  As they do every year, the college had a wonderful convocation in which they promised to help the students achieve their best selves in partnership with God above as the students embarked on their educational journey.  It was the perfect start to her college education and a profound contrast to the direction Harvard has chosen. 

My daughter’s roommate was accepted to both Hillsdale and Harvard and chose Hillsdale.  Wise decision.

I firmly believe the battle for the future of America must take place in America’s schools and universities that have been the source for the pathologies that are ripping America apart at the seams. 

Andrew Breitbart, that great observer of American culture, once observed, “You send your kids off to college. They love you. You walk away with a Cornell mom T-shirt. You are walking away going this is great, and come Thanksgiving, your kid tells you that you are an imperialist and a racist and a homophobe. That is not worth $120,000.“

No, it is not, but it might be worth that much to avoid.  Many kids never recover from that level of indoctrination.  Meanwhile, Americans scratch their heads and wonder why today’s young people seem so listless and depressed, even as we tell them that they are the source of goodness in a world without God. 

It’s long past time for parents across America to start wising up and stop sending their most treasured inheritance, their children, to America’s propaganda factories, where putting an atheist in charge of the spiritual development seems like a grand idea.  This is where the battle for the soul of America will be won or lost.  If something doesn’t change quickly in how parents and their children choose colleges, the battle against the corrosive culture will remain a rearguard action that will end in defeat.  The grassroots pushback against Critical Race Theory is a start but that type of momentum at demanding reform in our educational system will need to be sustained.

Expect more universities to follow Harvard’s example in today’s America where the number of good colleges committed to providing a first-rate education is growing smaller by the year.

Image: Harvard University

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