Democrats Aren’t Even Bothering To Hide Their Wrongdoing

Thanks to the news out of Afghanistan, Jen Psaki’s recent admission that the executive branch has been colluding with the tech giants to suppress free speech, has apparently passed into the ether with far less scrutiny than it deserves. In fact, this is such a clear violation of the First Amendment that it defies any obvious logic or rationale. But Psaki’s announcement isn’t the first act in this play; it’s only the most recent act in the left’s years-long flouting of the rule of law.

It appeared, at first, as though there might have been a major revelation in the works and that the administration was simply trying to get out in front of it. The media, however, know that they control the narrative and no matter how big a bomb gets dropped, they are confident that they can whitewash it or twist it into something else. Sadly, their confidence seems well-founded. The Hunter Biden laptop story should have ended Joe Biden’s political career, but the press was able to sweep it all under the rug where it mostly remains to this day.

The only thing that stands between this administration and the kind of dictatorial power that its members so crave is the Bill of Rights and specifically, the First Amendment. The mainstream media is powerful enough to bend and shape the news where they see fit but Donald Trump nevertheless won the 2016 election and seventy-five million people (and probably millions more) voted for him in 2020.

That is appalling to leftists. It looks as if they had formulated a plan, going way back before the 2020 election, to rid themselves of the last vestiges of a free press. This would entail incrementally testing the waters to see how big a splash they could make without any significant pushback.

The plan was probably hatched a long time ago but, in terms of social media, the first big splash was that the tech outlets’ coordinated de-platforming of Alex Jones in August 2018. Of course, the mainstream media came out in robotic support of the move, chanting “private companies” until we were all somewhat ill. They then painted Jones as a conspiracist and a hater, but what is hateful to one person might be honorable to another. That’s kinda what the First Amendment is all about. Anyway, the deed was done and with barely a whimper the country moved on.

Fast forward to January of 2021 and half a million Trump supporters are protesting what appears to have been a deeply fraudulent election. We will eventually learn just how big a victory president Trump should have enjoyed but Joe Biden is now mumbling and bumbling in the White House and the almost equally inept vice-president is helping the left run the country into the ground.

Five people died during the protest; four of them from natural causes, which makes sense given the fairly advanced age of the average participant. A Capitol police officer killed Ashli Babbitt (and got off scot-free without even his name going public). None of the protesters in the Capitol had firearms and, at least in some places, the police invited them in. It doesn’t have the appearance of a justified shooting, and witnesses have supported that view. Nor does it look like an “insurrection,” despite leftists, both the political class and the media, immediately labeling it as such. An insurrection of unarmed elderly patriots by invitation? Really?

In the days following the protest, the goofy communist billionaires at Facebook and Twitter banned the president of the United States from their platforms. Even as the COVID scare paved the way for the left to have an ever-increasing number of conservative groups and individuals removed from social media platforms, banning a sitting president still qualifies as a cannonball size splash. Soon after, Amazon destroyed the largely conservative platform, Parler.

The left now had to only sit back and wait for the response. We’re still waiting. The only real response, of course, was Donald Trump filing a class-action lawsuit against Twitter, Facebook, and Google. Where have the congressional Republicans been? Some low-key show hearings and lip service. Except for the usual half dozen outspoken conservatives in the Republican party, they have, as is their wont, been mostly silent.

Fast forward again to July 2021. Arguably, the biggest outlet today for conservative news and information is Fox News. Its cable opinion shows and, specifically, The Tucker Carlson Show dominate the cable news dial. What could be a bigger splash than to learn that the NSA has been spying on Tucker Carlson? The story is now unquestioned: the NSA unmasked Tucker and leaked his emails to the press. This is all clearly illegal and a further indication of just how sick and corrupt the deep state and its media allies have become.

Was it intentional though? Did the Deep State intend to have its wrongdoing exposed? It’s hard to imagine these bad actors wouldn’t know this information would eventually come out.

It sounds a little too conspiratorial but can we really afford to put anything past these people? The phony three-year investigation of Trump that the Democrat party and Hillary Clinton initiated? The non-insurrection, insurrection? The list is very long and now Jen Psaki all but admits that the government has been violating the First Amendment and apparently is not concerned about the consequences.

But why should the leftists be concerned? Did anything happen to any of the Russian collusion conspirators beyond a few firings and demotions? Did SWAT teams show up at Clapper’s and Brennan’s homes after they intentionally lied to Congress? The FBI was certainly there in force at Roger Stone’s house over his memory lapse. What happened to Hillary Clinton for her part in gross national security violations, along with destroying subpoenaed information? Sometimes a little paranoia can be very enlightening.

Jen Psaki’s revelation was either complete incompetence or a shot across the conservative mainstream’s bow. By now leftists are aware that there is probably little they can do that will hurt them or their utopian plans for America and they’re flaunting that fact. Even the most glaring violations of the Bill of Rights are no longer an obstacle. There should be multiple investigations into such an obvious transgression but, as usual, all we get is crickets.

Image: Misinformation from Reality Bites by Broc Smith (used with permission).

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