Church and State − Not Church versus State

Whenever false liberals and allied progressives were cornered with the facts about their de facto subversion of Christianity (this was before “woke times”) they countered with egalitarian clichés like “who is to say” and “opinions are equal.” The Christians-in-Name-Only (CINOs) among them agreed. Now, from the ramparts of the wall they erected between church and state, “liberals,” “progressives,” and the fully brainwashed shoot down everyone who dares challenge their rant against Judeo-Christian teaching.

Christ spoke and the church was formed; so much for “who is to say” regarding Christianity. It was He and His apostles who had the say, meaning that whoever would be Christian either follow or not follow Christ and His church and accept the consequences of that choice. The teachings of Christ and His church are the backbones of Christianity, hence a firm Gospel for true Christians.

As for the notion that opinions are all equal, it must be pointed out that if all opinions were equal, no opinion would be worth taking seriously. Comparing the opinion of one who is addicted to drugs to the opinion of one who is unaddicted or comparing the opinion of a mentally ill person to that of a mentally well person indicates the flaw in the alleged equation. “Equality of opinions” is a fallacious notion. I touched on extreme cases to suggest the immense range of inequalities in judgment among people, including professionals and experts in their respective fields.

Big deal? In a democracy, where issues are settled by a vote of the majority, this is a huge deal. Cutting to the quick: Can a majority of voters be wrong? The honest answer, yes, resonates with Christians, remembering that a majority voted to crucify Christ.

The tendency of majoritarian rule toward mob rule by vote alerted America’s founders to configure a system of government that would make it hard for any faction to dominate and take control. The prerequisite for prior open and rigorous debate, followed by responsible action, was taken as self-evident. The “checks-and-balances” system of government crafted by the architects of the American government is intended to maximize cooperation and minimize selfish interests in the governance of the nation.

In a chronically wicked world, as proven over and over again in history, wisdom is not a luxury but a necessity. That is why morality must inform the conduct of government and why the founders of this nation did not exclude Providential wisdom from the conduct of government.

To their everlasting discredit, however, fake liberals and progressives willfully ignore or distort the moral dimension of democracy, permitting the Law of the Land, the Constitution, to be made an instrument of justice for the powerful elite instead of remaining the instrument of justice for all Americans, as intended by men wiser than any member of government today.

The “separation of church and state” was never meant to be justification for abandoning Judeo-Christian morality in public affairs. To all honest participants in government, it was clear from the start that the legal isolation of church and state – lest a specific denomination exerts undue pressure − was not a wall between the United States and God.

It must never be forgotten that the hatred of the church by the Left is an inheritance of Enlightenment intellectuals of the 17th and 18th centuries who deemed themselves above the laws of their Creator – some of whom assumed the role of God. The first fruit of that intellectual piracy was the blood bath that turned the French Revolution into a horrific Reign of Terror. The reckless pitting of humans against one another, costing thousands of lives for no legitimate motive, continues to occur today for essentially the same reason, namely that since, as falsely predicated, church and state are “enemies,” then the state must destroy the church.

So it was Age of Reason literati and academics who unreasoningly branded into their Creator-dismissing acolytes – Leftists are their standard-bearers today − a bias that insists that church and state are enemies because they differ in their demands on society. This fallacy and the prodigious political loophole for selfish advantage continue to “chop off heads,” as it were. (I can’t help visualizing the gavel of the current Speaker of the House as a guillotine.)

That the Left’s warrant against the church reeks of vengeance against the Creator is something that nobody is supposed to notice in today’s post-truth Woke World. But the spirit of rebellion against God needs no special visual aids to be visible in today’s mad political landscape. It must also not be noticed that obfuscating facts, reality, and truth with big lies and a massive cloud of censorship in fact harms everyone and kills many.

What surprise can there be that churches have been shut down, burned, their icons wrecked, their congregants scattered, demonized, and persecuted, their leaders pressured to turn against their own religion and their own church? Could it possibly be that Christ and His church still, after 2000 years, are mortal enemies not of the state but of malfeasance at top levels of society and government? Is it why they were never excluded from public affairs by the founders of the United States of America?

Leftists fail miserably to see or admit that it is precisely because our powers of insight and judgment are limited and because everyone is capable of wrongful conduct that each generation cannot by themselves determine what is right and what is wrong for them and future generations. This is why governance in the U.S.A. is based on church and state, not church versus state. Each exists for the benefit of the people they serve, recognizing that such service is not a job for what R.W. Trewyn in a recent article calls “amoral moralists.” Counterfeit moralists and outright assassins of morality, unable or unwilling to balance wants with oughts, are not fit for work in government.

The ill-effects of being at odds with church teaching is something Americans were warned against by Franklin at the start of our republic, by visiting scholar Tocqueville in America’s early years, and by many others since the establishment of this nation. More recently, Solzhenitsyn has pointed out: “Men have forgotten God − that's why all of this has happened.” This articulate defector from Soviet Russia was intimating the emergence of a communist-style dystopia for Americans that, regardless of how comfortable it might be made, would end the people’s freedom of body, mind, and soul.

Some will say that it's retrograde and a waste of time to bring up what has passed and behind us when so much is now at stake. I say it is never too late to speak truthfully of what in the past has brought us to the present.

Photo credit: Brian McLeod CC BY-NC-SA 2.0  license

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