An Awfully Convenient Ruse for an Inconvenient Truth

Imagine a global economic collapse set into motion over the last seventy-five years by the depreciation of fiat currencies untethered to real value, the largest governmental spending sprees in recorded history, and the transfer of saved wealth from the poorest 90% to the wealthiest 1% of the 1% through a speculative banking system that has stripped ownership away from most everyone on the planet and redistributed that stored value into the pockets of a small consortium of global financial tsars.

Imagine that instead of building and owning their homes outright, people were taught to pay ten or a hundred times more for a place to live while giving bankers control over their mortgages.  Imagine that instead of being encouraged to save during the course of a lifetime in order to survive into old age, national currencies were intentionally devalued so as to make saving a sucker's game while inflating the prices of all assets.  Imagine being told not to worry about a future without savings because a government-created welfare system would provide retirement funds for all.  Imagine being conned into believing that Social Security is a personal investment that a worker is individually contributing for his own future, only to learn that most workers will never get back what they gave into the system.  Imagine that health care costs have skyrocketed for half a century because a largely unnecessary system of health insurance artificially raised the cost of medical care until only those with insurance could afford care at all.  Imagine being told once again not to worry because the government will interject itself into the doctor-patient relationship permanently by regulating the practice of medicine, subsidizing government-preferred outcomes, rationing treatments, and using tax dollars to pay for now much more expensive health care for anyone in need.

Imagine that unscrupulous politicians have paid for the campaign services of labor unions for decades by spending double or triple on infrastructure projects that never came to fruition while paying for the votes of government employees by promising lifetime pension benefits that far surpass anything that a comparable private-sector job would earn.  Imagine cities and states made insolvent by their contractual obligations to the multiple generations of voters they've bought.  Imagine credit agencies intentionally propping up the financial house of cards that allow municipalities, states, and the federal government to keep running as if bankruptcy were not imminent.  Imagine bankers pretending the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury can keep printing money without killing the dollar.  Imagine that, even though central planners have ensured the dollar's eventual collapse, the global financial system's dependence on the dollar as a reserve currency means national economies are inextricably linked, leveraged to the hilt, and completely dependent now on a suicidal cocktail of ever-increasing money-printing, government spending, and intentional misdirection by governments and regulators to hide snowballing risk greater than anything the world has ever known.

Now, with all this in mind, consider how members of the 1% of the 1% could possibly survive with wealth and power intact when the whole financial system of stored value is rigged to collapse from the mother of all crashes.  Consider that there is only so much gold and silver for them to transfer their wealth to survive Armageddon.  Consider that they have no intention of being destroyed along with everyone else or following in the footsteps of their great-grandfathers, who jumped to their deaths from open skyscraper windows when their fortunes disappeared.

Pop quiz: What do you do?

I know what I'd do.  I'd "Build Back Better" before the hoi polloi realize what's happening.  I'd scare the bejesus out of them with lurid tales of planetary destruction caused by global cooling, er global warming, er climate change, that's the ticket!  I'd call it a "code red for humanity."  I'd point to every tornado, hurricane, volcanic eruption, heatwave, dry spell, crop frost, blizzard, and lightning strike as evidence that we're being punished for our wicked consumption and modern lifestyles.  I'd tell the 99% every few years that they're all going to die just a few more years from now unless they enthusiastically embrace the living conditions of the Middle Ages.  I'd tell them that their luxury devices, everything they enjoy eating, even electricity for their homes are all too much of a burden for our 4.5-billion-year-old planet to endure.  I'd redefine "weather" as "climate" and then pretend climate never changes naturally, but only by man's mischief.  I'd edit centuries of data that intricately link climate patterns to periodic cycles of the sun.  I'd blame our impending extinction on capitalism and explain that it's best for only the 1% of the 1% to control all economic relations.  I'd blame one of the most important natural molecules on the planet, carbon dioxide, for all our woes and insist that the hydrocarbon fuel undergirding all energy and commerce around the globe be entirely regulated by the World Economic Forum's favorite billionaires.  And just to make sure no one nation-state ends up rebelling against my global plans, I'd subsidize mass migration of foreign nationals on unparalleled scales so that cultural clashes and domestic divisions keep everyone preoccupied.  I'd even blame all this astroturfed migration and societal collapse on climate change, too.  Maybe the riffraff will think twice about causing another refugee crisis before they decide to relax in the comfort of air-conditioning!

But what if that tall tale didn't sufficiently scare humanity into handing over its wealth and freedom to a permanent governing cabal of the 1% of the 1%?  What if sending John Kerry and Al Gore around the world to preach about the apocalypse didn't jumpstart the kind of "Great Reset" required to re-engineer humanity's social pyramid?  Maybe, over cigars and brandy, Klaus Schwab or George Soros or Bill Gates or some emissary of Xi Jinping's or some family representative of the Rothschilds or the Rockefellers or some other parasitic titan says, "What we really need is a global pandemic.  And not just any pandemic but one that will never, ever go away."

Perhaps, just perhaps, the only way to turn Australia into the modern incarnation of the Third Reich is to flat-out convince people that every single breath they take will likely kill them unless it is regulated by government authorities.  Perhaps the only way to get people to embrace censorshippolice state thuggery, and severe punishment for non-compliance is to turn every single person on Planet Earth into a potential threat.

That's a pretty good plan for destroying society, isn't it?  Would that scare you into snitching on your neighbors, obeying nonsensical state diktats, and voluntarily locking yourself up until the 1% of the 1% give the all-clear?  Would an invisible contagion make you forget about a looming economic collapse?  Would it persuade you to sacrifice your children's education, your family's prosperity, and your basic freedoms for the opportunity to live one more day?  Would it convince you to browbeat and demonize anybody still questioning what's going on, so that you are saved from asking tough questions, too?  Would you be willing to throw away any future so that you can help maintain the lifestyles and power of those who own all the world's wealth?  Would you let government tyrants convince you that there will be "no return to normal life" again?  Would you ignore how COVID-1984 and communism have an awful lot in common?

If so, maybe this is the "final solution" to the global ruling class's problems.  What an awfully convenient ruse for an inconvenient truth.

Hat tip to P. Verbeeck.

Image: qimono via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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