Afghanistan Evacuations – But Who Exactly is Being Evacuated?

Afghanistan is a mess, despite vain attempts by Democrats and the media to spin it otherwise. We left behind a trove of weapons and intelligence secrets in our abandoned airbases and embassy. This was a gift to the Taliban, overnight making them one of the best-equipped military forces in the world. They reminded America and the world of this fact by recreating the famous photo of US soldiers raising the American flag during the Battle of Iwo Jima.

People were left behind as well, American civilians, contractors, and other support staff necessary for the 20-year war which President Joe Biden surrendered, waving the white flag in a manner that not even France would do.

Our military, formerly the best in the world, has not received orders to, or is incapable of or unwilling to, rescue American citizens stranded in Kabul, one day telling them to head to the airport, the next day telling them not to, in the flip-flopping manner of Dr. Fauci and his latest masking recommendations. Yet the French, caricatured as the surrender brigade, are bravely rescuing its citizens from Kabul, along with the British.

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We see articles and headlines like this one from CNBC, “More than 18,000 people have been flown out of Kabul since the Taliban took over Afghanistan’s capital, a NATO official said on Friday.” Notice how they say “people” without specifying in the article who these people are.

The AP is also vague regarding these “people.” “Pentagon says that about 3,800 civilians have been evacuated from Afghanistan over the past day.” Who are these “civilians”? Further in the article, they get more specific, “Of the 17,000 people evacuated since Aug. 15, just 2,500 have been Americans. U.S. officials have estimated there are as many as 15,000 Americans in Afghanistan but acknowledge they don’t have solid numbers.”

The US military is certainly evacuating “people” but why are only 15 percent of evacuees Americans? Who are the other 85 percent? Obviously not Americans.

The Daily Mail is more specific, “Hero airmen reveal they flew 823 Afghans out of Kabul including 183 kids after scrapping red tape to cram record number of people on C-17 jet.” Any Americans or just Afghans? They went on, “The US has removed 9,000 people since Sunday but only around 1,000 of those are US citizens.” It seems Americans are not high on Biden’s evacuation priority list.

The Daily Mail also claims, “The State Department doesn't know how many Americans are still in the country.”  Are they looking? It didn’t take long for the FBI to round up hundreds of January 6 “insurrectionists,” mostly innocents wandering around the US Capitol as the Capitol Police acted like tour guides, letting them in, giving them directions, and chatting in a friendly manner. Yet the State Department claims ignorance of how many Americans are in a war-torn country that America just deserted.

Did the Biden and the military plan for this? For the Afghans, the answer is yes. Operation Allies Refuge is, “A massive eleventh-hour airlift to ferry thousands of Afghans who worked for the U.S. out of Afghanistan before they are subject to retribution from advancing Taliban forces.”

Was there a similar plan to rescue Americans? Yes, until Biden scrapped it. The Trump administration created a “Contingency and Crisis Response” for this purpose which Biden’s State Department canceled. Americans last, not first, the theme of the Biden presidency.

President Biden, reading from his teleprompter, vowed to get out “any American” in Afghanistan who wants to leave the country. As USA Today reported, “On Thursday alone, about 5,700 people were evacuated by military transport planes. That includes 350 U.S. citizens, family members, special immigrant visa applicants and their families and other vulnerable Afghans, according to a White House official.”

This evacuation was 6 percent American. Who are the other 94 percent? We certainly have a moral obligation to help Afghan nationals who helped the US war effort, but not at the expense of American citizens.

President Trump, in his interview with Sean Hannity, mentioned a figure of “as many as 40,000 Americans” in Afghanistan. At that 6 percent ratio, by the time we evacuate 40,000 Americans, we will have evacuated 651,000 Afghans.

Did we have that many Afghans helping us in our war efforts, and should they be prioritized over Americans? Biden’s “Operation Allies Refuge” plan was for evacuating “thousands” of Afghans, not half a million. Who are the extras?

How will those half-million plus be vetted to be sure they mean America no harm? Will the US State Department be asking the Taliban for background checks on all these individuals? Or will it be like the US southern border, anyone from anywhere is welcomed into the US, a permanent guest of the US taxpayer?

What could go wrong? Ask Austria, “Austrian authorities have arrested three Afghans as suspects in the rape and killing of a 13-year-old girl.” That was last month. Or ask Germany, from a year ago, “Outrage in Germany after Afghan migrant who was arrested for raping an 11-year-old was released after 12 days then raped another girl, 13.”

It seems these evacuations are a concerted plan to flood the US with unvetted migrants, Cloward-Piven style, some of whom may hurt or kill Americans. Are there any Taliban or ISIS fighters among those being evacuated? Why travel halfway around the world to Mexico to cross into America when Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin sends a plane for you.

Biden will resettle these migrants across America, not in Martha’s Vineyard or Chevy Chase, but in your town. And you or your elected officials won’t be able to do anything about it as Biden rescinded Trump’s executive order giving jurisdictions veto power over resettled migrants.

Watch how the media frames the evacuations. “People” are being evacuated and only if you read into the meat of the article will you see how few Americans are actually part of the evacuation. If you question this, you are a racist.

This is how the media treats sex scandals based on political party affiliation. Compare two headlines and notice which one mentions the political party of the accused.

From MSNBC, “Why the scandal surrounding the GOP's Matt Gaetz is so very odd.” And from NPR, “Conyers resigns amid sexual harassment allegations.” One headline reminds readers which party the accused belongs to, one does not.

It’s the same for evacuations, describing “people” rather than “Americans” in a transparent attempt to hide the fact that Biden is more concerned about loading up America with migrants, which some Republican governors are eager to host in their states, rather than moving heaven and earth to get American citizens out of harm’s way and back home, as other countries are doing for their citizens.

So much for America and Americans first. Once again, the Democrats are screwing Americans in favor of the rest of the world. And the media is dutifully providing cover.

Brian C Joondeph is a physician and writer. He is on sabbatical from social media.

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