Why Joe Biden Won't Defend Women from Transgenders

The issue of transgender ‘rights’ is hot right now because more people are beginning to understand that they are waging a rights war on women and girls. 

Recently, at the Wi Spa in Los Angeles, a man escorted by two self-professed lesbian activists paraded his intact male genitalia around in the area of the spa supposedly reserved for the female clientele (including very young girls).

California Civil Code 51(b) is being interpreted as meaning that male indecent exposure is now legally acceptable.  Which means that adult males can parade around exposed in full view of young girls and claim this is a transgender ‘right.’ 

Surely a man identifying as a woman should also identify with the vulnerability of women and young girls to sexual abuse, and thus be seeking to protect women and young girls from the unwanted display of male genitalia, which is -- in cultural terms -- often taken to be a symbol of male potency and power?  Apparently not, it seems. 

Quite apart from the issue of the damage done to a child’s psychological development as a result of feeling vulnerable to displays of the uninhibited public display by male strangers, there are features of the wider context of this situation that should be alarming to anyone who cares about the protection of women and children from predatory males. 

The first is that Biden is fully on board with the LGBTQ+ political agenda.

As is shown by the Wi Spa incident, men exhibitionism to young children in public is undeniably a part of the LGBTQ+ political agenda.  And this is a logical conclusion of the woke progressive championing of transgender ‘rights’ and their transformation into a political weapon whereby invading the personal space of young children becomes a ‘right’ for men claiming to be women.  It’s not only a threat to family values, but it’s also wide open to abuse by sexual predators, yet woke progressives will not acknowledge this. Promoting transgender ‘rights’ is apparently more important to them than the protection of women and children.  And Joe Biden is fine with this. 

How do we know this?  Because Biden has been creeping around women and young girls for decades, fondling them and sniffing their hair with obvious pleasure.

This is the second thing about the wider context of the Wi Spa incident that should alarm us: Joe Biden’s history as a sexual predator is something his supporters continue to ignore. He and his supporters are part of the problem, not part of any solution.  Biden has long used his official status as a politician in office to invade the intimate space of vulnerable children, quite blatantly and clearly knowing that there’s little anyone can or will do about it.  He is (or was, before his dementia began to blunt his edge) fully aware that his political power meant he could intimidate into compliance anyone who objected.

Creepy Joe is creepy precisely because he creeps around looking for indications of vulnerability and then moves in to exploit them.  This is not a man who is about to rein in the sexually predatory opportunists in the LGBTQ+ movement, people he counts among his most important political allies. 

And there’s a third reason we should be very alarmed by what is now becoming an obvious component in the agenda of the LGBTQ+ political agenda.  The obviously narcissistic exhibition by men pretending to be women in a public space -- deliberately to make the point that their status as ‘transgender’ gives them legal immunity to do precisely this -- is also an indication of the opportunities for other predatory males to make their move on their vulnerable targets, even in public.  And this message will not be lost on those who have precisely such intentions.  It’s just what Joe Biden does when he invades the space of young girls.  Such predatory behavior is not simply an indication of personal sexual predilections, it is an exercise of male power over vulnerable women and girls.

Thus we can rightly interpret the public exhibitionism of men pretending to be women as an exercise in the intimidation of women and young children by such men emphasizing their masculinity.  And we can also correctly infer from this that the deliberate public emphasis of the maleness of such individuals indicates that transgenderism used as a political weapon has little or nothing to do with an individual’s desire to remove their supposedly unwanted genitalia but instead has much more to do with the exhibition of male power over women. 

The fourth reason we should be very alarmed by all this is that even if the transgender movement currently only attracts individuals of unblemished moral character, as its proponents like to claim (which sounds like wishful thinking or outright denial), the movement is wide open to infiltration by predatory sexual opportunists willing to disguise their real intentions by claiming to be ‘transgender,’ hiding in plain sight.

And the fifth reason we should be alarmed is that those who promote and seek to protect the LGBTQ+ movement from such accusations are the very same people who vehemently deny that this is even a possibility.  This must sound very encouraging for those with harmful intentions towards vulnerable women and especially young girls.

One look at the long personal history of Joe Biden should be enough to disabuse any right-thinking person of the misconceived notion that sexual predators are effectively excluded from occupying positions of influence which they can then use to exploit their victims.  Sexual predators seek every opportunity to indulge their desires and will abuse their power if they believe they can get away with it. But there is a principled objection to this which we should not ignore.

The idea that there are certain universal values pertaining to us as individuals underpins the unalienable right of each and every person to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  And this means being treated with consideration and respect, as a moral end in itself rather than a means to an end.  It’s a fundamental part of the founding values of the United States. 

Joe Biden’s willingness to sacrifice the rights of women and children so as to promote transgender activism reveals his lack of commitment to the fundamental values of the American Republic.

Which is why he’s not about to do anything to protect women and children from predatory men pretending to be women.

Wen Wryte is the pseudonym of a retired teacher of philosophy who leads a contemplative life.

Image: Steven Miller

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