What if the 2020 Election Audits Show Trump Really Won?

We just don't know.  We just don't know what comes next.  It is all a calculated guess.  The US Constitution is silent.  Even if, if, if, it is so very clear through professional forensic election audit results, that the presidential election of 2020 was stolen and President Trump actually won, there appears to be no obvious remedy stated in the US Constitution to right this wrong.  We just don't know. 

The Founding Fathers did not write up a "what if" in the Constitution to make things right.  The Founding Fathers wrote up nothing in the Constitution in case mail-in ballots or the internet were used to manipulate the vote.  The scary part is that since the answer to possible election fraud appears not to be in the Constitution, nor in federal law, nor in federal court cases, then the answer-the remedy will come from somewhere else. That somewhere else, we know not.  But probably not from the words within the US Constitution.  Much of this is conjecture.

I.  This we do know...

*  With a strict constructionist view of the wording in the Constitution, the words are not there to "road map" how to fix possible presidential election fraud.

*  The Constitution mentions nothing about the Electoral College re-convening.  Historically, the Electoral College has never re-convened for a second time for a presidential certification.

*  Historically, in the Compromise of 1877, the compromise was made before the president took office, not 6-12 months afterward.  It is very difficult to see how a mutually agreed upon compromise can be worked out this late if election fraud were proven through legitimate audits.

*  We do know that of the 4 key contested battleground "purple states" that were crucial, all had election irregularities election day, election night, and the following election morning.

*  Arizona may be on the verge of flipping its result, and Georgia looks probable to follow.  And Pennsylvania and then Wisconsin might be next.  In terms of Electoral College votes, that would be all that is needed to satisfy the constitutional 270 votes required.

*  We know that President Trump is planning something very big and important this summer, and America might look and feel very different by Labor Day Weekend.

II.  So, what would happen if it became clear there was no election integrity in the four most important contested state cases?  What would happen?

*  Would the Supreme Court do absolutely nothing?  Would the Supreme Court say the Constitution is mute, and therefore they themselves have nothing they can do?  Would they say no federal law exists to right the wrong?  Would the Supreme Court remain impotent?

*  Would the Supreme Court place President Trump back in office and back into the White House?

*  Would Biden remain the president, nothing changes, and Biden serves out the remaining four years?  With Trump supporters seething but doing nothing?

*  Would Biden and his Attorney General Merrick Garland, after the Arizona audit proves fraud, stop "by any means necessary" any audits being conducted in any other states?  A complete stoppage of all future state audits.

*  Would Garland/Biden cite federal supremacy, federal civil rights laws, or federalize the state National Guards to make sure any remaining audits are stopped?

*  Is it possible that Biden and Kamala Harris would both be impeached out of office and Nancy Pelosi become President of the United States?   President Nancy Pelosi!  Pelosi is the Speaker of the House and is therefore third in line to the presidency.  The Constitution and federal law are clear on who is third in line: Speaker of the House.  President Pelosi!

*  Would President Trump admit that there is really nothing MAGA Nation can do, short of violence, and therefore simply just concentrate his efforts on the Republicans taking back the House and the Senate with Trump as their leader in 2022?  This is constitutional and legal but only works if there is not election theft again in 2022. 

III.  Four separate entities and groups are crucial to what might happen next if there is obvious election fraud and a stolen presidential election and the Constitution, federal courts, and federal law are mute on what happens next.

  *  The Supreme Court.  Even though it is obvious that the Supreme Court does not want to deal with the 2020 election, the Court might actually make tough decisions concerning the outcome.  Probably the big fear of the Court is that if they rule constitutionally against Biden, the progressives within the Deep State would just ignore the Court.  And the Court would be spectacularly neutered for all to see. A big fear.

  *  The military. What would the military do?  Especially what if the top brass goes one way, but the rank-in-file soldiers go the other way?  The generals appear to have already sold their soul to Biden.  So, it would surprise no one if the military generals stayed with Biden/Harris.  But what if the real soldiers themselves go the other way?

  *  The progressives.  Considering what the progressives did, and allowed, and cheered for in the violent deadly riots last summer; we have a pretty good idea of how they would react.  We saw the violence the progressives are willing to bring.  We know how far the progressives would go if Biden were being removed by the Court.

  *  Trump supporters.  Would they gear up for the 2022 off-year elections so that the Republicans under Trump's leadership take both the House and Senate with filibuster-proof majorities?  Would they wait passionately until the 2024 presidential election and support Trump?  Or would they become more like the progressives and take matters into their own hands?  Would they say enough is enough, and it "gets real," really fast?  Especially if the Supreme Court rules constitutionally for Trump, but the progressives say NO.

Conclusion.  We just don't know.  We do not know what comes next.  This is the situation America finds itself in when roughly half of the American people believe at the very least the election results to be very, very questionable; and then roughly half of the American people would not allow Biden/Harris to be removed from office no matter what the forensic audits might clearly show.  The Constitution is mute.  Federal law is silent.  State laws are inconsistent.  Emotions are very high. Compromise is unlikely at this point.

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