The Leftist Lunacy Called 'White Rage'

It's difficult to keep track of the Orwellian-style lunacy that's destroying our country.  From systemic racism to white supremacy to Russia collusion to a January 6 "insurrection," the left are masters at running false flag operations.

What is a false flag operation?  It's when a group uses deliberate misinformation to disguise an actual source of responsibility and pin the blame on another party.  President Trump "colluding with Russia" is a false flag.  Anyone with a brain larger than a pea knows that it was Hillary Clinton who hired a foreign actor to work with the Russians and develop a fictitious hit job on then-candidate Trump.  And the big lie continued even after Trump was elected and the truth was exposed, due in large part to the DNC's propaganda wing (AKA the mainstream media). 

The false flags keep popping up, even when the truth is plainly visible.  Hunter Biden's laptop ("Russian disinformation!") is another case in point.  What should have been a blockbuster, election-breaking story of the century was virtually ignored by the media and the gullible lapdogs among the Great Unwashed.  Pretty depressing, isn't it? 

There are too many lies and false flags to list here, but there's one in particular that I find especially perplexing: white rage.  I've known and interviewed white separatists, klansmen, outlaw bikers, and Christian Identity types.  But I've never met someone who struck me as having "white rage," at least as I'd define it.  I remember the days when the term "black rage" was used to offset accusations of racism against blacks.  The theory was that they couldn't be racist because this country's history of slavery and oppression created a psyche where they lashed back at whites out of frustration and anger, not because of the color of their skin.  As a result, a black career criminal could rape and murder a white girl, but it would never be called a "hate crime."  That was impossible, because blacks were incapable of hating whites based on the color of their skin.  It was a history of oppression that prompted their criminal behavior.  Therefore, they were the actual victims.  Obviously, white rage, whatever it is, is not the equivalent to black rage.

The term "white rage" apparently came into vogue a few years before the current Marxist revolution.  According to Wikipedia, the phrase was coined by one Carol Anderson, who happens to be black and is a professor of (drum roll, please!) African-American studies at Emory University.  "Her research focuses on public policy with regards to race, justice and equality," Wikipedia noted.  It's unknown why the current buzzword "equity" was not included. 

In 2014, the good professor penned an op-ed piece in The Washington Post, claiming that the out-of-control violence (which Anderson called "unrest") following the justified shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. was a manifestation of "white rage" or "white backlash against African-American advancement."  Now I'm more perplexed.  How in the world is a huge mob of blacks burning down and looting their own city a sign of "white rage" or "white backlash"?  And how does this type of behavior point in any way to "African-American advancement"?  I guess you need to be a professor of African-American studies to understand her logic...or you can read her book on white rage! 

That's right.  Following Prof. Anderson's highly praised (by the left, anyway) editorial, she was offered a book contract from Bloomsbury Publishing.  The result was White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide.  It was lauded by the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, and numerous other left-wing rags.  Admittedly, I haven't read the book...and, quite frankly, I don't intend to.  Reading her biography, as well as some verified comments from Prof. Anderson, makes me suspicious of her beliefs, her motives, and her alleged facts.  The aforementioned allegation that angry blacks burned down and looted their own city due to "white rage" was dumb enough to convince me that she's nothing more than a Sharptonesque race-hustler. 

But there's more. Apparently, Anderson wasn't overly concerned about Trump's ties to Putin, because she blames "white rage" for his election in 2016.  She also uses the standard Marxist claim that black voters are being intimidated and that voter suppression of blacks is widespread.  But the garden-variety race-baiters, like Prof. Anderson, never produce any compelling evidence, and the numbers don't support her claims.  In some cities, more ballots were cast in mostly black districts than there were registered voters.  Recent audits in states like Arizona and Georgia show strong indications that the Democrats did indeed manufacture thousands of votes, possibly validating the beliefs of "conspiracy wackos" like yours truly.  In short, the tired claims of black voter suppression are usually another diversion tactic by the corrupt and ruthless left.  Another false flag, if you will.

But the Democrats, the mainstream media, and pseudo-intellectual hacks like Carol Anderson will never admit any election fraud on their part, even if the facts are staring them in the face.  (Refer back to Hunter Biden's laptop!)  If the truth hurts their narrative, they'll simply raise another false flag.  When someone points this out, in true Marxist fashion, they turn it around and accuse their opposition of raising their own false flag.  And the game goes on.

Ironically, there does appear to be a form of white rage now developing across the nation, though not exactly the type invented by Prof. Carol Anderson.  Nevertheless, we can thank Anderson and her Marxist allies for providing the fuel to ignite the true variant of white rage.  Many people are tired of being called racists when they don't have a racist bone in their bodies.  They're tired of being called white supremacists because they fly the Stars and Stripes.  They're tired of hearing that the only reason they've had success in life is because of the color of their skin (also called white privilege).  They're tired of having their kids indoctrinated in schools, learning to hate their country and look at themselves as oppressors. 

But people afflicted with "white rage" are not burning down and looting cities, assaulting police officers, ruining the lives of people who think differently, or lying about the history of the greatest nation that has ever graced the Earth.  Those are the tried and true tactics of the left.  People with white rage are addressing their concerns at school board meetings, sharing information, running for elected office, or even writing opinion pieces for online magazines.  And they're not all white, as people of varying racial and ethnic persuasions are greatly concerned about the ongoing assault on their constitutional rights. 

So just about anyone can be stricken with white long as they're not members of the Marxist mob.  It's possible that it could be declared a pandemic, as President Asterisk is falsely calling it white supremacy.  Let's hope millions more people of all races catch this disease.  It may be our country's last hope.

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