The Democrats Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste.

“Never let a crisis go to waste.”

“We are five days away from fundamentally transforming America.”

Two seemingly disconnected statements from two Chicago politicians – Rahm Emmanuel, the White House Chief of Staff, and President Barack Hussein Obama -- were not empty words. They were long-term intentions.

The men clearly said that, to fundamentally change America, you should never let a crisis go to waste. This is the radical left’s playbook, the social experiment leading to a new order. It requires a nationwide upheaval to topple the established order via a government imposition that will forever control the masses.

In these two sentences, you have the Marxist teachings of Saul Alinsky and the Socialist couple, Cloward and Piven. This planned upheaval is in full force in America and is meant to fell a once-great nation.

Democrats are hastily making changes that will be impossible to reverse. They have less than two years to cement in place the new radical building blocks. They are pressing forward with conditions that cannot be reversed to return to America’s greatness. As leftists say, “Burn down the system!”

Last year, the left’s rioting foot soldiers were called “peaceful protesters” as they attacked, killed, and set America ablaze. It was an insurrection against the established order. But you never heard it called that. These tactics, which Saul Alinsky mentored in his pamphlet “Rules for Radicals,” were the opening salvo leading to the imposition of American Marxism.

The One Party overreach includes a massive effort to remove traditional values, values that made America a shining light upon a hill. Leftists sweep aside traditions and cherished heritage, replacing them with a mass indoctrination dividing the country. The indoctrination has leaped from Ivy League academia into the public school system.

Who would have thought that Pink Floyd’s 70’s epic political statement, The Wall, was referring to American parents rushing to tear down a Marxist educational system, protesting loudly at school board meetings, “We don’t need no thought control. No dark sarcasm in the classroom. Hey! Teacher! Leave our kids alone!” as young children are being taught to reimagine their gender and hate the color of their skin, while their elder brothers and sisters are being trained to actively hate America. In Marxist terms, never let an opportunity go to waste.

It has gone beyond the schools and colleges. It is in the corporate boardrooms where executives supinely surrender independent thought and products to the Marxist mob.

Who would have thought that an American party would rush blindly to support a movement that spent 2020 in a nationwide insurrection of arson, destruction, and wholesale looting? Or that, once in power, it would continue their lunacy from the White House where, in July 2021, Al Sharpton, the veteran troublemaker in chief, left a meeting with Biden and Harris to deliver a threatening warning, “We will create a movement on the ground to protect the right to vote. This will be a summer of activism, a summer of getting back on the streets.”

In other words, a return to the violent anarchy of 2020.

You saw what “a summer on the streets” looks like. Jenny Durkan, the Seattle mayor, called it “a summer of love” as anarchists petrified law-abiding citizens by occupying and destroying their properties as they turned the center of Seattle into an occupied zone in which a lawless mob killed at least one person and terrified others.

Sharpton said he was “going to turn up the heat.” Typically, Sharpton’s words result in destruction and spilled blood. And he used these words standing outside the portals of the White House. President Biden and VP Harris gave the impression that they know violence is coming and endorse it at the highest level.

Sharpton and Biden are lying when they talk about “voter apartheid” and “Jim Crow 2.0.” This inflammatory language is untethered from the truth but is emotive rhetoric to rile up the BLM/ANTIFA anarchists.

As black Republican, Byron Donalds, said, “If you can’t run on your record, a failed border policy, the loss of an energy independent country, a sinking economy, sinking wages, insecure borders, you have to foment outrage.”

He added, “In Florida, we give greater access to vote [as do Texas and Georgia over Biden’s Delaware or Harris’s California]. It’s never a problem to see black folk vote, but the Democrats have to resort to this nastiness.”

Biden’s Delaware requires voter identification and has fewer voting hours than Texas. Delaware rejects no-excuse absentee ballots. Is Delaware a Jim Crow racist state?

How can anyone, let alone a president, equate voter ID to a Civil War that left 600,000 dead on the battlefield? But Biden did just that. If this isn’t hyperbole, what is?

A party in power loses the right to call itself democratic when its leader lies to the people and the media treat his lies as if Moses had brought them down from Mount Sinai.

That is what is increasingly happening with Biden and the fawning media that celebrates his false words as gospel. They amplify his lies to people conditioned to believe that anything Republicans propose is racist. These colluding Democrat propaganda broadcasters and social media moguls who blank out opposition voices have created this disconnect in America.

Cover chaos with a lie. Broadcast it relentlessly. Block the other side from having their voices heard. Dominate the narrative, and you control the people.

Biden’s “For the People Bill,” otherwise known as HR1, is falsely named. It should be called “For the Party Bill.”

Biden notoriously said, “We the People is the Government.” A swamp animal for over half a century, he pitches this leftist lie as gospel truth.

The Democrats should be called the Demagogue Party. We the People means we the people. Not the party. But try saying that in public.

This is an America in which Democrats dominate an agenda that includes actively defunding the police while helping violent criminals avoid serving any serious time in jail. Inevitably, this leads to a major leap in homicides, not by the police as leftists try to convince you but, predominantly, by armed black men. Statistics bear this out. Murder rates are skyrocketing in Philadelphia (40%), Minneapolis (56%), Portland (800%), New York (23%), Chicago (24%), Los Angeles (27%), even Washington DC (35%). The murder surge in Oakland was up 91% from a year ago. Democrat cities all, yet they blame Republicans for Democrat dereliction of duty.

In Oakland, a dim-witted councilwoman, Carroll Fife, said that criminals need “nurturing.” No, Mrs. Fife. It’s the citizens that need nurturing and protecting, not the criminals. The criminals need nurturing in Oakland prisons.

New York docked a billion dollars from its law enforcement budget even as 82% of inner-city blacks are demanding greater police protection, according to black civil rights advocate, Bob Woodson. He calls Democrat dereliction, “moral treason.”

Democrats have demoralized the police. Now they are doing it to the armed forces by indoctrinating both officers and the ranks with critical race theory to the officers.

The Democrats’ skill at manufacturing crises and exploiting them to fundamentally change America has burnt a hole in the fabric of an exceptional nation. It has stained its heritage with a malevolent negativity that is rendering its values obsolete, and leftists are doing it intentionally.

Can America be saved? Can the fabric ever be repaired?

That is up to those who care sufficiently -- and their voices have yet to be heard.

IMAGE: United States Capitol by Diego Delso (edited by Andrea Widburg in Pixlr). CC BY-SA 3.0.

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