The Democrat Blame Game

Democrats are taking to a whole new level Rahm Emanuel’s seminal advice to “never let a crisis go to waste.”  Ideally, they simply refuse to admit that a crisis exists -- as with Joe Biden’s dementia.  Otherwise, they acknowledge the crisis but refuse to be identified with it -- as in the case of our out-of-control southern border.  If desperate, they will pretend to “address” the crisis through policies that sound noble but won’t work, such as holding guns responsible for violence.

Sleepy Joe Biden has spent a half-century supping at the public trough, during which time his views on critical issues proved overwhelmingly wrong.

Since Sleepy Joe moved into the White House, it has taken him and his handlers about five months to turn our optimistic, forward-moving country into one beset with crises here and abroad.

In the political jungle, Biden may fancy himself the king of beasts, but in terms of successes, he is more like a Detroit Lion than a lion king.  His “roar” has been reduced to mumbling copy from a teleprompter and, in a number of bizarre instances, leaning into a mic to spout eerie gibberish in unintelligible whispers.   

Meanwhile, any crisis that crops up is either ignored, identified with some entity other than his administration, or “handled” with measures that are bound to fail.  Other than grasping at straws, Democrats use their digits to point the finger of blame.   

Perhaps convinced of the universal karma around the number three, liberals have identified a trio of factors on which to blame everything that isn’t going their way.  The ultimate purpose for doing this is to seize and retain political power, regardless of the truth. 

Their trilogy of bullseyes is global warming (aka climate change), systemic racism, and Donald J. Trump.  Every problem can be explained away by one of the above.  Even if the accusations seem a bit over the top, Democrats remain unfazed.  Their vital task is to “sell” these ersatz explanations and thus avoid possible criticism from their uninformed base. 

In the case of our out-of-control southern border, the likely reason for Kamala Harris’ months-long delay in going anywhere near it was to avoid the impression that the Biden administration was in any way responsible for what is going on there.  This fortifies the party line that the situation had come about long before she and Joe took office.   

When she finally hauled herself down to El Paso, Kamala’s sole aim was to “make sure” -- why do Democrats use this phrase so much? -- to claim credit for an “improving” situation, and to place the blame on the “root causes” of migrations.  (Contrast this to Kamala’s disinterest in the “root causes” of, say, gun violence.) But there is no evidence that her visits with Northern Triangle leaders have changed anything. 

So as thousands of migrants breach our border, this administration scrambles to get off the hook by insisting it inherited the mess from Donald Trump.  This ironic claim overlooks Biden’s edicts to shut down construction of the wall, end the migration arrangement with Mexico, and tacitly encourage those who claim to be seeking asylum.  In so doing, a clueless Biden has mistaken incompetence for compassion. 

Presumably, Americans can see this for themselves via news coverage of the dangerous escalation on the border, which, without government intervention, will only worsen.  But the collusion and coverup by most media outlets are what enables Democrats to get away with brazenly playing the blame game.  America’s “free press” has come to mean a press that is free to distort the truth and ally itself unabashedly with the Democrat Party. 

And now Democrats have made the outrageous accusation that congressional Republicans -- and by extension, Trump -- are the real culprits behind defunding the police.  Their nonsensible “argument” is that the GOP did not approve sufficient funding for police departments in America’s crime-ridden cities, hence the alarming number of resignations or retirements.  Overlooked is the fact that most of the financing comes directly from the states and cities, not from Congress.  And if Republicans are to blame, why aren’t they out there marching in protest, brandishing “Defund the Police” or “Reimagine Law Enforcement” placards?

Across the board, Democrats hold this administration blameless for failures and foibles on their watch. The recent deterioration of relationships in the Middle East has likewise been blamed on Trump, whose achievements in that perilous region were barely recognized at the time, and are now discounted as an unachievable policy,  overexaggerated as “progress” by the previous administration.  They even blame Trump for refusing to further fill the coffers of Iranians who openly wish to destroy America.

Democrats have also aggressively blamed Trump for the COVID pandemic in America, citing his slow response in taking it “seriously.” (On the other hand, they will not even investigate the origin of the outbreak, because it is not in their  interests to cross China.)

Having in the past intimated that Trump’s part in encouraging the vaccines made them suspect, Biden is now irked with Americans who refuse to be vaccinated.  Clearly, the Democrats’ ongoing hatred of Trump is exacerbated by the chance that he will again seek the presidency in 2024. 

Along with Trump, the new revelation of “systemic racism” takes the heat for many of America’s festering problems, particularly in the inner cities. This blanket explanation gets Democrats off the hook for their decades of neglect. 

The charge of racial inequality also provides Democrats the leeway to create their own “standard of justice,” whose unstated goal is not to “level the playing field,”  but to switch the players’ positions on the scales of justice so that the aggrieved think they have somehow been elevated above the rest. 

Joe even excused the anti-American antics of Olympic trial competitor, Gwen Berry. Not surprising, since during his own junket overseas he made a point of badmouthing Americans who voted for Trump.

There was a time when mean-spirited internecine squabbles ceased at the water’s edge.  But now there is a deep schism in our society, in which all unpigmented  Americans are automatically presumed to be “racists,”  and every issue has an ugly racial component.  

For any problems that cannot be blamed on Trump or racism, there is always the convenient “existential threat” of global warming. Right now, the faithful must be having a field day with the record high temps in the Pacific Northwest!

Global warming is also considered by the Dems to be a factor in immigration. But the most recent absurd salvo in the blame gambit is that climate change is responsible for the collapse of the condo tower in Surfside, FL.

Despite the fact that structural problems existed in that property since it was built some forty years ago, the unscientific catchword of “global warming” best serves the Democrat scenario, which is all that matters.

Rest unassured that whatever calamity happens during a Biden/Harris siege, culpability will be ascribed elsewhere.  Based on their own self-serving rules of play, Democrats will continue to grow their political power by using the Blame Game to their advantage. 

Image: Pixabay

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