Simple, Honest Questions In The Battle Against COVID

I am neither a scientist nor a medical professional but, given a few scientific laws, I tend to believe I can understand their meaning and practical application. Over the course of my life, I have come to know that vaccines save lives and reduce the risk of deadly or life-altering infections. I have also learned that viruses mutate over time, and I am thankful that there are those in the medical and pharmacological professions who are conscientious about and vigilant against these threats.

I also tend to think philosophically about the routines and the challenges of daily living: A house built on solid rock will withstand the storms that will come; a house divided against itself cannot stand. Some will recognize the eternal truth in these proverbs as I have paraphrased quotes from the Gospels of the Holy Bible. The truth is always what we need (whether we want to hear it or not), and when spoken clearly and with the speaker manifestly having our best interests at heart, we will be more likely to accept it.

In this current age of “disinformation” and distrust, there is something important that people holding positions that serve both their communities and fellow citizens must remember: We Americans simply want to know the truth, and we want elected officials to tell us the truth and trust us to act in our own best interests.

That may be too much to ask, but I still have a few simple, honest questions. Is there anyone who has access to the information who would be willing to research and share? Are these even the right questions to ask?

- CDC data for July 18, 2021, shows just under 34 million Americans have been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, with just under 607,000 deaths. Does that mean that roughly 33,393,000 Americans have antibody immunity?

- What is the number of Americans expected to have antibody immunity plus those who have been vaccinated? How close then, are we to “herd immunity?”

- Of the most recently reported cases, how many (or what percentage) are of the Delta variant?

- Of the most recently reported deaths, how many (or what percentage) are of the Delta variant? This is an important distinction, is it not? The Delta is proclaimed to be more infectious/easier to spread, but less severe and less deadly.

- How can we be sure the “uptick” in cases is the much-dreaded Delta variant? Do the current tests allow us to make that determination? If not, does the scientific evidence exist to show that the uptick can clearly be attributed to the Delta variant?

- If the Delta variant is less severe, and those who contract it will most likely recover (vaccinated or not), then will that not lead us more quickly to “herd immunity?”

These are not tin-foil hat conspiracy theory questions. Mere words, however, are inadequate to describe how frustrating it is when honest, well-meaning citizens who desire to act in good faith with their families, neighbors, communities, and our cherished America are told a managed narrative, not the objective truth. This is especially true because that daily narrative is crafted to incite fear in order to exert control.

Ample evidence and years of a clear pattern of behavior have taught us that we cannot rely on those who are no longer an independent media. The media institutions that tenaciously cling to their levers of power craft their daily narrative, whether by actively misinforming us or by deliberately withholding information. This conduct establishes that we have a partisan, biased, corrupt, corporate state-controlled media.

It is no wonder then, after having witnessed the “Pravda” arm of the Democrat Party’s leftist assault on our constitutional republic, that about half of the American people have chosen not to get vaccinated. I cannot blame them, and I do not blame them for an outbreak of a purported “Delta” variant. Viruses mutate; it is what they do. Americans are free; liberty and freedom are what we “do.” To “do” it best, we need to be fully and honestly informed so that we can make our own decisions about our healthcare (for now).

Just look at what a free America, our free-market economy, and the innovation it unleashes have done through Operation Warp Speed to bring these vaccines to a world in need. Freedom works, every single time and in every single application, so tell us the truth about mortality rates, mask effectiveness, preventative medicines, and the therapies available if we do get sick. Censorship is not freedom. Silencing dissent is not freedom. The best strategies are that a society and a culture of free people cherish because we will not accept otherwise.

Those who are striving to stay informed can recite many examples from a long list of contradictory information about the virus and our collective efforts to bring it under control so, for brevity, I will skip that list. Our efforts to move out of the shadow of the pandemic are hampered because we lack accurate information that would empower a cohesive and unified effort to bring COVID under control (which, if empirically examined, may already be occurring).

Please! Just answer the simple, honest questions so we establish the firm foundation of Truth needed to withstand the storms! Those in the media to whom Americans traditionally turned for honest information need only look in the mirror to understand what needs to be done to reduce our cynicism and distrust of the government, and to end their incoherent, changing, and crafted daily narrative parroted in their partisan news and over their partners in social media. The current push from the people who think they own the information reveals that they do not care about the truth. Their communication power is meant only to squash dissent.

We average citizens, acting in good faith with our neighbors, communities, and the country we love, are left to fend for ourselves. Take charge and be self-sufficient; take the vitamins and supplements that will boost and strengthen your immunity, find a doctor who is willing to prescribe the “off-label” preventative medications that the big pharma cabal has made largely unavailable, and work with one another to do the things that we cannot and should not rely upon the government to provide.

Let’s make a concerted effort to challenge the narrative. And let’s use the means and information we already possess to insist upon clear answers to simple, honest questions...about everything.

Jeff M. Lewis is a Christian, husband and father, a Veteran, and self-employed small business owner who resides with his family in South Texas.

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