Same Story, Different Ending

Most of us are familiar with the Hans Christian Anderson folktale “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Two unscrupulous tailors produce a fine suit of clothing for a powerful emperor claiming that it’s invisible to anyone who is unfit for his office or who is unusually stupid. After being presented with the suit, the naked emperor leads a procession through the town where his new clothes are a big hit with the townspeople until a child shouts out the emperor is wearing no clothes. Eventually, everyone in town begins to shout the emperor is naked; however, the emperor, who has already begun to believe they may be correct, doubles down and continues his triumphant walk even more proudly than before.

The townsfolk in Anderson’s tale came to the realization the emperor was naked through deductive reasoning and critical thinking.  Even in 1837, Anderson matter-of-factly concluded that the townsfolk, even with their sturdy peasant simplicity, would intuitively arrive at the truth when a child’s statement forced them to confront beliefs their own eyes had confirmed were false.  But what of the “townsfolk” of today?  Living in an age where all information in the world can be accessed with the touch of a smartphone button, surely they must have a firm grasp on reality?

Today charlatans are deceiving the American people with outrageous claims that, if not believed, show you are unfit for your place in society or simply stupid.  The exquisite, magical cloth on the loom has been replaced with Critical Race Theory, transgenderism, and Marxism.  White children are told racism is embedded in the very fabric or their genetic makeup, that they are irredeemably racist, and their kind is responsible for all the misery in the world.  Society is told that it must embrace mental illness and believe girls can be boys and boys can be girls, or cats, or fish, dinosaurs... Capitalism inevitably results in colonialism, poverty, and exploitation.  Fairness and equity are withheld from minorities because of institutional racism, blacks are routinely hunted for sport by police, and socialism raises all people to equal footing.  Looting is justice for the downtrodden, guns are bad, arson is free speech, national borders work best when left open, and excessive government spending is the key to economic prosperity.

And many of today’s “townsfolk” trust the charlatans and loudly proclaim the ills of society are caused by our failure to embrace this new way of thinking.  They vigorously applaud a President obviously in the throes of mental decline for spending the future earnings of our grandchildren and saddling them with a debt they can never repay.  They welcome millions of illegal aliens from dysfunctional, corrupt nations to our country with the justification they are humanitarians and the country has plenty of resources for everyone.  They castigate anyone who doubts humans are capable of miraculously changing their own sex or that humans can alter the climate of an entire planet simply by outlawing fossil fuels, controlling cow flatulence, and driving electric cars charged with electricity produced from fossil fuels.

Today’s children are not the heroes who point out the obvious facts that change public opinion for they have been programmed to disregard information contrary to their flawed worldview.  Today’s children don’t watch the procession, they join the procession to help propagate the lies of the charlatans unaware they are being manipulated to further the selfish needs of others.

They reject the self-evident truths that poverty in minority communities is the result of self-destructive life decisions -- not systemic racism or white supremacy; the heating and cooling of the Earth is caused by a complex set of factors that has cyclically repeated for billions of years; a middle-aged man with estrogen-induced breasts dressed in a mini-skirt and stiletto heels is not a woman; defunding police forces results in more - not less - robberies, rapes, assaults, and murders; and, Black Lives Matter isn’t an equal rights movement but a backdoor to Marxism.  No, today’s children ignore or deny the abundance of evidence before their eyes that conflicts with the myopic worldview they have been indoctrinated to embrace and, so, they proudly march on.

And while the left continues its march, like Anderson’s emperor, it is now doubling down on its lies.  A lawsuit was filed by the Department of Justice to challenge Georgia’s “racist” election law that expands early voting and requires voters to provide identification.  Now, apparently, it’s Republicans who are responsible for the horrific uptick in crime – not the mayors in “blue” cities who willingly cut funding to their police forces.  California has banned state-funded travel to 17 states because the legislatures in those states brazenly recognize only two genders -- not 58.  

Meanwhile, Wisconsin has introduced gender-neutral birth certificates that allow parents to eliminate “hurtful” words such as “mother” and “father.”  With no viable alternatives yet available to power an increasingly energy-hungry world, governments race to litigate oil companies out of existence.  Did you know criminals are not responsible for the epidemic of gun violence in America? Blame gun dealers.  The International Olympic Committee permits a man to take a woman’s weightlifting slot in the Tokyo Olympics.

There has never been a time in American history where obviousness has meant so little.  Deductive reasoning, critical thinking, and common sense have given way to asinine opinions and beliefs that would have branded devotees insane just a few decades ago.  Cognitive dissonance, 1984’s “doublethink,” and incessant propaganda have warped the minds of liberal Americans into believing America is inherently evil, racist, and gluttonous.

Today, the emperor is butt naked while impeccably garbed, he is in no way qualified for his position and the most eminently capable ruler in modern times, and he is utterly stupid while still his generation’s greatest mind.  The liberals stand and loudly cheer as he walks by resplendent in his nakedness, for they truly believe he is clothed in the finest suit imaginable because no one is competent enough to state otherwise.  2+2=5. We have arrived.

Image: Hans Tegner

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