Word Up: Liberal Linguistic Lunacy

Word up: research, including numerous brain scans, shows that words can change our brain.  Generally, conservatives are happier than liberals, and it’s likely that convoluted liberal linguistics and the mental contortions political correctness entails contribute to liberal delusions.   

Under Nancy Pelosi’s misguided direction, the House proposed word changes to gender-specific roles.  Mother and father are simply “parents,” and aunt and uncle are “parent siblings.”  Seamen are “seafarers,” while niece and nephew are a “sibling’s child.”  No wonder liberals are so confused and riddled with angst.

It’s hard to be more warped than Pelosi, but Biden’s budget proposal absurdly replaces “Mother” with “Birthing Person.”  Thankfully, they didn’t try to rename “manhole” in their infrastructure proposal.  Can you imagine falling in and getting stuck in a ….never mind?

Overall, more established female-gendered terms have a much more positive connotation than male labels.  They induce compassionate communication that can change our brain structure.

Let’s start with mother and mom.  When someone accomplishes a goal, maybe wins a sporting event, or graduates, “they” usually acknowledge good ol’ mom.  Proudly clutching their medal or certificate, they might exclaim, “I love you, mom.”  Poor dad is often overlooked, though he probably worked his fingers to the bone to enable the victory.

On a grander scale, there’s Mother Nature, because it’s not “birthing” nature that provides us sustenance.  Mother Nature also connotes power, for what it giveth it can easily taketh away. Mother Earth herself sparkles through the dark void of space, tilting in a most peculiar way while orbiting our Sun.

Then there’s Mothership, resounding with positive vibes.  It is a place to seek refuge, to return for comfort after a perilous expedition.

Mother’s Milk is a frequent metaphor for life-affirming affairs such as, “profits are the Mother’s Milk of stocks.” 

Mother Theresa wasn’t actually a Birthing Person, but she was a pillar of virtue for anyone looking for spiritual or physical sustenance as we transit the temporal stage.

“Mother” is an inspirational word that facilitates cognitive brain functions.  But “Birthing People” or “parent siblings” are emotionally destitute phrases, tending to shut down the logic and reasoning centers in our frontal lobes.  This contributes to liberals finding life less meaningful than conservatives.  After all, they are prone to wallow in victimhood; they tend to surrender personal initiative to government bureaucrats who foster their sense of helplessness.

There’s so much anxiety surrounding the use of simple pronouns that acknowledge non-binary gender identities.  Neither me, myself, nor I, want “they” to be offended, so I’m happy to indulge their preferences if I remember the rules.  It’s enough “they” may have fragile psyches, I want everyone to be as happy as possible.  Life is hard enough, especially for the gloomy liberals who are more likely to have a mental health condition.

The pronoun “she” is mostly used in a favorable light.  For example, “look at the snow-capped mountain gleaming amid the cobalt-blue skies.  Isn’t “she” resplendent?”  Or the tug pilot guiding a vessel across the river bar, exclaiming “steady as ‘she’ goes.”  As for America “herself” -- yep, “she’s” the beacon of light guiding the world’s downtrodden masses.

In addition to nurturing and cuddling, women are strong, as conveyed by phrases like, “mother of all…” fill in the blank.  Power and strength are also projected in variations of “thar she blows,” whether it be a whale surfacing, a massive volcano rumbling, or any explosive mining ejecta.

Let’s not forget the phrase “mom and apple pie,” which captures Americana wholesomeness that just engenders warm and fuzzy feelings that relax one’s brain. 

These positive, happiness-inducing attributions contrast with the soul-destroying concoctions being foisted upon us by Big Brother progressives.

Oh no -- Big Brother!  That leads to the more negatively connoted male-related terms.  Big Brother, not sister, invokes nightmarish scenarios where liberal progressives cancel everything until they have eviscerated the human spirit.

The expression “oh, boy” often precedes something awry.  However, we never hear anything like, “oh girl, let's regroup and try that again…”

Admittedly, you may hear “throws like a girl.”  While not exactly compassionate communication, it’s just an empirical observation of the way girls used to throw -- but maybe not so much nowadays, especially when the “girl” is a non-binary person.

Father Time, the personification of time, is just a friendlier version of the Grim Reaper.  He still imputes aging, decay, and disorder.  And while father knew best back in the 1950s, dare intimate that now and the canceling inquisition will begin. 

For further evidence that our liberal-dominated, postmodern lexicon favors female-gendered terms, consider the word “matriarchy,” which is often associated with wise wonder women who ensure social accord.  By contrast, “patriarchy” is used pejoratively, and the negativity is not good for our brains, even the matriarchs’.

As for “masculinity,” we’re constantly bombarded with negative portrayals that slow cognitive functioning while activating our more primal regions that control fight-or-flight instincts.   Remember the Gillette toxic masculinity commercial?  Perhaps they didn’t fear a boycott because their surveys indicated that women buy shaving products for the men in their lives. Or, maybe we’re just not so toxic after all.

Evidently, word usage can change one’s brain functioning -- witness how the liberal linguistic police have gone mental.  There are a lot of UFOs being sighted these days, I hope one will be the Mothership coming to return them to their alternate universe, for they’ve lost all sense of reality in this one.  Word out! 

Image: Ted Eytan

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