The Fifty-Year War on America’s Soul

Some of us remember the good old days of pigskins and leather helmets, when White folks called “Come On Team!” in educated tones from the sidelines.

This “Go Team” culture filtered downstream into politics.

We have, for instance, the line from President Biden: “C’mon Man!” It still carries the faint aroma of racist white team sports, only it means: “You can’t be serious, pal. Get with the program.”

There is also another version: “Come ON.” It means something slightly different. It means “You can’t seriously expect me to believe this horse pucky.”

That was in the olden days, when white supremacy ruled the Earth and Brit colonialists in India decided to forgive the payment of taxes during a drought on the outcome of a game of cricket – at least in the movie Lagaan. And naturally, because it is a Bollywood movie, there is singing and dancing and plenty of costume changes. Of course. Jolly civilized, what?

When ordinary Americans are bullied into reciting that the George Floyds, the Michael Browns, the Trayvon Martins of the world are helpless innocents and victims of “police brutality” and that statues should be built in their honor, they mumble under their breath: “Come ON. I know a fatherless drugged-out habitual criminal twerp when I see one.”

Nobody except pre-Boomers like President Biden says “C’mon Man” anymore. And you better not let the HR folks at work hear your “Come ON” mutterings. Things have gotten much more serious in our 21st century culture.

That’s because the suffering of oppressed peoples did not end with the Great Society nor with the Civil Rights Act nor with the Voting Rights Act nor with Affirmative Action nor with Diversity and Inclusion. Every nice liberal lady knows that. So, there is only one recourse. We must proceed to Critical Race Theory in the schools and shame little children into lifelong guilt.

So when our liberal friends insist there is nothing to see here with respect to Critical Race Theory yet we should all get with the program, and while violent insurrectionists are being arrested at school board meetings, they do not say “C’mon Man!” as liberals did in olden times. They get right to the point and tell the white supremacists in question they are all white oppressors and racists, and they are invalidating the lived experience of oppressed peoples everywhere.

Not that the violent insurrectionist in question would ever be put on a blacklist or have his home trashed by the FBI. Blacklisting is what right-wing McCarthyist extremism does. Anyway, “blacklisting” would be racist! I think that “canceling” is so much more progressive than “blacklisting,” don’t you?

It’s important to understand that this 50-year war on America’s soul has not occurred because our progressive friends are evil. No indeed. It is occurring because liberals cannot believe that their true religion of saving the world with politics and government hasn’t yet delivered the equality and equity that they know is just around the corner. So, as I keep saying, our progressive friends are advertising their primitivism by assuming that malevolence, the evil intent of white oppressors, is the only thing that is preventing the glorious millennium. Do you mind if I repeat the key quote from Mircea Eliade in The Myth of the Eternal Return?

[S]uffering proceeds from the magical action of an enemy, from the breaking of a taboo, from entering a baneful zone, from the anger of a god -- and when all other hypotheses have proven insufficient -- from the will or the wroth of the Supreme Being. (p.97) The primitive... cannot conceive of an unprovoked suffering; it arises from a personal fault... or from his neighbor's malevolence... but there is always a fault at the bottom of it[.]

Heaven on earth to the left

That is the way to understand our liberal friends and their midwit BIPOCs in the mainstream media. It cannot be that the criminal culture of fatherless Black males was caused by the Great Society programs that made fathers optional. It cannot be that Section VII of the Civil Rights Act was the starting gun for half a century of anti-white anti-male discrimination. The George Floyds and Michael Browns are innocent victims of police brutality and White oppressors. They must be.

When the promised Heaven on Earth keeps failing to show up, it is never the fault of the ideas of the liberals. It is the Other. That is how to make sense of all the witch-hunting and Reigns of Terror and Great Purges -- yes, and even the worst thing in all history, the Hollywood Blacklist: There must be a fault.

Just don’t even think that the fault begins and ends with the priests and Grand Inquisitors of the Holy Woke Inquisition. Holy Writ is Holy Writ, you white supremacist. C’mon Man.

Photo credit: Croppped from a photo by Bruce Fingerhood CC BY 2.0 license

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