The Death of Rational Science

We humans see ourselves as rational beings who make decisions based on facts.  “Science is king,” we say, “Listen to the experts.”

The scientific method was first formulated in the 17th century, but people have been questioning, experimenting, and coming to useful conclusions throughout all of history.  Stone age man looked for rocks to fashion into weapons and sought out the best techniques to sharpen them.  Farmers experimented with different ways to prepare the soil and raise crops.

The seven steps of the scientific method are

  1. ask a question
  2. research to find out if others have asked similar questions
  3. develop a hypothesis of how you think your question might be answered
  4. test your hypothesis through experimentation
  5. review your experimental results
  6. analyze the results to see if they fit your hypothesis.  If not, try a new hypothesis and start over.  If your hypothesis fits…
  7. share your results and encourage others to replicate your experiment

Our caveman may have done just this.  

  1. “How can I make a sharper arrowhead?”
  2. “What have others done?”
  3. “If I use one rock to chip the sides of another, I might get a sharp edge.”
  4. And so on…

In science, honesty is key.  If you cheat in your experiment, you won’t get a useful result.  If our caveman secretly switched a sharp rock for a dull one, no one else would be able to successfully follow his new process.

In science, mistakes are valuable tools in the quest for truth.  Accepting the hypotheses and experiments of others, and replicating the results, is the key to improvement in all areas of human life.

Recently the scientific method has fallen out of favor to be replaced with a quest for “fairness” and “what feels right.”

Andy Tix, Ph.D., wrote:

“Theodore Parker once stated that facts are “true, independent of all human opinion.” That is, although we may have wishes for what’s true, previous beliefs about what’s true, and groups telling us what’s true, none of this compares with what’s actually true.  Reality has a life of its own.”

“In the past, we could at least sometimes come together as a people, even if we disagreed on initial solutions to problems, because we agreed on relevant facts.  This has largely changed.  As a result, we are increasingly polarized and fractured, often incapable of consensus, compromise, civil discourse, and creative problem-solving.”

We are two worlds living together.  Those on the right see science as a tool to learn and improve, the Left sees science as something they can manipulate in order to justify their agenda.  The Right sees past mistakes as necessary for learning and improvement, while those on the left see those same mistakes as cause for condemnation and retaliation.  Wrongs made by ancestors in the past must be corrected by punishing their descendants in the present.

News stories abound where someone said something politically incorrect years ago and now they are vilified and stripped of their jobs and position in the community.  Recently, Caleb Kennedy, a 16-year-old finalist on “American Idol,” was “booted from the show” when a two-second video emerged showing him next to a boy wearing what looked like a KKK hood.  The video was filmed when Kennedy was 14.

Despite his sincere apologies, he was taken off the show, and all his appearances were disappeared from the “American Idol” website.  Fortunately for him, his new song is a top hit on country radio.

There are many other examples where grown adults are condemned of political incorrectness for things they did twenty, thirty, or forty years ago.  But the greatest absurdity occurs when statues of historical figures are destroyed for not living up to the moral standards of today.  This is “retroactive morality.”

In the second world, “science” is still revered, but their science is a religion, with rules and dogma, where research is cherry-picked to support the “proper” conclusions, and questioning their science is considered unforgivable heresy.

One of the first tenets of this new religion was worship of the earth and the need to protect “her” from global warming.  Scientific studies were produced that showed an alarming trend toward ever-increasing temperatures with disastrous results.  Even though further review of their data showed that their various charts and graphs used to prove their points were cherry-picked to take sections of historical climate data from different sources at different times, the obsession with climate change continues.

This behavior makes sense when you realize that the human mind was built for survival, not truth.  The only way to survive in the dangerous world of prehistory was to stay with your tribe, otherwise, who would care for you while you recovered from an illness or injury?  Those who went against the crowd were ostracized and shunned -- and didn’t live long.

Humans are not scientific beings, but social creatures, where truth is significantly less important than belonging to the group, even if it leads to disaster and even death.  The Jonestown massacre, where over 900 people committed suicide, is a prime example.  Rational people were manipulated into killing themselves in order to serve the wishes of their “tribe’s” leader.

Now it seems as if evil actors have taken advantage of these human tendencies toward groupthink, compliance, and conformity, to manipulate us into giving up our freedoms of speech, assembly, and commerce in order to survive a “pandemic.” We have followed “experts” who claimed they knew what was happening, and told us what we needed to do to survive.

But even when these experts are exposed as self-serving liars, they are still revered by their tribe members.  People continue to wear masks, even when told repeatedly that they do no good, and in fact, can be very harmful.  Our children have been kept out of school, even though almost none of them have caught the virus or suffered any harm if they did.

We are pressured to take the vaccine in order to protect ourselves and our families and to be able to hug our grandmothers, regardless of our risk from COVID.  It’s interesting to note that the same people who revere the earth and despise genetically modified animals are willing to become genetically modified humans through an unproven vaccine.

It now appears that there are currently more deaths from the vaccine than from COVID.  Even more disturbing are stories of women who never took the vaccine experiencing horrific reproductive side effects, including heavy vaginal bleeding and miscarriages, simply from being in close contact with people who have been vaccinated.

Are the vaccines the modern-day equivalent of Jim Jones’ Kool-Aid that everyone is being forced to drink?

Those of us who believe that science is still alive are struggling to make sense of the conflicting reports about the vaccines, their side effects, and these unusual new symptoms.  An independent study is underway to gather facts using the scientific method.  All Americans should participate.

Let’s get to the truth as if our lives depend on it.

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