Lab Origins of the Biden Alliance

Take careful note of the way the Biden Alliance frantically scrambles to re-write history and backfill the gaping holes they’ve left in the public’s understanding of COVID-19’s obscure origins. It is a drill you’ll be witnessing again and again in the coming months as its suppressive hold on vital facts covering many topics relevant to the 2020 election slowly loosen, and more of ex-President Trump’s supposedly insane assertions on those controversial matters are proven not so crazy after all.

The Biden Alliance of course refers to the now well-documented ongoing Democrat collaboration with the overwhelming majority of the print and broadcast media, the upper tiers of the permanent federal bureaucracy and, of course, the universities and education establishment. It enjoys the financial backing of many newly-woke banks and large corporations. Always on call are the enormous resources of Big Tech, Big Pharma, the corporate medical giants, and --- shades of the Weimar Republic --- storm-trooper street muscle provided by radical anarchist groups such as Antifa, BLM, and various other purveyors of social mayhem. Add in possible complicity in widespread voter fraud, and the comprehensive nature of this freakish special purpose consortium makes one wonder how the 2020 presidential contest ever ended so damn close?

Are we to believe that this potent mixture came together simply because people who normally wouldn’t be caught dead in the same zip code refused to set aside their aesthetic aversion to the object of their disgust and disenchantment: one Donald J. Trump?  

Even Trump at his arrogant worst isn’t capable of generating the amount of combustion necessary to power the fusion of this oddball combination of allies. The explanation of their coalescence --- some common thread that connects people of such disparate backgrounds and conflicting goals --- must be something other than mere revulsion to Trump, however intense.

I submit it’s the influence of the Chinese Communist Party; its willingness to purchase fealty with ‘investment” today and promises of continued largesse in the future for those who’ll abandon national pride and interest, overlook CCP predations and just play ball. Implicit in the outstretched hand though is always a threat: go against our interests and you’ll be out in the cold, unable to partake in the future economic bounties that come with cooperation.

Ever since Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger established relations with the communist regime in 1972, we’ve proceeded from the wrongheaded assumption grounded in the conceit that “engagement” with our superior way of life will lead to liberalization and a loosening of China’s dictatorial methods and mercantilist outlook. Instead, just the opposite has occurred: buck-chasing American businessmen, financiers, and click-obsessed Tech Masters have been seduced by the lure of a benign China that exists only in their dreams of avarice. A China whose seeming technological prowess in the fields of surveillance and behavior control dovetails quite nicely with the consumer habit-shaping aims of American corporate behemoths. Whether it’s choosing a government or shampoo, to them it’s all pretty much the same game: determining peoples’ next moves,  choices, and compliance. Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Bill Gates, et al probably have far more to discuss with Xi Jinping than they ever could possibly have had with Donald Trump.

And if behind this shiny, tech-savvy, skyscraper-studded façade sits a gulag or laogai system as cruel, unforgiving, and bent on crushing dissent as anything Stalin ever imposed, so what? The term fascism only applies to right-wingers, doesn’t it? Surely we couldn’t possibly have anything to do with something like that!

Let them not deceive themselves --- indeed they do.

Donald Trump, a man of keen insight and eminent good sense, inconveniently packaged in a crude, semi-articulate wrapping, was getting uncomfortably close to some dirty truths. He saw that communist China uses American technical innovation and basic university research to vacuum up whatever they need to expand their knowledge and influence, update their military capabilities, and most importantly, keep close control of her own always put-upon, increasingly restless population.

Trump’s singularly combative approach to China’s ongoing technology theft scared the pants off many of our most powerful corporate titans, bankers, and bureaucrats, who saw their huge Chinese investments put in imminent jeopardy by Trump’s ungoverned pronouncements. Loudly professing his “love” for tariffs applied to Chinese products was prima facie free market heresy in their nervous eyes, calling for electoral excommunication. However, despite Trump’s annoying penchant for undisciplined, hyperbolic language, he was essentially correct. And he was the only president since Nixon’s Beijing toasts of friendship with guts enough to say it out loud.

Consequently, whether you were headquartered in China’s capital, a New York boardroom, Foggy Bottom, Harvard or Yale, or even the smoldering streets of Minneapolis, priority one became pushing Trump far away from the levers of power and replacing him with someone --- anyone.

And so it came to pass, the Biden Alliance was born. That’s as anyone as anyone can possibly imagine.

The newly discovered zeal to get to the bottom of the Wuhan lab mystery, now involving our intelligence resources by Biden’s order, may prove to be yet another diversionary exercise; shifting attention to an aspect of this crime against humanity that is no longer quite so pressing or revealing. Information regarding the precise origins of the virus, and the possible laboratory work done to modify and enhance its transmissibility and/or lethality, would have been of far greater value in the confusing opening months of 2020 when the efforts to combat the virus were just getting started. The obfuscations of the politicized science wing of the Biden Alliance --- and indeed the eminent Dr. Fauci is a charter member --- probably hampered understanding of ways to slow infection rates, and that ignorance almost certainly cost lives. But it’s too late to remedy that abominable failing now.

A more useful mission for our intelligence assets might be a clear-eyed investigation into just how many people in China really died from COVID-19, and where? Up till now, there has been strangely little public interest in challenging the preposterously low estimates of Chinese infections and deaths peddled by the CCP in the same manner they and the Biden Alliance tried to sell the “zoonotic origin” theory. Chinese dissidents, a brave and committed group that gets tragically little hearing in the U.S. will gladly assist in this inquiry. And if it turns out that this outbreak is the result of an accidental --- or even deliberate --- release of a viral bioweapon, then an accurate survey of its initial spread and local lethality would be of great value in finally opening our eyes to future threats and preparing our defenses and responses.

With the active complicity of many short-sighted, self-interested Americans, the CCP (as distinct from the long-suffering, noble Chinese people) has managed to wrap its tentacles around many of our key institutions, both governmental and private. How much they’ve directly contributed to the defeat of President Trump, and what fraudulent or illegal means were utilized in its achievement, is yet to be determined. One thing is nevertheless certain: the hate-driven Biden Alliance, and indeed the Biden family itself, shared a common interest with the CCP, and one way or the other, found the effective means of bringing their goal to fruition.

Investigate on!

Image: Gage Skidmore, via Flickr // CC BY-SA 2.0

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