How COVID Led to My Parents' Deaths

As the media begin to allow the truth to come out about the origins of the China-made, Fauci-approved  COVID-19 virus, it has become clear that our government and our media lied about it early on.  The media fear porn was so excessive that it was obvious that something evil was afoot.  Government and doctors alike told everyone to stay home and isolate themselves for months on end, leading to untold depression, suicides, and other health problems.  The near-uniform condemning of early treatment options for COVID-19 with HCQ protocol or ivermectin was strange.  Never before had doctors refused to see patients with confirmed illnesses — and they even refused to provide any medical help except to say to go to the emergency room should difficulty breathing arise...which at that point was too late for many.  How many lives were destroyed by not only the government but our own medical community by denying early treatment options?  How many lives have been negatively impacted by the experimental "vaccines" being forced upon the population because the so-called experts claimed there were no other options?

I live in Texas and may have had COVID-19 back in 2020.  At the time, I developed severe headaches, extreme lower back pain where the kidneys are located, and the complete loss of taste and smell.  My family practitioner said to get tested.  When I asked what good that would do, she said nothing.  I asked for HCQ and was denied and told to go to the emergency room if breathing became difficult.  Thankfully, I recovered after several weeks of symptoms.

My 89-year-old parents weren't so lucky.  While COVID-19 didn't kill them directly, I believe that it did so indirectly.  They lived in Washington State in their own home.  As soon as the China flu was confirmed in their state, my parents obeyed the CDC "guidelines" and went into isolation.  They put off needed doctor appointments.  My sister would buy all their groceries and deliver them.  Month after month went by, and my elderly parents became prisoners in their own home, alone and desperate for relief from their confinement.  Furthermore, the forced isolation didn't help my mom's Alzheimer's.

My father hid the fact that my mother's situation was getting worse.  I believe he did so in order to prevent  Mom from being put in a nursing home, knowing she wouldn't survive there.  Despite my father also having severe health issues, he took it upon himself to be the sole care provider to Mom.  Right or wrong, he sacrificed himself for her.  How he did it, I do not know, except to say his love for her gave him the strength.  Despite my warnings against the so-called mRNA vaccines,  he and Mom both got the Moderna shot as soon as possible.  Shortly thereafter, both got sick from it.  Dad never recovered.  

A year into their lockdown, I received a call that Dad had collapsed and had been taken by ambulance to the hospital.  While I can't prove it, I believe that Dad's compromised heart and kidneys were impacted negatively by the vaccine and that it caused him to go into cardiac arrest and kidney failure.  Naysayers claim he was dying anyway.  My response to them is that the vaccine hastened that death.  And it was an ugly death.  Dad was aware of what was happening during that time before death.

By the grace of God, my sister and brother were allowed to be with my dad as he died.  I was able to say my goodbyes over the hospital phone.  I could hear my father straining to breathe as he tried to respond to me.  Not wanting him to struggle trying to talk, I kept my conversation short and read a few lines of the Bible to him and told him I loved him.  He died that night.

My mom didn't fare well, either.  With Dad gone, we entered the home to care for Mom.  Due to the Alzheimer's, she had fits of anger and was no longer the person I knew.  During her lucid moments, we explained to her that Dad had died, and she would whimper.  She started to deteriorate even faster.  She could no longer do basic things.  The level of care she needed was beyond my family's capabilities.  My brother was successful in getting Mom put in an Alzheimer's unit.  However, because of COVID, we were refused access to Mom to comfort her and encourage her.  Phone calls to her were discouraged.  Mom died several days after her admittance — just five weeks after my father died.  The doctor at the facility said he had never seen an Alzheimer's patient decline so fast, and he believed she was having multiple mini-strokes.  Although I can't prove it, I believe that those strokes were brought on by the COVID vaccine.

Despite family members begging to be let into the facility to be with Mom as she died,  we were denied entry due to COVID risks.  Mom had to die with just a nurse at her side.  However, we were "allowed"  to video-conference with her to "watch" her die.  In just a few days, she had wasted away to skin and bones and was barely breathing.  During my final goodbyes, I was acutely aware that a stranger was in the room, able to listen in on one of the most intimate and painful moments of my life.  I could not hold my mom's hand.  I could not kiss her cheek.  I could not be with the woman who brought me into this world when she needed me...I could not adequately say goodbye this way...but I was forced to.

Our government, the health care industry, the fear-mongering press, and the vaccine-makers all contributed to my parents' deaths, and no one can change my mind about that.  Even worse, they denied my parents something we all desire: dignified deaths surrounded by loving family and friends.

No one should be forced to die this way...particularly for political power.  It is an abomination that should not stand.  I am begging my fellow citizens to please stand with me and demand to have those in positions of government authority who created this situation held accountable.  Do whatever it takes within legal bounds.

I realize that given the level of corruption in this country, my dream of holding those people's feet to the fire will be difficult.  But with your help, perhaps someday justice will be served.  Until then, I know that God is a righteous God, and He will hold these liars, these thieves, these fear-mongering and power-driven whores to account.  So for now, while they enjoy their prestige, power, and money, remember that their days in the sun are short...for God will not be mocked.

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