Black Lives Matter Promoted the Destruction of Israel

It came to light during the past couple of months that Black Lives Matter Global Network's co-founder Patrisse Cullors called for the destruction of Israel in 2015 — an agenda shared by the terrorist group Hamas.  The Daily Mail is not a particularly reliable source, but Cullors speaks for herself in the linked YouTube video.

Palestine is our generation's South Africa and, if we don't step up boldly and courageously to end the imperialist project that's called Israel, we're doomed.

This sentence should be enough to end, from a public relations standpoint, the race-hustling project that's called Black Lives Matter.  No decent person or organization can continue to associate with an entity that advocates the actual destruction of the world's only Jewish-majority nation, and this includes (1) the Democratic Party, (2) corporations that support BLM and/or allow their workers to wear BLM attire on the job, and (3) universities such as Hardin-Simmons.  In fairness to Starbucks, however, the company probably did not know about Cullors's reprehensible statements.  Neither did I until recently.

While BLM has not gone so far as to voice support for the terrorist organization Hamas, it has nonetheless shilled for Hamas by referring to Israel as "settler colonialism."  It also said it stood in solidarity with the Palestinians, which can be construed as support for Hamas just as standing in solidarity with Germany in 1943 would have constituted implicit support for Nazism.  The Nazis controlled Germany then just as terrorists control Gaza today, regardless of the positions and behavior of individual Germans and Palestinians, respectively.

BLM and the Judenrein Middle East

Cullors is not talking about a two-state solution that, while controversial, does not involve the destruction of Israel.  She is not talking about ending the occupation of the lands that Israel seized in self-defense during the 1967 war caused by Egypt, Syria, and Jordan.  She says to "end the imperialistic project that's called Israel."

Hamas's useful idiots state repeatedly that opposition to the policies of Israel is not anti-Semitic.  This is true, just as disagreement with policies and actions of the United States is not anti-American.  Had more of us disagreed with the Spanish-American and First World Wars, a lot of innocent lives would have been saved all around.  On the other hand, those who call for the destruction of the United States are at least morally if not legally domestic enemies of the United States, and those who call for the destruction of Israel — as attempted by its enemies in 1948, 1967, and 1973 — are anti-Semitic.

A pro-Palestinian march with alleged BLM connections in Brooklyn featured the chant, "Genocide since '48, we don't want your Jew state."  These Hamas shills must have followed the purported advice of Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels to accuse the other side of what yours is guilty of because the only genocide in 1948 was the one attempted by Israeli's enemies.

Yet another speaker made it clear that he also wanted to make the region Judenrein: "We don't want a fake Palestinian state that they give us while Israel still exists.  The land that Israel exists on is still stolen. '48 lands are still stolen."  I cannot ascertain the degree to which Black Lives Matter was involved in this, but the Times of Israel reported, "At a pro-Palestinian, pro-Black Lives Matters demonstration in Brooklyn this week, participants called to eliminate the Jewish state as well as the United States, amid chants of 'Death to Israel,' 'Death to America' and 'From Gaza to Minnesota, globalize the Intifada!'"

While the degree of BLM's involvement in the Brooklyn anti-Semitic, anti-police, and anti-American hate speech is not known, an op-ed in the Forward adds that BLM demonstrators in Washington, D.C. proclaimed, "Israel, we know you, you murder children, too."

The Republican Jewish Coalition added of the D.C. protest, "We are horrified by this vicious hatemongering by Black Lives Matter protesters.  The Black Lives Matter charter is filled with anti-Israel and anti-Semitic lies.  It is deeply disturbing, but not surprising, to hear those sentiments chanted in the streets of Washington, DC."

This Should Cost the Democrats the 2022 Elections

Now that BLM's co-founder is on record as advocating the actual dismantling of Israel, and there are video and audio of BLM demonstrators in Washington, D.C. slandering Israel with a false accusation of murdering children, we must return to BLM's influence on the 2020 election.  BLM claims that it helped elect the Biden/Harris ticket, and it did this while under the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt fiscal sponsorship of Thousand Currents and then the Tides Foundation.  Had the Republican Party pressed this issue last year instead of waiting until after the election to pursue questionable allegations of voter fraud, it might now control the White House and both houses of Congress.

Now Biden, Harris, and the entire Democratic Party must come to terms with the revelation that the huge movement that helped put them where they are has called for the destruction of the only nation in that part of the Middle East that is a safe place for people of all races and religions, women, and LGBT people.  The Democratic Party is also on record as promoting Al Sharpton's National Action Network, the same organization that engaged in racist and anti-Semitic hate speech at Freddy's Fashion Mart in Harlem.

The Cat Is Now Out of the Bag

Perhaps BLM did the civilized world a favor through its role in exposing the true agenda of Hamas and its shills, including those who infest America's streets and college campuses.  Their objective was never just a two-state solution or Palestinian autonomy, just as Czechoslovakia was not Hitler's last demand.  When you chant, "We don't want your Jew state," your problem is with Jews and not the policies of Israel.   When you say "end the imperialist project that's called Israel," you support the goal of driving the Jews into the sea, as the terrorists tried to do in 1948 to make the region Judenrein.

The ultimate goal of Hamas is clearly a Final Solution to Hamas's Jewish Problem in the Middle East.  This problem includes a high standard of living for all, as well as equal rights for all people.  Israel should have therefore applied a Final Solution to the Hamas Problem long ago the same way the Allies applied a Final Solution to the Nazi Problem in 1945.

Note that I said "Hamas problem" and "Nazi Problem" and not "Palestinian Problem" or "German Problem."  Most Germans probably wanted to be rid of Hitler by 1944, and most Palestinian Arabs would be better off without Hamas the same way healthy tissue is better off without cancer.

Civis Americanus is the pen name of a contributor who remembers the lessons of history and wants to ensure that our country never needs to learn those lessons again the hard way.  The author is remaining anonymous due to the likely prospect of being subjected to "cancel culture" for exposing the Big Lie behind Black Lives Matter.

Image: Johnny Silvercloud via Flickr (cropped), CC BY-SA 2.0.

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