A Tribute to Harry Truman and 'Horse Manure' in 2021

There's a story that goes back to the time of President Harry S. Truman.  President Truman was a very "earthy" guy from Missouri, and he did not put on airs or act like someone he wasn't.  He used the phrase "horse manure" quite often when he was president.  Whether talking about the Russian communists or the do-nothing Congress or the critics of his daughter's piano skills, Truman would often say, "It's a bunch of horse manure."  With credit given to "Give 'Em Hell Harry" Truman, I can think of a few more events and ideas that cause one to say the same.

– When Dr. Fauci lied about how effective masks are and how important it is to wear masks when, in fact, he knew they were not helpful at all...horse manure.

– When scientists lied about the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine because they did not want President Trump to get any credit for stating its positive effect over COVID...horse manure.

– When the CDC, Fauci, and other scientists lied to the American people by saying the China virus came from a wet market when they knew that it probably came from a Chinese bio-lab...horse manure.

– When colleges and universities are no longer safe havens for free thought, free speech, and free expression, but more resemble the "thought police" of  1984 indoctrination camps...horse manure.

– When the anti-Semitic and anti-Israel protests going on in New York City are making NYC look more like the Gaza Strip than America...horse manure.

– When the Progressives applaud Hillary Clinton's courage for saying she really won in 2016 and laud Stacey Abrams saying she really won the governorship in 2018 but condemn President Trump saying the 2020 election was certainly stolen as sedition and treason...horse manure.

– We discovered that Fulton County officials lied about a water main break forcing them to stop the counting of ballots 'til morning — which they did not stop counting.  Horse manure.

– When the ACLU says nothing, absolutely nothing, when Dr. Seuss books are banned and burned...horse manure.

– When the ACLU says nothing when the Deep State bullies book publishers out of publishing any books from President Trump and also members of the Trump administration, which is censorship...horse manure.

– When the cancel culture and the "McCarthyism on the left" make America look similar to Germany in the early 1930s...horse manure. 

– When socialist politicians, Big Tech, and Progressive media state that when someone quotes Dr. MLK when he said "judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin," that quote is now racist...horse manure.

– When socialist politicians, Big Tech, and Progressive media rule that when someone says he is "colorblind" he is in fact being racist...horse manure.

– When the Deep State police in D.C. are keeping over 400 of Biden's political opponents in jail (political prisoners) because of the January 6 MAGA rally, for the simple crime of trespassing...horse manure.

– When the U.S. military is more concerned about the nonexistent threat of global warming and the barely existent threat of white supremacy than the real threats of China, Russia, and Iran...horse manure.

– When the U.S. military is "cleansing" its armed forces of Christians, conservatives, and constitutionalists...horse manure.

– When government and school board members are pushing "Critical Race Theory" on our students, and all this does is divide, separate, and create division and hate among the kids...horse manure.

– When non-historians demand that America started as a country in 1619, rather than in 1776...horse manure.

– When Progressives/BLM/Antifa "defund the police" and cause the police to quit their jobs, and then blame the enormous rise of major crimes on the Second Amendment...horse manure.

– When blue-state governors shut down churches and schools but leave open alcohol and hemp stores...horse manure.

– When Big Tech and the Progressive media censor the negative effects of the China Virus vaccine...horse manure.

– When Vice President Kamala Harris has never once visited the border to see the crisis of illegal immigration, even though she was put in charge of the border crisis...horse manure.

– When Biden appeared weak, disoriented, and confused when meeting with Vladimir Putin, and thus America looked weak, disoriented, and confused to the Russians...horse manure.

– When finally Governor Kemp and Secretary Raffensperger just found the religion of voter integrity, voter transparency, and the importance of legal elections in the state of Georgia, about twelve months too late...horse manure.

– When Biden is allowing small children unaccompanied by adults to cross the border illegally, who are thus put into many dangerous and dreadful situations of child-trafficking...horse manure.

– When Biden and Harris keep preaching vaccines but still allow illegal aliens to come into America untested as to whether they have COVID...horse manure.

– To say it is racist to call the virus the China Virus, even though it was created in China and covered up by China...horse manure.

– For the IRS to deny tax-exempt status to a church organization because its values too closely reflect the values of the Republican Party...horse manure.

– To argue that it is just a conspiracy theory to suggest that the 2020 election had fraud, the election had crimes, and the election might have been stolen, when forensic audits and evidence are beginning to show that this is exactly what happened...horse manure.

– For the NBA and LeBron James to care so much about social justice in America, when their financial partners of CCP China have enslaved millions of their own people...horse manure.

– When RINO and NeverTrump leadership in D.C. and NYC somehow thought America would be better off with Biden than President Trump...horse manure.

– When, because of Biden's economic policies, the inflation rate is over 10%, the highest inflation rate since the 1970s...horse manure.

– To those well-intentioned but extremely naïve Republicans who think President Trump should quietly bow away and let Governor DeSantis assume the mantle, because the Progressive media will now be fair, even-handed, and balanced in their reporting of DeSantis...horse manure.

– To the Deep State FBI that calls BLM/Antifa rallies constitutionally protected free speech, but rallies for Trump and MAGA Nation are insurrection...horse manure.

Back to President Truman's use of the phrase "horse manure."  Bess Truman was asked by a reporter if she couldn't get Harry to quit using that phrase quite so much.  Mrs. Truman responded, "Good Lord, you wouldn't ask me to do that if you knew how long it took me to get Harry to use the words horse manure!"  The older one gets, the more one loves Harry S. Truman.

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