There Is No Crisis

Among the biggest elephants in the White House briefing room is the border. Until recently, press secretary Jen Psaki just told the truth about it. “There is no crisis at the border,” she said. And of course there isn’t, from where she stands. It’s all going according to plan: encourage as many immigrants as possible to enter U.S. illegally, where they will eventually become citizens (or not), and vote reliably Democrat for two generations. Pretty simple, really. The only problem is many Americans do see a crisis -- more than one, in fact.

The first is a crisis of national security and personal safety. When candidate Trump asserted “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people,” I wished he’d said it differently. Most illegal immigrants probably are the “good people” he spoke of last. To be fair, nobody knows. Terrorists, spies, drug dealers, gang members, sex offenders, and human traffickers don’t need a legal means of entry to the United States -- only a ticket to Mexico. Border Patrol agents have caught enough of them to know more are coming. By the time we find the ones who slip through, it’ll be too late.

The second crisis is economic. No nation with a comprehensive network of social welfare programs can accommodate infinite numbers of immigrants. When limits set by Congress are overruled by a macabre episode of “Survivor” set in the Mexican desert, the impact on entitlement programs, as well as schools, hospitals, and law enforcement is immediate. An impact on jobs is a given. The only question is how great it will be.

The third crisis is humanitarian. It’s unfolding before our horrified eyes. Word went round quickly in Mexico and Central America that the new sheriff in Washington was no sheriff at all. The surge of illegals is said to be the worst in decades. Many are “unaccompanied minors:” perhaps innocent grade-schoolers, perhaps teenage MS-13 thugs. Our government makes no distinction. Some are trafficked into prostitution or slavery. Vicious drug cartels collect their pound of flesh for safe passage. Rape is par for the course. So is COVID.

Arrival on American soil doesn’t end the nightmare. In late March, Project Veritas showed us Mylar-wrapped human burritos cramming the floors of filthy holding pens. We heard about the shipping containers used as “housing.” The media, the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, muted their Trump-era indignation, but this most human aspect of the border crisis got some traction. They needed a plausible storyline to maintain even the thinnest facade of objectivity. The administration decided to deploy some spin. It was laughably inept.

U.S. senators were barred from filming at border facilities. Our President promised access to the criminally-overcrowded detention centers, after his “plan is very shortly underway,” when he is “in a position to implement what we’re doing right now.” Translation: when the illegal immigrants are gone. When? He didn’t say. Where would they be sent? It was none of the media’s business, and certainly none of ours.

Biden appointed Kamala Harris to “stem the migration,” noting that she wouldn’t need to check with him before taking action. She didn’t. The next morning, Harris changed her mission altogether: she would instead be “addressing root causes.” Seven weeks later, history’s most autonomous vice-president hadn’t visited the border, but had already determined the root cause of illegal immigration: climate change. Also, corruption, violence, and poverty. The people, she told us, had lost hope. Her job was to bring hope back, so they wouldn’t want to leave and come here.

All set, then: fix that pesky climate change, eliminate corruption, violence and poverty in eight nations, and get the hope-y change-y thing going there, like we did here, before Trump ruined everything, causing a border crisis. Which Joe Biden finally also called a border crisis, one Sunday in late April. By Monday the White House (whoever that is) had corrected him -- no crisis here. He was referring the “crisis” down there, with all those root causes.

So the plan hit some turbulence, but, after a few modest tweaks, is back on course.  The vice-president will buy as much time as needed for the administration’s open-border policy by tilting endlessly at Central American windmills. The media have a story to peddle. Illegal immigrant children, the photos of their plexiglass prisons now fading in memory, will be sent to families somewhere -- heaven knows whose. Adults who are detained will be released to settle as they please, or transported to red states of the administration’s choosing, where they will be registered as Democrats. HR1, the “most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,” will soon remove any obstacle to them voting. The relocation of Somalis to Minnesota got us Ilhan Omar. Imagine the possibilities in Texas or Ohio.

Some illegal immigrants are legitimate asylum-seekers. Under Obama, only 5% of were approved; under Trump, 12%. Most come to the U.S. because they can. It’s a far better place than the nation they left. Unlike their counterparts who fled Cuba, they are not repulsed by the evil of socialism. They are a key component of a plan that also includes dismantling fair elections, packing the Supreme Court, eliminating the filibuster, and admitting Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia as states. It will guarantee the American Left power in perpetuity.

Their suffering is meaningless to the administration and its media minions. Rape, murder, lifelong trauma, and separation of families are mere collateral damage. The stinking holding pens devoid of sunlight, with a Mylar wrapper for comfort, were a minor problem of optics.

Like slaves in the new territories before the Civil War, immigrants are pawns in a cynical political stratagem. The powerful benefit from their powerlessness. Their votes matter. Their lives don’t.

Image: Martin Leveneur

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