The Democrats in the Era of Joe Crow

The Democratic Party has always been a racist party.  Any interested person who has studied the internal workings of this duplicitous faction is aware of its racist history, its elitist framework, its systemic arrogance, hypocrisy, and intellectual dishonesty -- and, more disturbingly, of its brightly lit scaffold of democratic pretensions.  But the most disheartening effect of its propaganda is that millions are drawn to its superficial rhetoric of "social justice" in the hope of finding moral certainty in the sewers and waste pits of a despotic ideology of power.

Racism is a structural injustice deeply embedded within the politics and language of the Democratic Party.  It is now a national party of censorship and intolerance of dissenting opinion.  There can be no effective debate on issues of national importance when Democrats are guided by revisionist denials of their own historical wrongdoings; but America is cursed not only by deep-running liberal guilt but also by partisan efforts to project that guilt upon others.  Any attempt at dialogue or political reconciliation is met with rhetoric laced with hysteria and howls of false outrage.  Liberals do not target ideas; rather, they target people, and they target for ruin.  If you disagree with a liberal, he will call you a racist, leap from his chair, and run from the room.  Calling someone a racist is an attempt to kill that person's soul, for the word is as final as a gunshot -- and it is loaded on every liberal tongue.

Democrats have always reveled in their abiding fantasy of owning and controlling entire populations of voters.  There is a terrible motive in that urge to create properties of men and women, to use them without justice in a massive vote-farming scheme; but Democratic strategists have lately rediscovered a political advantage in dividing the families of mankind against one another according to the color of their skin -- of targeting and separating them into racial or ethnic groups, of stirring hatred into their spirit, of buying them with promises, of feeding them with propaganda, and selling them into dependency to progressive overlords.  It is called "identity politics," and of all the evils that partisan interests have devised for usurpation and the ends of power, this pure invention of tortured reasoning is the most dehumanizing, egregious, and corrupt.

Democrats are prisoners of their dishonorable past and of their consequent political culture and upbringing.  They presently occupy themselves in the production of fictions and narratives that stand in the place of truth, and they have found little reason to study America's history, for the greater part of their collective guilt results from their ancestral responsibility for slavery during the antebellum South, their expansion of Jim Crow during Reconstruction and its patronage throughout the presidency of Woodrow Wilson.  Wilson was a true racist who packed his cabinet with Southern Democrats, thus assuring supporters that his administration would not be vulnerable to an organized registration of black voters who, by their numbers, would certainly bring annihilation upon the entire Democratic Party.  And fear of the black vote extended to every succeeding Democratic administration until the party's leadership embraced a new innovation upon the old evil by which that vote could be secured in perpetuity.  But the new Democrats, in spite of all efforts to distract from scrutiny and to project their original racial sentiments upon others, cannot escape the severity of historical judgment; and their guilt yet hangs upon them, brands and disfigures them with the darkest of inscriptions: the Democrats were the authors of Jim Crow.

Those who deny the truth have no effect upon truth itself.  There is one truth in particular that has been cancelled from living memory but that cannot be moved or unwritten: Democrats are the authors of racism in America, and they made old Jim Crow, as they made the Ku Klux Klan, out of their own fears and imperishable distrust of the black voter. The Democratic Party was the segregationist party of the Old South, which profited economically and politically from racial suppression.  The old Democrats agreed that segregation was necessary, that it was a good thing to separate the races. The Democratic Party of the 21st century has continued to adopt this evil as an effective political strategy of power, regardless of the terrible consequences that are now falling upon and dividing our nation.

Democrats have always worked racism to their political advantage and the ancient prejudices, even at this late hour, speak loudly in them.  Joe Biden has fixed his name to the political injustices of his faction in the derelict and mentally incapacitated figure of "Joe Crow," for the term defines today's Democratic Party just as Jim Crow defined the party over a century ago.  Neo-socialist racists within the Democratic Party need the black vote now as much as the old Democrats needed to suppress it, and by methods of disinformation available to new technology and liberal media, they have developed the means to secure it.  With assistance from corporate lobbyists, Big Tech, foreign interests and Soros money, the Joe Crow Democrats are returning to the South to establish new vote-farming plantations on lands of the old cotton.

Joe Crow fully realizes the totalitarian impulse of human nature.  The character represents the weaker argument of government by intimidation and force.  It succeeds through an unrestricted purge of ideas.  It is both a comic and a tragic figure of contemporary Democratic politics -- a strutting expression of liberal arrogance, guilt, and cowardice pretending some importance.  The figure speaks to a dangerous obsession among progressives for whom the object of politics is never progress towards the common welfare, but only victory and the sole authority to define the terms of justice.  Scholars of a better age to come will look hard into our degenerate culture to determine how an entire ruling faction, in a storm surge of political self-interest, could have been reduced to such a ridiculous totem of stupidity and error.

Racism is now the official language of the Democratic Party.  One cannot enter the party's elitist culture without speaking in the dialect of radical disinformation, for the pure invention of systemic racism in America has become the necessary glue that holds the new Crow administration in power.  Racism is a scourge upon mankind, but liberals employ that curse as a weapon of thought and behavior control, for without the black vote the Democratic Party collapses into a confused heaping of broken dreams of power, white liberal guilt, and Soros money.  Once again, the races must be divided so that Democrats may prosper; and once again, in the spirit of the old Klan, Joe Crow has nailed his political fortunes upon a burning cross of racial strife.  Democracy cannot long endure in a nation under the moral crisis of intellectual slavery; and there can be no greater truth in this last sanctuary of freedom on earth than that the new spirit of racial division and identity politics under Joe Crow must be extinguished forever.

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