The Democrats and Doublespeak

As a retired clinical psychologist, I’ve always been fascinated with how language is not just the result of thought but can actually shape thought and behavior.  But as an American, I am distressed over how language is being used to control thought and behavior among our population in ways that are toxic to our culture, counter to our God-given rights, and destructive to our nation.

In George Orwell’s prophetic novel 1984, the fictional totalitarian government maintained control of the thought processes of its population largely through use of “doublespeak.”  American politicians, especially Democrats and those on the political left, have mastered the art of doublespeak and have been pumping it out through all available media outlets for decades.

Consider the left’s use of the terms:

a) “Liberal” to describe an ideology which, if anything, opposes and goes to extremes to quash diversity of thought and behavior that threatens its authority and definition of “truth.”

b) “Progressive” for agendas and policies that have over time effectively killed creativity, rewarded mediocrity and dumbed down our society to maintain control through mandatory, unquestioning conformity.

c) “Inclusiveness” and “diversity” that have spawned an explosion of laws and a burgeoning industry based upon discrimination against and exclusion of major segments of the population according to race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion and other personal attributes.

d) “Justice” not as noble pursuit of equity and fairness based upon law and order and God’s ultimate truth, but as an excuse for wanton, violent revenge and unbridled thirst for wealth and power.

e) “Socialist” to soft-soap the harsh, often lethal realities of communism by connoting opportunities to interact and bond with well-intentioned others for presumably positive, altruistic, common good purposes, and

f) Even “Democrat” as a false representation of a political party which, according to emerging evidence and growing public consensus, is being discovered to have been, in a most undemocratic manner, rigging elections in their favor for many years.

Doublespeak can also be seen in the way the Democratic left, the Biden administration, and the Democrat-controlled Congress spin their radical legislative and policy initiatives.  They know the majority of Americans would never support these initiatives on their own merit, so they try to snow the public with pretty titles.  Examples:

1) H.R. 1, the "For the People Act," designed to let Democrats take control of federal elections away from the states so they can continue to rig the outcomes.

2) H.R. 5, the "Equality Act," designed to allow biological men who "identify" as women into women's sports, locker rooms, restrooms, and other private settings and to undo decades of progress in women’s rights.

3) Biden’s proposed “American Rescue Plan Act,” designed to spend $1.9 trillion of our taxpayer dollars, allegedly to aid recovery from the so-called “pandemic,” but with only 10% actually directed toward COVID mitigation and the rest going to a new type of social “welfare” that pays people more to not go back to work and to Democrat-favored businesses looking to pad their assets.

4) Biden’s proposed  "American Jobs Plan" which would spend only 5% of its budget-busting $2.25 trillion price tag on infrastructure but mostly funds “Green New Deal” and other Democrat pet political causes, and

5) Biden's proposed "American Families Act" which is a thinly veiled plot to push government-approved propaganda throughout the U.S. educational system starting at age three, while seducing us with unsustainable promises of free child care, free education through two-year college, free money for just having more children, and other "free stuff,” all for $1.8 trillion (recently upgraded to $2.5 trillion) of money that, like with the aforementioned spending packages, doesn’t even exist.

Look at the pattern here:  Pleasant-sounding words to hide evil intent to establish a godless totalitarian communist government like that in China right here in the United States of America.  Don't let the language fool you.  The illegitimate, incompetent, amoral, anti-America Biden administration and the Democrat/Pelosi/Schumer-controlled Congress are out to destroy our constitutional republic by spending us into oblivion and outlawing the fundamental rights and freedoms of future generations of Americans.

Don’t let yourself be seduced and manipulated by the left’s doublespeak.  Question everything and think for yourself.  Speak up publicly without fear and contact your state and federal legislators to express your opinions.  Don’t let the lying left get away with this “1984-style” mass brainwashing and rape of our nation.

Image: Patrick Hoesly

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