The COVID Vaccine: The Facts

There are a host of wild-eyed conspiracy theories about how Anthony Fauci paid the CCP to engineer the COVID-19 virus at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. After they released it, his buddies in the pharmaceutical industry were standing at the ready to create megadollar vaccines and treatments. Those vaccines would then be used to

  • Recode your DNA
  • Implant a microchip ID
  • Give you mad cow disease
  • Give you Lewy Body dementia
  • Fill your brain with blood clots
  • Depopulate the earth

etc, etc, etc. Yada, yada, yada.

Before I go on, let me point out that there are solid scientific pieces here, here, here, and here that go into all the bits and pieces that lend credibility to the possibility that these things might happen. Notice the conditional language. There’s no proof that these things are happening. That may be because they aren’t happening, or because we haven’t studied them yet. Put bluntly, this is a classic demonstration of the Ultimate Principle: “When you investigate the unknown, you do not know what you will find.” Duh.

There appears to be only one study so far that lends any weight to those hypotheses. It’s a study on cells in a petri dish, so its connection to living people can’t be assessed. It proposes that under the right conditions, your body has a reverse transcriptase enzyme that can be activated to reprogram your cells. I’m not holding my breath.

If you want an excellent video discussion of the possibilities, take two and a half hours to listen to Richard Fleming Ph.D., MD, JD give a Masterclass on SARS CoV-2. It’s excellent. But in my email exchanges with him, I learned that there are only animal studies, and those often do not translate well into human experience. Until we have human data, all that fearmongering is noise. Fortunately the scientists I note above are quite careful. They express a caution based on possibilities, but that’s all they can really say.

COVID19 is a bad virus. The media has programmed us to believe that if we get with six feet of it, we’ll die. That’s not true, but the mental damage has been done. Until we assess what we really know, we can’t make a rational decision.

COVID19 generally kills the cells it infects, leading to all sorts of problems. Blood clots come when cells lining the blood vessels die. But we can reduce the damage it causes with a number of drugs, including the much-maligned hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

COVID19 may cause the cellular DNA to be changed. Retroviruses like HIV carry the required reverse transcriptase enzyme. COVID19 does not. And the vaccines don’t carry any enzymes at all. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are stabilized mRNA. They only code for the spike protein. If native reverse transcriptase were to incorporate the mRNA code into a cell’s DNA, then it would continue to make the spike protein, and the body would kill it, ending that cell.

COVID19 is a lot worse than the theoretical risks of the vaccines. All the screaming about adverse effects doesn’t take into account the fact that people who haven’t gotten the vaccine end up with most of the same bad effects. So blaming them on the vaccine makes no sense.

What should we do about the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS)? As of this writing, there are some 3,800 serious events listed. Did they all come because someone got the shot? We don’t know. In literally thousands of placebo-controlled double-blind (the “gold standard”) studies, lots of bad effects happen to people who didn’t get the medicine. That’s right, bad stuff happens to people without an unapproved drug being administered.

Just because an event is reported to VAERS doesn’t mean it happened because someone got the shot. The FDA chased down a handful of blood clots in VAERS and identified a link. That’s information. But until we know how many people got a different problem without the shot and compare to those who got the shot, we don’t have information. To make it good, useful information, we need to know how many per 100,000 got the problem in both vaccinated and unvaccinated groups. That’s “incidence” and it’s solid information.

This points out the basic problem with the COVID panic porn we’ve been fed for over a year. Some states had 386 “COVID cases” this week. Were they sick people? Were they positive tests? Were they over-cycled PCR positives? You get the picture. Raw numbers are completely meaningless. We have to have incidence.

What about “COVID deaths?” How many died from COVID? How many died from something else but had a positive test? You can readily see how 3,000 COVID deaths in the country isn’t a meaningful piece of information. Simple math shows that we lose about 11,000 people every day from all causes. (331 million population / 78.8 year average life expectancy / 365 days per year = 11,508 die every day)

Let’s add in the scare tactic that “the vaccine isn’t approved by the FDA.” This is another piece of noninformation. Of all the drugs that the FDA has approved, about a quarter of them have been pulled from the market because they demonstrated unacceptable bad effects later on. Of all the drugs currently approved, about half of their prescribing is for uses the FDA hasn’t approved. And, by the way, the FDA has granted emergency use approval. “FDA approval” is, therefore, a piece of noninformation.

All this points out a simple (conceptually) problem. We simply do not have good information on which to make many decisions about vaccination. So we have to try to be rational based on what little information we do have. The two poles of the question are simple. If you are young and healthy, your risk from COVID is minuscule. If you are old and infirm, your risk is up to 400 times higher. What’s a mother to do?

If you’re a grandmother who is a bit fluffy and takes meds for two or three significant medical problems, your risk from the vaccine is a whole lot smaller than your risk from the bug. It’s a no-brainer. Take the shot. If you’re young and healthy, your risk from the vaccine is unknown, but your risk from the virus is minuscule. Again, a no-brainer. Skip the shot. And, by the way, even making this rational choice doesn’t guarantee a particular outcome. After all, life is what happens while we’re making other plans.

The problem lies in between the clear situations. Until we have actual information, we simply do not have the ability to make a fully informed choice. And governmental agents who insist that you must have the shot are simply being power-mad dictators. They don’t have good information, either.

It’s time to return power to the people. “My body, my choice” should be shouted from the rooftops.

Ted Noel MD posts on social media as DoctorTed and @Vidzette.

Image: Pixabay

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