Tebow, Trump, and DeSantis

Five years ago, no one would mention Tim Tebow, Donald Trump, and Ron DeSantis in the same paragraph. What did a former NFL, wannabe baseball player, a celebrity billionaire, and a former JAG officer have in common? But today, when Tebow, Trump, and DeSantis are mentioned in the same sentence everyone immediately gets what’s going on. Leftists hate these men because they represent America’s constitutionalist conservatives. And, in part, Patriots love them because of their enemies.

One of the strangest things in the last decade is how much sport’s writers and on-air personalities loath Tebow. They mock Tebow whenever they can. When he recently signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars, the pitchforks came out again.

Why? Well, he’s a devout evangelical Christian...full stop. That’s enough right there. The woke Progressive Party and its minions live to hate Christian culture, and Tebow is one of the leaders in the Christian community.

We all know what would happen if sports journalists went after LeBron James, China’s surrogate, or Colin Kaepernick, BLM’s mouthpiece, the same way they go after Tebow. They would be fired instantly and there would be a federal congressional hearing on “Hatred in Sports.”

Meanwhile, Sports Center devotes entire segments to attacking Tim Tebow. It is the most obvious example of hypocrisy and double standards in sports journalism. In the face of these endless attacks, many Floridians and University of Florida Gator fans, along with even some Hurricane and Seminole fans, would love for Tebow to run for the U.S. Senate.

President Trump too earned unparalleled hatred from the left. Those hoping he would go quietly into that dark night are sadly disappointed. Those praying that they would never hear from President Trump after the very questionable election results have not had their prayers answered. Those sure that President Trump would shrink off in shame after the November election sham are less confident today. In fact, Trump is doing a good impersonation of President Andy Jackson after Jackson’s election was stolen in 1824.

Trump is not shy, so he’s going after the issues and his political enemies. He’s very engaged in the off-year elections for Congress. If Trump successfully endorses key Representatives and Senators, he’ll essentially have won the GOP primary by acclamation. That is if he still wants it.

President Trump still is, by far, the most important person in these upcoming off-year elections and the next GOP primaries for president. And yes, the exact same people who hate and despise Tim Tebow, hate and despise Donald Trump. Although Trump will never be taken for an evangelical, he has always supported Judaic-Christian legislation and policy.

Knowing this, the Democrats continue to lie about Trump’s accomplishments as our 45th President. The Deep State’s mass media lie about Trump’s economy, his support for Israel/Jerusalem, his reaction to China’s COVID virus, his immigration reform, his populism, his sovereignty over our national border, China, Russia, impeachment and, of course, January 6th. It can honestly be said that Trump is loved in many ways because of the people who hate him.

Governor Ron DeSantis is the governor of the free state of Florida. The woke, dishonest mass media hate him. They know that, if President Trump does not seek reelection in 2024, DeSantis is the odds-on favorite to represent the GOP. Second only to Trump, DeSantis leads the Patriot wing of the Republican Party.

DeSantis, unlike the governors of California, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, kept Florida open and free during China’s COVID virus pandemic. The mass media hated this fact and, therefore, despise DeSantis. CNN and the Miami Herald are already going after the Florida governor as if he’s already occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The governor’s resume is very impressive. He is a Harvard law graduate who served for many years as a Navy JAG officer. After that, he served well in Congress for multiple terms. Now, his support for Trump and populist policies has put DeSantis at the top of the future GOP primaries if Trump declines the nomination. DeSantis, like Trump, puts America First...without apology. No wonder conservatives who want it all are speculating about a Trump-DeSantis ticket in 2024.

So why the extreme hatred for Tebow, Trump, and DeSantis? The answer is best seen by looking at the left’s vilification of Tebow who’s done nothing other than being a good athlete. If you reframe things, you see that the hatred stems from the adages that “evil hates goodness” and “darkness hates light” because Tebow represents goodness. He might not be a Hall of Fame NFL player, but he is a mighty good person.

That’s why television sports personality Stephen A. Smith said the only reason Tebow got a shot with the Jacksonville Jaguars is...you guessed it, “White privilege.” It didn’t matter to him that Jacksonville’s coach was Tebow’s coach at UF for four years. During those four years, UF won the National Championship twice and Tebow won the Heisman Trophy once (should have been twice). Maybe, Stephen A., just maybe, that was the reason Urban gave him the chance to make the team. Maybe the color of his skin had absolutely nothing to do with it.

It’s easy to understand the extreme hatred the lefts have for Trump. All his principles and policies offend leftists: Border control, support for Israel/Jerusalem, lower taxes, national sovereignty, a strong military, America first, etc. That’s why Progressives hate Trump. They also know the 2020 election was fraudulent and they know Trump will win again in 2024 unless they politically assassinate him before then.

In the same way, the Progressive mass media is already going after DeSantis. They see that he is the heir apparent to the Trump legacy and comes from a crucial Electoral College state. And patriotic conservatives won’t have any problem supporting the Florida governor if Trump turns down another shot at the White House.

If ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Washington Post, New York Times, and CNN went after say Barack Obama, Stacey Abrams, and Colin Kapernick with the exact same unreasoned hatred and nasty vitriol that they bring to Tebow, Trump, and DeSantis, we know how their words and conduct would be labeled: Racist. Racist. Racist! There would be a federal commission in D.C. to study the leftist media’s hate.

The Left’s double standards regarding major political issues, especially race, are creating deep and dangerous divides in America. Moreover, the cause of these deep fault lines rests squarely with the Progressive media outlets and Silicon Valley’s Big Tech. When American citizens know that their points of view and values aren’t being heard, very bad things eventually happen.

For some time, Progressives have understood that America is experiencing a civil war of ideologies, culture, and political outcomes. The unjustified, un-American treatment meted out to Tim Tebow, President Trump, and free state Governor Ron DeSantis is just an obvious example of this deep division and political battle. However, it took Trump’s four-year presidency and the fraudulent 2020 election to bring the Patriots to the same understanding. They’re seeing that, as the Soviet Union did in the last century and China still does today, Progressives are making political dissent a criminal act.

At long last, the Patriots are fighting back in this ideological war. And Progressives, who claim to hate this war (at least Biden says he’s a unifier), are going in the opposite direction of bringing unity and peace. It makes one think that the Progressives really don’t want healing; they want total and complete victory over the Patriots, including their total subjugation.

If you don’t believe me, just look at the proposed National Commission to Investigate January 6th. That’s a coming apart, not a coming together – but maybe, just maybe, if we can throw our weight behind Tebow, Trump, and DeSantis, we can gain the upper hand in this political and cultural war.

IMAGE: Collage of Tim Tebow, Donald Trump, and Ron DeSantis.

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