Race, Gender, and Climate Change: The Left's Holy Trinity

I never thought I'd live to see the dystopian madness that's currently plaguing our republic. We're living in a nightmarish combination of Kafka's The Trial, Orwell's 1984 and Huxley's Brave New World, all rolled up into one tidy utopian package. 

It's mind-numbing to see how many new causes and new victims ooze to the surface almost every day, often turning reason and science totally upside down. You'd need a photographic memory to keep track, so it's understandable that many people -- even some who consider themselves "woke" -- get canceled by the mob, completely unaware that they did or said anything wrong. (In fact, they probably didn't.)

It will be an almost Sisyphean task to overcome the damage. But there are signs that a growing number of people from across the political spectrum are starting to take action. Liberal icons from past decades are standing up against the mob, concerned parents are confronting woke school boards, and newly inspired activists are standing up to elected officials at the city, county, state, and federal levels. It's not getting much attention from the mainstream media, but that's to be expected. The movement should gain momentum as more people, many of whom are apolitical, become aware of what's really happening to their country. For most people, that will happen when they get hit hard in the pocketbook, something the Biden administration is accomplishing in spades. It's scary to realize that we're only four months into President Asterisk's first term... and it's only going to get worse. 

To fight back, remember that there are three primary causes that are sacrosanct to the mob: The left's Holy Trinity of race, gender, and climate change. To deny or even debate the left's position on any of these issues is heresy. But if we're ever going to overcome the rapidly growing tyranny that's afflicting our republic, we need to deal with these subjects head-on.

Race -- This country is not systemically racist. Blacks and other minorities have the same opportunities as whites. (The success of Asian Americans is a prime example.) Space does not allow me to list even a modest portion of the highly successful and respected blacks that have done extremely well in this country, from business to athletics to politics to medicine. Mathematics, classical literature, and science can be learned by anyone who wants to study hard, further their education and succeed in life. Calling these subjects "racist" is an idiotic cop-out. If members of a certain race are too lazy and/or dumbed-down to pursue one of the aforementioned subjects, it's their fault. Period. Also, police officers do not routinely hunt down and slaughter blacks. Almost all the "martyrs" from the last few years were career criminals who were in the process of committing another crime and/or resisting arrest. Stop committing crimes and, when being detained, do what the cops say and you won't be hurt or killed. Period. (A look at the DoJ statistics will shed considerable light on the subject of race and crime.)

Gender -- Follow the science: males are males and females are females. Period. (If you suffer from a delusion that makes you believe you're a member of the opposite sex, seek counseling.)

Climate change -- Contrary to what the public has been told by Barack Obama, John Kerry, Al Gore, Greta Thunberg, et al, man-caused climate change is not "settled science." Far from it. In fact, the climate has gone through countless radical changes over billions of years.  Changes in the Earth's orbit, meteor and asteroid strikes, millions of volcanic eruptions, and variable solar activity have profoundly affected our climate since time immemorial. Hundreds of astrophysicists, meteorologists, climatologists, and geologists -- people who have actually studied the science -- have been trying to tell the tyrants this for years. They are basically ignored, because their facts don't fit the woke narrative. But keep telling the truth, because the "facts" the climate zealots claim to have amount to little more than hyperbole. Even modest research online will confirm this. Check it out.  

If they win this battle for the heart, soul, and mind of our country, there's a profound irony awaiting the revolutionaries that will blow their ignorant, brainwashed minds right through the solar panels on their communal roof: They're never going to have a life that's anywhere near as nice as what they worked so hard to destroy. Even families that have been dependent on the welfare state for generations enjoy a higher standard of living than the average resident in most countries, especially the socialist crapholes that the "woke" are so eager to emulate. We need to overcome our fear of the mob and say what needs to be said. If we're afraid to challenge their Holy Trinity, the Left wins. Let's not allow them to ever realize that profound irony.

Image: Ted Eytan

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