Our Quasi-Soviet States of America

American leftists use the same tactics as their Soviet and Chinese comrades.  The law has the same outward form as in civilized countries, but it is subverted to political ends.  Common criminals, according to Solzhenitsyn in The Gulag Archipelago, were considered social allies of the regime.  In the prison system, they were treated much better than political prisoners.  In the U.S. in leftist areas, criminals are treated gently.  An active criminal element aids the leftist state by making the citizens beholden to the state for protection.  Citizens possessed by fear of crime have less energy for political protest.  It is in the regime's interest to pamper criminals.  They help the regime to keep the citizens cowed.

The federal Department of Justice and state-level law enforcement in jurisdictions taken over by the left are lenient with common criminals but savagely oppressive against political protesters when an excuse can be found, or manufactured, to charge them with a crime.  That fate fell on many allies of Trump.  Rudy Giuliani was visited by a gang of FBI agents at 6 A.M. equipped with dubious search warrants.

Vote-stealing activities during the last election were ignored and not even investigated because they helped the left.  In San Francisco, thefts of less than $950 are not prosecuted, giving criminals a free pass to terrorize small businesses and respectable people.

Big Business is easily recruited by the left for nefarious ends.  In Hitler's Germany, IBM was an enthusiastic helper of the Holocaust, eagerly mobilizing its punched card accounting to keep track of Jews.  We see the same in the U.S., where numerous large enterprises have joined the Democrats in propagating outrageous lies about Georgia's new voting law.  In China, big enterprises, even if not actually owned by the government, are rabid supporters of the regime.  It is now common for U.S. big companies to fire employees who are singled out for having bad political opinions.  Any employee of Google, Apple, or Twitter must keep his mouth shut rather than criticize the left, or even the Chinese communists.

Abolishing or neutering the police allows the dregs of society to form political enforcement gangs to terrorize individuals considered political enemies.  These gangs are instruments of the regime but officially are low-level criminals not under the control of the regime.  By depicting the mostly professional police forces in the U.S. as racists terrorizing blacks, the police become reluctant to enforce the law, especially if the criminals are black.

Anyone who is employed by an organization controlled by the left is kept in line by the possibility of being fired for racism, inappropriate behavior toward women, or any other trumped up charge that can mobilized.  The allies of the left can do as they please.  Professors at most universities are fired if they offend woke students.  As a consequence, they retreat into obscurantism and silence in order to stay employed.  Tenure is a joke in such situations.

Guns are an impediment to the advance of leftism.  It is much easier for the criminal elements to terrorize unarmed citizens, and criminals are important instruments of the left.  If the police are neutered, the natural reaction of the citizens is to prepare to defend themselves.  Outlawing guns is a maneuver to make this more difficult.  The leftist law enforcement organizations will do their best to punish citizens who successfully defend themselves with guns.

Imaginary or exaggerated dangers are useful for distracting the citizens and making them dependent on the authorities.  The Biden administration makes a fetish of wearing surgical masks, even for people who are vaccinated or immune due to previous infection with COVID-19.  On the streets of New York, mask-wearing is widespread, including among children.  The disease is difficult to catch outdoors, and children are highly resistant to it.  The propaganda from the authorities pursues the theme that there is no escape from the potentially deadly disease.  The left wants people to be frightened.

Biden spouts global warming propaganda and advocates wind and solar energy as a preventive for the supposed global warming disaster.  This is deeply junk science.  The predictions of climate disaster are from computer models that provide thinly veiled fake scientific backing.  In the case of wind and solar energy the stupidity is easily demonstrated since the facts are not hidden by the obscurantism of the climate models.  This is yet another aspect of the campaign to confuse and terrorize the citizens.

The left wants to promote dissention among citizens and groups in order to divide the opposition.  Men are depicted as predators preying on women.  Women are depicted as oppressed and exploited by businesses.  Every problem of the black community is depicted as a consequence of racism from the white community.  Illegal aliens are a threat to the established working class, but the left depicts the illegals as hardworking angels and pays no attention to those citizens whose economic interests are harmed.

Ironically, the left that constantly harps on hatred does everything it can to promote hatred and dissent.  Hatred, unhappiness, and confusion are the allies of the left.  A contented and prosperous citizenry provides few openings for the left in its quest for power.

Intellectuals are attracted to the left because they are chronically dissatisfied, seeing themselves not sufficiently appreciated for their exceptional talent.  That makes it easy for the left to take over universities and media organizations.  Because those organizations have influence, the cancer of leftism is spread.  Leftist regimes persecute intellectuals who dare to criticize the regime.  But intellectuals, provided they follow the party line, enjoy special privileges and protected positions.  In leftist countries, they aren't washing dishes in restaurants.

In order to reverse current trends, it is necessary to realize that the authorities tasked with ensuring law and order are often doing the opposite.  The media organs in varying degrees have become open propagandists for the left, American versions of Pravda.  "Pravda" means "truth" in Russian, and of course it promoted lies, as do much of the American media.

It is urgent to ensure a devastating defeat of the left in the 2022 election.  This means there must be enough votes on the right to overcome whatever amount of vote-stealing the left can accomplish.  Most likely, the left will back off on its more extreme plans now, in hopes of gaining a decisive majority in 2022, at which point the whirlwind would be released.  There is no point in trying to be reasonable or appealing to traditional values when dealing with the entirely cynical left.  The major problem is the relentless support of the left by the mainstream media.  The right has to depend on internet media and Fox News to spread its point of view.

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