Needed: A National Election Fraud Database

United States voter fraud is a nationwide crime perpetrated locally, mostly by Democrats. Republicans either do not do it or when they do, they get caught. It is no coincidence that only Democrats fight voter ID laws, ballot audits in Maricopa County, and investigations in New Hampshire.

This month Matt Braynard, Trump’s data guy, issued a comprehensive report on Georgia voter fraud.  Read it?  If you did, you are the eleventh person after friends and family. 

People, look, we cannot fight industrial, sovereign, large-scale, election fraud with reports, press releases, and webinars. That stuff creates a false sense of progress to the committed while nothing changes for the masses.  The narrative remains “…but there was no provable voter fraud.” We need hip technology delivered on a phone showing electoral fraud in current data rolls -- that drives citizen outrage. 

When one Millennial looks across the sushi table at his bud and shows her 5,435 dead people registered in her county, via an iPhone, we are pretty much there.  Or scroll to the 643 people registered on a vacant lot.  Look, here’s a Google Maps’ pix of the open field!

Only outraged citizens can stop voter fraud before it happens, not chase it afterward.

The goal is a crowd-sourced national database, visible to anyone, showing who votes, what their addresses are, cross searched against death records, change-of-address files, UPS mailboxes, and a dozen other available data sources, going back as far as digital records exist. 

Since our first article in American Thinker, over a thousand people contacted us concerning the fraud they personally experienced, either on election day or currently doing personal investigations.  None claims to be a Democrat. These outraged citizens formed ad hoc groups to crowdsource election fraud hidden in voter rolls. Their wise goal is to create enough citizen outrage, locally, to force recalcitrant governments to clean voter rolls and tighten voter integrity regs. They get the digital marketing thing!  They just don’t have the tools. 

Democrats have built-in advantages salting voter rolls with the fake and the dead.  Election data are hard to get.  Some states hide it. There is no way to cross-search whether someone voted in several places. If you try to eliminate the dead, the fake addresses, the people who moved to another state, you are accused of voter suppression.  It’s hard. 

Often the secretary of state is in on the scam.  They will not cleanse voter rolls; they oppose voter integrity regs. 

Citizens are stepping up.

There is good news coming for these hardy souls. Democrats and leftists overplayed their hand in the 2020 election.  We hear from mild-mannered citizens who never heard of their secretaries of state now sending us detailed .CSV files in which they are expert.

We set up a Dropbox file transfer to handle the larger data sets. Local fraud patterns in Colorado, New Hampshire, Virginia, Wyoming, Texas, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Michigan, California and Washington have been identified by citizen groups and individuals and they are gathering data any way they can get it.  Several focused on a single county or town, like Arlington, Virginia, or Harris County, Texas. Industrial scale, sovereign election fraud happens differently in each state, county, or city. We must enable local citizens to dig it out.  Our goal is to give them digital nuclear weaponry to even things up.  (Note to Chris Wray, this is a metaphor: Do not send the Chris Wray turreted terror-mobile to my house at 5:00 a.m.  You’ll wake the dogs.)

Some blocks are falling into place.  Electoral fraud is being uncovered, data collected, innovative search technology deployed.  It is the beginning of a digital marketing response, not another report.

We are currently training one of the country’s most gifted fraud experts in a new database technology; the same person who masterminded the creation of the world’s most sophisticated criminal profile database.  He is working with commercial record sets in the trillions, which process in nanoseconds, on a computer you hold in your hand.  We have begun working with a dozen data collectors in as many states.  They are doing the analytical work; we provide the computational horsepower with technology that dwarfs current commercial search.  By mid-summer we will be running their data -- and cross-searching it -- as far back as digital data are collected.

No reports, webinars, fund raising; just exploring how to make electoral fraud a digital experience.

When your obnoxious uncle Ned who believes in UFOs and thinks Ted Cruz’s father hung with Lee Harvey Oswald can pick up his phone and show you the vacant lot at the end of the street has 303 registered voters, and they all voted, several voted multiple times, even he becomes credible. By accessing a crowd-sourced election fraud database, even Uncle Ned can generate outrage -- using his iPhone and indisputable data. 

Should make for a fun Thanksgiving dinner.

Jay Valentine led the cyber fraud team that built the eBay fraud detection system, the U.S. No Fly List and broke some of the largest fraud rings in the insurance industry.  Jay’s web site is and

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