Is Balkanization Inevitable?

Despite its flaws, the United States is the greatest country the world has ever known. We don’t need fences to keep people in America and there are no flotillas of refugees escaping to Cuba.  Its greatness stems from its foundation of freedom and liberty for everyone.   

But in recent years we’re seeing the convergence of some very dangerous societal trends which threaten America.  Intersectionality is encouraging divisiveness.  The rule of law is transforming into mob rule.  Finally, a growing grievance industry is pitting citizen against citizen.

Throughout much of human history, people have organized into tribes.  Tribal membership provided a means of survival against predatory animals, natural calamity, and aggressive rival tribes.  As a means of personal survival, it worked.  However, tribal societies became unnecessary once law and order were codified into civilized society.

Once rules of behavior were defined, and the infrastructure for enforcement was established, individuals no longer needed the protection of the tribe -- they were protected by the rule of law.  In America, the rule of law ensures fair treatment, and law enforcement provides protection from threats.  With that, tribal identities dissolved and America proudly became the great melting pot.  Our national identity emerged.  Citizenship in America became our shared identity. Tribal membership became a relic of the past -- and that was a good thing.

Our Constitution provided the framework for us to correct our own flaws.  In pursuit of the ideals expressed in the Constitution we defeated slavery and systemic racism.  By the late 20th century, we were well on our way to realizing the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Unfortunately, for some years now, we’ve begun throwing away this hard-earned progress.  The ideology of intersectionality is encouraging tribalism.  In addition, the diversity training industry is encouraging people to embrace their various tribal identities over their national identity. People are being encouraged to segregate by race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation.  We’re no longer simply Americans. Now we’re hyphenated Americans.

Just as alarming as our movement back towards tribalism, the rule of law is disappearing before our very eyes.  The Supreme Court is busy inventing things in the Constitution that aren’t there.  At the same time, they’re ignoring their duty to defend the Constitution.  Under the leadership of Chief Justice John Roberts, the Constitution is fading in relevance.  Soon, the foundation for law and order in America will simply crumble.

Elements of law enforcement are selectively targeting political opponents.  Kyle Rittenhouse is being charged with a felony for defending himself. Yet the Antifa thugs who attacked him are free to go about their nightly ritual of vandalism and intimidation.

Rudy Giuliani’s apartment was raided by the FBI searching for evidence of a FARA violation.  Yet the FBI declined to take the evidence of Hunter Biden’s criminal activity that Giuliani offered them.

Now we have news that the FBI is again illegally accessing the NSA database in a search for “right-wing extremists.”  Is it possible that their definition of “extremist” might be just a bit political?

Even the notion that one can get a fair trial in America has become a mockery.  When the Justice Department dropped charges against Michael Flynn, Judge Emmet Sullivan continued the trial using his own private prosecutor.  This was a violation of both the Constitution and numerous court precedents.  But he was apparently on a mission with a higher priority than due process.

The Derek Chauvin trial was a graphic illustration how “due process” is being corrupted.  Defense witnesses were intimidated by mobs. Jurors needed National Guard protection to enter the courthouse each day.  Yet the judge refused to sequester the jury or grant a change of venue.   Even the jury pool was tainted.  One juror was photographed wearing a BLM “Get Your Knee Off Our Necks” t-shirt eight months before his selection for the jury!  Is this what the Constitution means by “a jury of peers”?

When due process dies, mob rule replaces justice.  When the mob becomes the enforcer, tribal affiliation becomes essential.  A citizen’s only safety is through membership in a tribe powerful enough to protect him.

At the same time that tribalism and mob rule are on the upswing, agitators are encouraging hatred and division among the citizenry.  The 1619 project, critical race training, and white privilege seminars are big business.  Unfortunately, they’re also teaching our fellow Americans to hate and distrust each other. 

Why is saying “all lives matter” considered offensive?  BLM isn’t demanding equality.  They’re demanding fealty.  Do you remember the FBI kneeling before the BLM protestors last summer?  Even the demand for reparations seems more like a tax on inferior tribes than actual restitution for past wrongs.  The demand seems to be, “Pay us and we won’t make trouble for you.”  I believe that’s called “protection money.”  One could say they’re behaving a bit like an aggressive tribe -- no? 

Politicians are also stoking the hatred.  Mad Maxine Waters went to Minnesota to demand more confrontation in the streets during the Derek Chauvin trial.  President Designate Harris and her staff put up money to bail out BLM and Antifa rioters.  They’re picking sides -- and the side they’ve picked isn’t that of law-abiding citizens.  Is it any surprise that hatred and divisiveness is on the upswing?

We have three very dangerous trends converging:

  • Mob rule is replacing the rule of law
  • Tribalism is replacing nationalism
  • The grievance industry is generating tension between the emerging factions

Take away societal protections and “mob rule” will be the only rule.  When mobs rule, tribes become the only source of security.  Throw in a little hatred and we’ve got all of the ingredients for Balkanization -- Satan’s playground.

Just 30 years ago, Yugoslavia split apart because of hatred and distrust between competing factions.  Its Balkanization resulted in 140,000 deaths and 2.4 million refugees.  Is this the future we want for America?

The 2022 elections will be here soon.  It’s time for all Americans to stand up and say no.  We will not tolerate the Balkanization of America.

Image: Pixabay

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