How Much Worse Can it Get?

Things may actually get a little worse than they are now. The Democrats under the “Biden” administration have shed any last vestiges of pretense surrounding their desire to utterly remake the United States into some idealized version of their socialistic, utopian land where all the inhabitants’ lives are totally controlled and orchestrated by an all-knowing, benevolent government -- for the supposed good of the individual, of course. That the populace will then be totally and completely dependent on the government for everything is never explicitly disclosed, although this is actually the ultimate goal: unconditional control, no opposing viewpoint, no competing power, no hindrance to absolute Progressive domination.

Here’s the progressive wish list:

  1. Control the media and thus manipulate the exact message you want the voting public to receive.
  2. Continue to have elections, to maintain the appearance of national self-determination.
  3. Rig those elections in your favor and howl with protest when you’re caught doing so. The media will cover for you and forestall any serious fraud inquires, preserving your stolen elections. Mountains of bona fide fraud evidence will be ignored and not acted upon.
  4. Admit unrestricted numbers of illegal aliens, all of whom will become your voters, permanently shifting the voter demographic in your favor.
  5. Admit D.C. and Puerto Rico as states, collecting four additional progressive senators in the process.
  6. Eliminate the filibuster, making a simple Senate majority sufficient for passing any initiative, so you can “eliminate debate,” as one of your leading voices said so memorably.

Progressives are trying hard to do all of this, right now. If they should achieve total control, what do they want to impose on the country? What is their ultimate aim? There are several progressive goals, some more substantial and damaging than others. Taken as a whole, however, a progressive America will be starkly different than one you grew up in.

Their vision includes:

  • Green initiatives, meaning zero carbon emissions, no internal combustion engine cars by 2030, no meat, and no oil, natural gas, or fracking.
  • Greatly relaxed policing practices, elimination of cash bail, nonprosecution of ‘low-level’ crimes like prostitution and petty theft.
  • A military hamstrung by politically-correct policies that place a higher priority on socially-acceptable appearances (“Maternity flight suits”) than maintaining an effective national security and preserving our ability to influence world affairs by dint of our military potential.
  • A return to the America Second approach of the Obama era. Offer hotel accommodations, free health care and stimulus payments to illegal immigrants, while disabled American veterans have to beg for the generosity of private donations in order to be able to afford their rehabilitative care or be able to stay in their home. Think about that: Wounded Warriors Project and Tunnels to Towers depend on individual donations, while the progressives foot the bill for illegal immigrants’ room service -- on your dime.
  • Reparations for slavery. A bill for this is working its way through Congress.

It’ll be interesting to see how reparations eligibility and payouts are determined. Who is “pure” black enough to receive a full share? Are Halle Berry, Tiger Woods and Barack Obama eligible despite their mixed parentage? Are only “African” Americans eligible or will Caribbean Island people of color -- like Kamala Harris or former Red Sox star David “Big Papi” Ortiz -- also qualify? The way this plays out will indeed be fascinating, although the betting here is that any portion of mixed background will receive the full payment, as long as that payment is confiscated from the approved hide.

As in any self-respecting central-government-dominated society, the privileged leader class will conveniently escape being forced to live under the same rules as the proletariat. The Pelosis, Schumers, and Kerrys of the land will always have their gated properties, complete with $20,000 freezers, unlimited heat and electricity and immediate access to private jet transportation.

However, at some point, there will be a reckoning, an awakening from the underclass, an anti-progressive voting wave. The Great Unwashed won’t take it anymore. The memories of a truer, more just daily life, the way it was just a short generation ago -- not perfect, perhaps, but infinitely better than the current progressive Utopia -- will bubble to the surface. Great swaths of the general population will demand an end to the progressive shell game that ruined life in America. As more and more personal rights are taken away and replaced by mandates, property-sharing and arbitrary quotas, there will be a huge voter backlash. Huge.

Many Republican governors are fighting hard right now against the progressive agenda to maintain some semblance of a sane life, especially with regards to Draconian COVID regulations, infringement on constitutional 2nd Amendment rights and the acceptance of illegal immigrants. This is all good. However, the key to this voter protest will be the traditional moderate Democrats. (Yes, there are still a lot of them.) Obviously, conservatives will be opposed to the progressives right from the start, but they only comprise 40-45% of the vote. In order for the really hard-core progressive movement to be stopped, it will take significant old-line Democratic participation.

This will be difficult, because emotional/team “rooting” in politics is a very high hurdle to overcome. To a snooty New England liberal who has always voted for the Democrat to all of a sudden vote for a Republican is a tall order indeed.  But if things do get that bad -- if their personal finances are shredded, their career prospects are short-circuited and their kids’ education consists of even more one-sided leftist indoctrination than it does now -- then those Joe the Plumber lifelong Democrats will jump ship and join with conservative to wrest back control of the country.

Upper-crust liberals won’t care about a progressive transformation, because, like the privileged Soviets of fifty years ago, they already “have theirs” and so they’ll be unaffected by the new Progressive rules.

The voter backlash succeeds when the average Democrat -- the teacher, the plumber, the small-town doctor who isn’t making the big bucks -- realizes that most of their work is merely supporting others and the chances of them and their children really getting ahead in life are essentially nonexistent, thanks to the new progressive government policies.

The old saying goes that, “Things must hit rock-bottom before real change occurs.” Where is the progressive bottom? With even a modicum of luck, we’re almost there now and real recovery begins in 2022.

Image: Pixabay

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